What Australia is facing ‘is not a recession but a catastrophe’

Alan Jones – YouTube Sept 2, 2020

8 responses to “What Australia is facing ‘is not a recession but a catastrophe’”

  1. Australia had a booming economy due to trade with China. Australia avoided most of the 08 collapse, so what went wrong? Australia is a CIA play toy & since bankrupt Amerika decided to diverge from China. This means that Australia must cast China as a threat and they have agreed to spend an extra $297 (Au) billion dollars on unneeded military equipment over the next decade. In a word, if this carries on, the Australian economy is ‘toast’. Australia can bearly support its relatively small population. Many Australian cities are forecast to run out of water within the next decade… so why would the Chinese want to attack or invade Australia? Maybe if the Chinese invaded Australia, they could invest 1 trillion dollars and MAYBE Australia could with another 20 million people. Australia is playing its part in the WW3 buildup. Covid just helps the agenda as many in Aus blame China for Covid with no supporting evidence.

  2. Australians allowed themselves to be disarmed. They now have no way to resist the tyranny of the Satanic Khazars.

  3. The British too willingly disarmed themselves after the Dunblane shootings carried out by state operatives.

  4. Its No longer a Virus its a Political Virus

  5. Australia is America’s puppet and America is Israel’s puppet. I think that tha just about draws the picture.

  6. it’s not Australia only that is facing a catastrophic depression, it’s the whole world.

    Depressions and major recessions have always been worldwide at least as far back as the Great Depression of the 1930s which was triggered by bankster jews crashing stock markets around the world.

    Unemployment rates, numbers of jobless and homeless people went up like a sky rocket when the covid scam began.

    Meat packing plants, vegetable harvests, restaurants, dairies, ranching operations, food producing businesses especially, have been shut down using covid as a pretext.

    We are at the beginning of a new depression. As conditions become more and more like those of the 1930s, everyone will become painfully aware of the economic collapse.

  7. One has to wonder whether Australia may be the bait for China to go along with global governance. One is a country with a large population, the other is a country with a lot of space; albeit as yet barely inhabitable.

    I’m reminded of the pact that Lex Luther brokered with the evil trio from Krypton: Give me Australia and I’ll help you conquer the world.

  8. Mr Jones stated Australia needs to be “normal by Christmas”, but what he should have said, and demanded, was that ALL restrictions, guidelines, lock-downs, etc be lifted immediately and “normalcy” return that same bloody day rather than in another 4 xxxxxxx months. Mr. Jones should have also publicly demanded an investigation commence immediately and anyone and everyone involved in the massive crime that has been the Covid-1984 hysteria face criminal charges and impoverishment via civil action.