Information Scientist takes apart ‘Covid’ claims

GMTV’s ‘Dr Hilary’ has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about but shouts loudly over guests to make sure no one notices.

Ian Fantom – David Sept 2, 2020

Dr Hilary, left, and Piers Corbyn, right. Click to enlarge



12 responses to “Information Scientist takes apart ‘Covid’ claims”

  1. 97 percent of people are idiots , and the wearing a disease spreader mask proves it,but the 3 percent are geniuses.
    Of course Dr Hilary is either a con artist fraudster or a retard.

  2. Perhaps like many political and media figures, Dr Hilary is, shall we say, “controllable”.

  3. I think Canada deserves a medal for being “retardicus profundus”. As I predicted, the facemask would morph into a fashion statement. It’s timing with a planned communist revolution and the depth of penetration of the CCP into Trudeau’s ass is another story. Whilst walking through downtown Toronto the other day the proprietor of a ladies fashion shop (whom I assume is a woman) had the decency and common sense to erect a sign which read; “YOUR FACEMASK LOOKS STUNNING.”

    I can hear an effeminate male voice championing this.

    “Yes ladies, this is a mask that boasts not only of your individuality but of your fearlessness as well. This is a masks that proclaims to the world ‘I am my own person, and a trail-blazer as well.’ Like a glorious tattoo, it boasts of your uniqueness that is not only brazen but sophisticated as well.”

  4. A virus put out there for many reasons so the big pharma can pillaged the wealth of every country, to instill fear so the populace becomes subservient so the banksters can take all and the surveillance technology from bill gates and the like etc – these billionares are are practically from the same tribe and class.
    We will never surrender!!!

  5. When someone gets a regular slot on sheeple TV, they are there to bullshit the sheeple. I’m sorry, not, but I stopped watching this tripe a long time ago. Can I suggest that commentary on Dr. Hilary is an absolute waste of time & may I say, it’s a wasted page on this site.

  6. Why didn’t GMB interview David Icke himself about the protest. He was the main speaker. No doubt they preferred the inexperienced Piers Corbyn. – Icke has plenty of experience in handling himself in interviews.

    Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid tried the same technique of shouting Peter Hitchens down when they had him on to speak about Covid-19. Neither of them are fit to tie Hitchens’ shoes, in my opinion.

  7. Dr Hilary as he likes to call himself is a soul seller. He likes to think of himself as a celebrity a big cheese but, all he is really is another side kick to the vain and bloated Piers Morgan who is another soul seller.
    These people are time wasters, greedy and shameful. They would sell their granny at the drop of a hat.

  8. Hey, let’s get a guest on, shout him down; tell him he’s talking tosh without backing up what we’re saying; bring on a ‘so called expert’ to try and belittle him; ask him questions that aren’t relevant to why we’ve brought him on…it’ll be great and make us look really clever!

  9. Oh, dear … They invite Piers Corbyn to explain himself. He is clearly able to do that very substantively. So they shout him down. They insult him. At one point, the woman with Piers Morgan wants to end the interview. Why? Because Corbyn managed to get in almost a whole statement that they had not meant to let in. Then their medical ‘expert’ behaves in exactly the same way: Shout down Corbyn; insult him; jeer. Don’t let him finish anything he begins to say. This medical ‘expert’ had no intention of engaging with Piers Corbyn’s own expertise — he is a well qualified scientist. Shame.

    In contrast with this interviewer team intent only on jeering, Piers Corbyn remained dignified and determined to deliver what would have amounted to public education, had they let him deliver it. Well done, Mr Corbyn. Thank you.

  10. Good Morning Britain invited Piers Corbyn to explain his contrarian stance on the so-called pandemic. He was keen to do that. So they shouted him down. At one point, the woman with interviewer Piers Morgan wanted to end the interview. Why? Because Corbyn managed to get in almost a whole statement that they had not meant to let in. Their ‘medical expert’ behaved in exactly the same way: This ‘medical ‘expert’ had no intention of engaging with Piers Corbyn’s own expertise: Piers Corbyn is a well qualified scientist. Shame.

  11. Piers Corbyn is perhaps to be described as a ‘warrior for truth.’ There are many of them.
    They are all good people and the more noise they make the better.
    It doesn’t matter if if they put on a perfect show or even agree on every detail as long as they’re doing it.
    He handled himself well in this interview which was manipulated to make him stumble.

  12. Have you read this Ianrob?