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Irish Savant – Sept 1, 2020

Have you read all about the stunning new study which exposes the Covid-19 panic for what it is – namely a fraud of monumental dimensions? Of course you haven’t, unless you’ve been looking very very carefully. Because the MSM and the chattering classes have treated this bombshell as if it never happened. Nothing to see here, move along now. I’m not talking about evidence adduced by some ‘far-right’  conspiracy theorists or anti-vaxxers. This report has been produced by the fountainhead of so much Covid hysteria, the American Center for Disease Control (CDC). In a truly stunning disclosure they confess that of the claimed  165,000 deaths from Covid to date fewer than 10,000 died from Covid-19 itself. The rest had multiple (on average 2.6) serious additional diseases, the overwhelming majority were in the oldest age cohort.
Now bear in mind that many of those deaths (most notably in New York) derived from dumping huge numbers of old people into “care” homes where they died like flies. And remember the respirators? You know, those devices that the ‘experts’ (before whom we all are supposed to bow) claimed were a matter of life and death? The experts were right. But not in the way they claimed because far from saving lives respirators had the health impact on the victims similar to that of a neutron bomb. But the lock-down, you say, that’s why the numbers are so low. Here are two figures in response: Sweden which had virtually no lock-down suffered deaths per million of 575. The equivalent figure for the USA is virtually the same at 567. Meanwhile a number of inter-State comparisons in America found no correlation between lock-down and Covid death rates.
And for this America (and almost every other Western country) has had its economy and the lives of millions of people destroyed. For this families had to watch loved ones die from behind a perspex shield. For this millions of gravely ill patients suffering from cancer, heart disease and a myriad of other ailments have gone without treatment. For this millions have suffered, and continue to suffer, from the effects of despair, alcoholism, domestic abuse and much more.
When and if the dust settles there must be a reckoning for those who with great malice aforethought inflicted this devastation on millions of innocent people. And let us not forget their cowardly collaborators in the medical profession who could have stopped the scandal in its tracks had they had the gumption to do so.
But I’m not holding my breath.