Dana Coverstone: Apocalytic Dream for December, January and Winter

Pastor Dana Coverstone – YouTube Sept 4, 2020

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  1. He looks like a jew……of course this is SUPERSTITIOUS NONSENSE….

    All he is doing is predicting possibility….

  2. Certainly doesn’t look like a yid to me. If he is then he’s a good actor because not only does he sound sincere he “feels” sincere, like he believes the things he is saying and is genuinely concerned about people, and no I’m not a christian.

  3. Pastor Coverstone? Sounds like a fake name. Note how his shirt is buttoned all the way up. Note his lack of vigor, charisma, or muscle tone. I find just looking at him disgusting.

    Let us analyze what he says:

    “I am seeing more and more things that are Apocalyptic”

    “First thing I saw, I saw long food lines”

    “Baltic Dry Index is dead … I saw ships in ports, both coasts, nothing moving by sea”

    (insane, delusional) Christians telling everyone “you need Jesus now”

    “no christmas lights, easter”

    “Christians carrying torches

    Note how there is no connection to the crash and shutdown he is projecting and HIS beliefs in Jesus – which binds him to demonic Israel which is causing the crash and shutdown. Christians live in a delusional bubble of Biblical dimensions, they are supporting the very people who are causing the economic destruction.

    He mentions “sympathy for the swastika”, then

    @ 7:12 he gives away the whole shebang, he quotes scripture:

    “brace yourself. brace, brace, brace yourself on my word and my promises and do not rely on your own strength”

    This is the problem with Christians, they are completely passive in a face of a crisis.

    And what a perfect message for an Israeli troll to tell the mass of Christians.

    Hey Christians, while we pull the plug on your nation and turn off the lights and heat, just believe in Christ, believe little sheep in the promises in the Bible, never mind we wrote those phrases to confuse and pacify you. Don’t follow the swastika or that bad man Hitler, he went to hell, you just believe in the Gospel and Jesus will take care of you. Don’t resist, be passive in Christ.

    Note how in the midst of this upcoming crisis, his dream of Christians telling everyone they need Jesus now. This is doubling down on their insanity when the crisis hits. If things come to pass as he says, all these fools need to wake up from their Bible induced trance and get real about living in a nation infested by Jews.

    Oh yeah he forget to mention Jews.

    Notice he didn’t dream of patriots rounding up Jews, he didn’t dream of people organizing to remove the corrupt politicians sold out to Rothschild and Israeli interests, note how he didn’t dream of airmen pounding Israel with nukes.

    This pastor is a faggot, listen to him at your peril.

  4. Vespasian … Materialism is nonsense. Conscious precedes the material. Quantum Physics makes sense once the universe is considered as a “Simulation”, i.e. a virtual reality.
    The material world is rendered to our consciousness as sense-data, which we imagine is generated by a real physical reality but is only the simulation of a physical reality created for the progress of our consciousness.

    We are in this tough school to learn; to understand what is true, what is false, What is good and what is bad. We are “eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil”.

    Imagining the world to be real and the mind to be illusory is to misjudge this experience entirely.

  5. Vespasian YOU come across a a JEW hating CNT!! There is a major DIFFERENCE between Jews and the ZIONISTS!! Grow up you RACIST BAST’D………….Getting fed up of your racist Jewish hating when it should be ZIONIST hating rants!! GET AN EDUCATION you clueless TROLL

  6. No to agenda 2030 unless it is the leech countries that suffer NOT the West,

    “There is a major DIFFERENCE between Jews and the ZIONISTS!!”

    Erm…no, there isn’t, not in the least.
    You are clearly, utterly and totally bereft of all knowledge of WHAT Judaism is all about. Heard of the Talmud?

    Let me tell you the rub on Judaism. It’s a racist, supremacist cult of people who hate others who do not belong to their cult. There is no greater supremacism on this earth than Jewish supremacism. And the thing is there’s not such a thing as a Jewish race. What there is are a people belonging to a certain land area, who just happen to follow the teachings of Judaism. They also look like others of that region to, WHO ARE NOT Jews.

    Everything about the Jew is deceit including your ignorant belief that Judaism and Zionism are not the same at all. Judaism, is simply ANYONE who will buy into the BS of the Jewish BS teachings of the Talmud.
    As I’ve stated many times before, the Jew and policeman are one and the same. That is, if someone joins the police force and graduates as a policeman, knowing EXACTLY what it’s all about, they’re a complete and utter c*nt, as their job is to enforce the will of the banking elites, which is to get people into courts and steal from them. On the same take, if someone still identifies as a Jew, when they know what Judaism is all about, being taught the supremacism of Judaism, then they too are just like the police – c*nts!

    One is not BORN a Jew, just as one is not born a carpenter. Judaism is a belief system. You learn to be a Jew, just as you learn to be a carpenter SHOULD YOU CHOOSE TO.
    This crap of your mother being a Jew, automatically makes you a Jew is nonsense. You choose to be whatever you are in life. Jews choose to be choose for all the benefits it has such as getting away with ripping people off on a daily basis and every door being open to you in every walk of life. Being a Jew is like winning Willie Wonka’s Golden ticket. And they know it. That’s why they remain as Jews.
    As George Carlin said – “It’s a big club and you ain’t in it.”

  7. Jews and Islam are the Illuminati. Their underlings are the Western nations of Europe including Slavic countries, corrupt Muslim nations like Saudi Arabia and all the gulf Arab states that were funded and built by the Illuminati, other heathen non-Christian nations in Asia, and their U.S. base of operations of New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and the San Francisco-Bay Area. The last real resistance that the global Illuminati faced was from the Nazi Germans (WERE the good guys, emphasis on the past tense because modern Germany is also Illuminati central), and from the Ottoman-Turks (WERE the good guys, now a faded glory nation). The only real resistance to the Illuminati and the destruction that will be bestowed upon them will come from REAL Christians, the Angels, and GOD himself.

  8. Here is a very interesting factoid. Why did the Illuminati only become as powerful, unhinged, and so dominant only after the Ottoman and German Empires were destroyed? Why was there no such thing as Jew-Satanic or Islamic-Satanic control of finance, education, entertainment, industry, politics, etc. until after the two main obstacles of Germans and Turks were destroyed? Israel, Saudi Arabia, Gulf Arabs were all created at the same time, by the Satanic-Luciferian Illuminati that was and still are operating primarily from London and New York City. Here is another hardcore truth. The Turks always knew of the demonic, djinn, satanic forces that were operating through Jews and Arabs, and the Ottomans constantly subdued and squashed those threats for as long as they could. The Germans knew of the Jew-satanic conspiracy operating through the British and in Europe, and more recently through the U.S. in the 20th century. Both Germans and Turks tried to counter these threats, but the evil nature of the world helped the Jews to become what they are now. The demons, djinns, devils, sheyateens of Islam and Arabs broke free through British-Jew conspiracies against the Ottomans. Now you have the apocalypse world, where Illuminati, Jews, Muslims, Masons, any other evil Satanic-Luciferian organizations control what you think, feel, eat, play, buy, etc. Like I said, only REAL Christians, Christ, the Angels, and the real GOD in and from heaven (not earth god b.s.) will deliver the real justice to the evil on this earth, and their co-conspirators and servants.

  9. He sounds programmed to me and the things he says are so vague and most of all promote hysteria and fear. When I see Fear leading the message I turn away. Now… I could be wrong but he actually looks off to me and I try not to judge by appearances but he appears to be not what he presents himself as. I like said, I could be wrong but every time I try to give him a chance, my very being resists it.

  10. ” pastor ” Coverstone doesn’t pass the smell test. He seems to be getting a lot of Coverage!!! Alarm bells folks, if you might be hoodwinked.

  11. Dana Coverstone looks righteous and a sincere man to me, so looking at all the in depth comments and arguments here I am getting really curious to see if his predictions are right. Lol.