Bill Gates : “You Don’t Have A Choice”

Tony Heller – YouTube Aug 16, 2020

23 responses to “Bill Gates : “You Don’t Have A Choice””

  1. Invent a hoax virus as the camouflage to advance the real ulterior agenda of coercing & injecting the goy morons with nanotech/cybernetic material, so the malignant mongrel megalomaniac Jews (Gates, Musk, Zuckerberg etc) can have total control over their minds/bodies. It’s that simple.

  2. F*CK YOU Bill Gates with a big huge donkey dick!

  3. If they are going to murder me, I’d sooner they do it openly, like the Nazis did in WW2, and shoot me rather than do it surreptitiously by vacinating me with harmful and deadly substances. Still, if they were to shoot people en masse, the sheeple would then finally realise, at last, what was really happening and panic and, no doubt, that would make things difficult for these psychopath killers to carry out their agender to cull 7 billion human beings.

  4. They ought to pull Billy boy’s pants down, hold him over a chair, use his arse as a dartboard and throw syringes full of his vaccine at it. And if someone gets a “bullseye” everyone can cheer as he screams-;) P.S. I hope he doesn’t read this comment!

  5. What a piece of shit this Jewish sht is!! Total SEWER SCUM time to put it down

  6. Yes Bill ok when can we line up like idiots to receive your population reduction vaccine we can’t wait. U and your Rich pals are the only ones to profit from this our deaths and enslavement.You are a crook and a deceiver.Tell us why u pushing this vaccine so hard it’s obvious covid19 was a hoax.Your vaccine is poison from hell… your future home.

  7. Careful, Mr. Gates: Pride goes before utter destruction, and a boastful spirit before a fall.

  8. Who will be the hero and step up and end this psycho’s existence on this physical plane? What country will he be from and how will he accomplish this necessary task?

  9. Look at the way he waves his hands in the air, like a raving lunatic, then brings them together, rubbing them erratically, like he has some creepy nervous condition, and then flings his arms back into the air again as he continues on with his demonic diatribe in his cackling voice. He is a full-on, sold-out-to-Satan mental case!—Destined to the very lowest echelons of Hell!

  10. XXXX you bill… You tray slut… Its hot poker up your xxxx for eternity when you pop your clogs.. We win in the end… Your not happy you don’t like yourself.. Yes you were born into Satanism but it’s no excuse.. Drop dead for the good of the many which you like to preach so much… We win and we will come for you.. Night night Satan’s little bitch

  11. This is a phony vaccine.A kill shot for 97 percent of the planet Earth idiots who love to wear a mask and muzzle.A sports lady said she could not care if half the planet was wiped out. You see the thing is they are so stupid and evil that she is right,
    Go along with the hoax and kill your fellow Man.Stupid bloody idiots…..

  12. Quote:Henry II: ‘Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?’
    Today it should be.. ‘Will no one rid us of this meddlesome putz?’

  13. “we can only get back to normal when we have vaccinated the world population”.
    This satanist psychopath is completely nuts. As many have said the vaccine will be a IQ test for the human race. If you are stupid enough to get vaccinated, after much misery, you will sooner rather than later exit the gene pool. Maybe in this way its a good thing. Smarter people left to get things back under control.

    Interesting, first time I’ve seen this. When I went to put my “name” and email address it showed my real full name and email address then it disappeared. Is this some kind of signal Rixton? This internet thing is getting bad. Earlier today I tried to post a Abraham Lincoln quote on Zero Hedge, no cussing sexual etc., and it wouldn’t post. Tried several ways using different methods, still no post. This will probably be my last post here. I’ll think about it. Maybe that’s what ” they” want.

  14. Bill Gates has spoken about de population, and if we do a really good job with vaccines we can lower the population by 15%. These are Mr Gates words not mine.

  15. He’s not human; looks more like a reptile!

  16. FCK U Needle Neck!

  17. World Bank’s Records reveal Covid19 test kits exported in 2018

  18. HE sounds desperate

  19. Gates is an idiot. Has he never heard of a gun?

  20. What a turd. I am surprised this asshole is given a platform to spew his garbage. It’s time someone took some action against this piece of xxxx

  21. Blah blah blah. Feed him too the African plains.

  22. To Cathy
    It is exactly what i was thinking about his hands waves

  23. This mama’s boy needs a c—- up his arse. It’s amazing that no one has sent him to vaccine heaven by now. I’m sure his creepy arrogant wife spanks him regularly