There’s almost no chance a vaccine for COVID-19 will work at all, warns scientist

Ethan Huff – Natural News Aug 28, 2020

The Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) is not some freak of nature virus that evolutionarily gained the ability to transfer from bats to humans all on its own. According to Professor Giuseppe Tritto, an internationally known expert in biotechnology and nanotechnology, this only could have happened with some kind of genetic engineering.

The president of the World Academy of Biomedical Sciences and Technology (WABT), which was founded as part of UNESCO back in 1997, Tritto knows a thing or two about viruses. And he is convinced that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) was probably engineered at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, China’s only level-four biosafety lab.

In his book Cina COVID 19: La Chimera che ha cambiato il Mondo, which translates in English as China COVID 19: The chimera that changed the world, Tritto explains why he believes the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is behind the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), leaving little doubt that this viral “chimera” was artificially created as a bioweapon.

He also traces the Wuhan lab’s connections to France and the United States, demonstrating how both countries have financially supported it in its bioengineering endeavors. While neither American nor French virologists are necessarily responsible for the current outcome, they did play in role in getting us all here, whether they realized it or not.

Unfortunately, it does not stop at just the virus. Those behind its continued spread and the government’s reaction to it have much worse plans in store for the world, mainly the extermination of humanity. Listen below to The Health Ranger Report to learn more:

Reverse genetics in vaccine development could be what spawned COVID-19

Based on his understanding of how reverse genetics is often used to create viral strains with reduced pathogenicity for the purpose of vaccine development, Tritto says that the same process can be used to create viral strains with increased pathogenicity.

We already know from the Dr. Shi Zhengli saga that this is what the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) had been working on just prior to the release of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). Dr. Shi had also sought help from the French government in building the P4 high-containment lab where the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) is said to have “escaped.”

In manipulating HIV genomes, Dr. Shi was able to utilize a gene insertion method known as “reverse genetics system 2” to combine an ordinary coronavirus strain found in horseshoe bats with an HIV segment, making it more infectious.

Prof. Ralph S. Baric from the University of North Carolina also contributed to this research, thanks to several major financial grants he received from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), which is run by none other than Fauci.

“Fauci was a big proponent of ‘gain of function’ research, and when this was prohibited at Baric’s lab because it was considered to be too dangerous, the research was shifted to China,” writes Steven Mosher for LifeSiteNews.

As for a future vaccine, there is next to no chance that any of them will work, according to Tritto. This is largely due to the fact that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) keeps mutating into new, novel strains that strain-specific vaccines will not have the ability to target.

The other problem is that the CCP is currently withholding the original genetic code for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) from the rest of the world, which means no further advancements in targeting its specific “blueprints” can be achieved.

“In other words, China continues to lie, and people continue to die,” Mosher adds, pinning the blame for this crisis directly on China.

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9 responses to “There’s almost no chance a vaccine for COVID-19 will work at all, warns scientist”

  1. Do you really want to be injected with Illuminati Satanist Gates’ poisonous vaccine??

  2. Okay, let’s dispel some of the propaganda, First US Covid death was September 2019. The US military team that attended the World Military Games in Wuhan October 2019 performed terribly and many came home sick… did they go with the sickness? Did they have jabs before leaving the US? As far as I can find out, the UK military didn’t go to Wuhan. The (so say) Covid virus in Iran did not come from China. The Italian Covid strain didn’t come from China. These releases were either specific or this was a global and epidemics were triggered by, let’s say, 5G or some similar electromagnetic signal.

    This attack has been pretty low key. Only tiny numbers have been impacted, let alone die or suffer long term complications. For sure, this, so far, has not been a serious attempt at population reduction, but it has saved various democratic regimes a lot of money in respect of health and care costs. Only a tiny fraction of NHS resources have been used since March 2020. The UK regime has saved a fortune. Some will state the lockdown costs… this is part of the agenda to rejig the way sheeple work, live & travel. The other aspect not covered by the fake news is the staggering bank and corporate bailouts. The US Fed started pumping $100 billion into the financial plumbing in early 2019… the system was collapsing.

    So there’s a whole raft of key points that led to the Covid release. The rise of China, Russia flourished despite the illegal sanctions, the realisation that North Korea could do enormous damage to the West if it were attacked and Iran clearly has the tech and military to make an attack risky. Then there is the financial system collapse and the Brexit disaster.

    The City of London is the international financial hub and its crime cartels basically bankroll bankrupt Britain. China does not benefit from Covid, the Russians don’t benefit, the EU doesn’t benefit and in election year, Trump doesn’t benefit. This is not to say that deep state players in the US aren’t involved, they probably are. As to all these NWO states playing along with the hyped Covid scare, most of their medical enterprises are linked to big pharma and thus linked to the City and Wall Street.

    As stated, so far Covid has been mild to zero for most, but they need far worse. Don’t be surprised if the Covid bioweapon starts killing children, & it doesn’t need to kill that many, maybe none at all. The fake news will spin the fear agenda so that all the sheeple will be begging for needles & microchips for breakfast, lunch & dinner.

    I follow a fairly broad spectrum of YouTube channels. Some channels are more extreme than most of this site’s content, but YouTube allows them to jack the fear and tell outright lies, especially in regard to China… can I comment, yes, can anyone see my comments? No, only I can see them. I’m not crying about it… this is about the only place I can comment, but even I have my doubts about that. So what does this tell us? This tells us that 99% of all media content on all platforms is designed for the sheeple. Even truther sheeple. I, we, used to think of the US as being pretty closed off from the rest of the world. Very few Amerikans travelled outside the US and if they did, they’d go to very US aligned countries, but over recent years, they’ve literally become sealed off from the outside world & the same thing is happening in the UK.

  3. He never calls out the jew because he supports the Holohoax narrative. Listen at about the 6 min mark. Gatekeeper.

  4. Vaccine for this fake virus will work alright. It will screw you up, anyone who gets vaccinated is a fool and a guinea pig. The last thing they want is us cured or immune from the “virus”.

    How can they make a vaccine for a novel virus that has never been isolated?

    They consider us useless eaters, they want us gone. Those wearing the masks have fallen for the world’s biggest hoax. They are empowering those who only seek to kill or subjugate them. The mask wearers are actually the public enemy.

  5. If there is no virus and this whole thing is a hoax then how can there be a vaccine?

  6. Covid is just a common cold virus from the Corona family of viruses which cause about one third of all common colds. Covid is less dangerous than the flu.

    Bankster jews are using covid as a pretext for lockdowns, closing restaurants, businesses, factories, meat packing plants, and vegetable harvests. Economic collapse, food shortages, and riots loom ahead.

    Bankster jews, working through their political puppets, masons, labor unions, fronts, are using these disasters to make us hate our governments and want to exchange them for a world government.

    Bankster jews want the United Nations to have authority over the UK, USA, China, Russia, Germany, Africa, North and South America, Asia, Australia, the whole world.

    Bankster jews, the Jew World Order (JWO) bosses, already have nearly all the world’s major polticians under their thumb.

    The bankster’s next step is to have their political puppets formally acknowledge the UN / world government as the supreme authority over all other governments; make it official that the UN is the ultimate authority.

    The UN is another of the many jewish front organizations created by bankster jews who are trying to empower it over the world’s nations.

    Riots, Covid, food shortages, economic ruin, are tactics for making us hate our governments so we will want to replace them with ‘something better’ as the UN will be advertised by the jews media.

    Several goy media outlets imply that in November after the US presidential election, there will be extreme rioting, burning, looting, and madness; that UN security forces from other nations will ‘come to the rescue’ to stop the riots, arson, and anarchy.

    Such a scenario would make the UN appear as the hero who saved the world. After that, masses of people would welcome the UN and eagerly exchange the ongoing madness for UN rule.

    After the bankster jews empower their world government, UN or whatever name they call it, they will likely spend several months to a few years consolidating power during which they will keep a low profile and allow peace. This will be the calm before the storm.

    After the banksters see they have complete control over every nation’s government, every major politician, and most minor politicians, then population reduction, prohibition of Christianity, and the most devilish deeds will begin.

    This is the scenario I expect based on studying Semite Supremacy, the JWO, etc. Even the bankster jews who plan these evils cannot know every surprise that may arise.

  7. Professor Giuseppe Tritto is very much a part of the psyop in blaming China the way he does. He may be wise in his flied but he is not very adept at inter-department interdisciplinary matters. Carl Jones is a little more informative but he has in my view not drawn accurate conclusions regarding motive and planning.

    It is clear to me at least to me since my range research on this issue since February that elements in the US and the UK are central to the coordination and orchestration of the plandemic. That is seen also by the crude efforts by the authorities in each of these nations to exaggerate the death numbers. For instance, a few weeks ago it was pointed out that the UK had over seven times the number of alleged deaths from the virus compared to the world average for its population. It has since revamped its tell-tail phony numbers to the same as the US, which has over 5 times the world average. China has attributed so few deaths to Covid (under 5,000) that it does not even come near the world average. All the nations which are most directly controlled by the international banking cartel are way above the world average (except Israel of course which is for some reason trying to maintain a low profile despite its finger prints being here and there).

    The cui bono for China in playing the game and getting the plandemic panic started, which their government most certainly did, is the same as that for Russia (which has modest alleged death numbers at the world average for this flu in keeping with flu deaths in other years), is that both China and Russia although having the tentacles of the Western-based international banking cartel in their nations, they want the end of the dominance of the US dollar as the leading global reserve currency, which allows the US privately held Fed to create vast amounts of dollars out of nothing giving the US unlimited spending power for its military and influence throughout the world. They want a world currency based on something more substantial than US fiat and cartel control, and all the signs and statements over the years in the financial community is that very thing is the carrot of the stick for them to follow the cartel lead, not only for a world currency, but also for the cartel spawned Great Reset, and any pretext for such, such as the plandemic. .

    The fact is that both Russia and China have played the Covid plandemic game but not to the extent as the Western nations which are well over their heads in debt to the cartel, which has been bleeding them dry with their private power to create money out of nothing and then to “loan” it to the governments with interest, while ensuring one deficit financing government after another to ensure the people are completely debt rigged and dependent subjects.

    The biggest initial Reset scheduled is for the US dollar to become a digital dollar a few months after the next US election in November (an issue which should be debated in its House and which you would think the nation’s president would comment on). That currency reset will set the sage for the collapsing of all currencies into one where we in the West will likely not get very much in exchange for our currencies because of the proposed balancing of the exchanges to take place based on the debt we have been over all of these years been defrauded into accepting from our various governments controlled by the cartel. The “equalization” process will cause a great deal of upset and that is one more reason for the present government measures and their alleged need to control us, lest we get our hands on their throats and those who are are actually serving.

    As for the plandemic itself, in light of the 2010 Rockerfeller Foundations documents and all of the CV pandemic planning and pronouncements, the onus is on any person who says the entire operation was not planned in the West to prove otherwise. Those who have most to gain is not just Gates, Fauci, and big pharma and the billions they intend to filch off from some vaccination. What we have learned is that the changes envisioned for the planet through the assertion of government control over every aspect of our lives, and particularly as initiated by the virus threat, is far more sweeping. The beans were spilled on June 6 by the World Economic Forum and the Covid shutdown and control measures over our commerce are integral to their planning. The so-called “Great Reset for a “greener, smarter and fairer” world, has the backing of 192 nations which signed on to UN Agenda 21 in 1992 and now over a total of 197 nations which signed on to UN Agenda 2030 in 2015 to back the 17 UN “sustainability goals”. These agendas are what constitute the Great Reset and all are geared to a concentration and consolidation of wealth, power, and control over everyone and everything into the hands of the banking cartel, national governments, a world government, to control commerce, social interaction, resources, etc., etc.

    One of the reasons why there is so little push back is because so many people in the cartel money chain have interests in such changes. All those in the carbon credit industry are just one example. University departments which are subservient to grants for research to the cartel money-chain of command are another example. Major corporations are subject now to US Fed bailouts (i.e. cartel bailouts) and restructuring. Our governments are simply their puppets. The planning and operation appears to many to be so monumental and pervasive that it seems useless to oppose it. However, when you see how many things the cartel has screwed up in the 20th Century and is responsible for every environmental, technological and economic problem they want to solve with their Resets, you have to realize that with their latest massive deception of their plandemic, we likely will not get another chance to unseat them and get back our lives and our nations from their clutches.

    If you examine all 17 of the UN sustainability goals you find gross exaggerations in each one and the marshaling of facts and stats all indicating that the solution has to be central government control with a world government and bank overseeing all. Not that we should not work on real problems like pollution and poverty, but everyone of their goals is a humanitarian carrot and a pretext for a UN-based world government with widespread, invasive enforcement powers, none of which is necessary to solve the problems. In fact, you can now see the same pattern with the very same governments of nations which are backing the Agendas 21 and 2030 are all psyop plandemic participants. The parallels are astounding.

    The centralized control over our lives by our governments to protect us from the virus are totally unnecessary. The people most at risk have always been a highly-defined very frail and vulnerable segment of the population easily protected without any general lock downs or restrictions. So we are either seeing massive control measures for the sake of massive control measures or for something else, and the onus is on those defending the actual aims of the bankster socialist and corporate fascist alliance behind the UN Agenda and WEF aims, to prove that the entire plandemic is not really to launch their Great Reset to attain their aims. In fact, that connection is the only rational explanation for what is going on, and unless we resist all of these government measures with all of our might we are participating in the end of truth, freedom, and real justice for generations to come and perhaps forever.

    Also, the onus is clearly on the doubters and naysayers who disagree that the cartel is behind the entire plandemic. If you believe that the government restrictions everywhere are totally unnecessary in light of the actual threat, you have to explain why so many nations are all doing the same thing and their media and governments are making exactly the same noises, with so much universal suppression. If you say the UN then you have to read UN Agendas 21 and 2030 and listen to the WEF broadcasts and ads this year. You also have to understand that the UN is essentially a beast of the monsters running the international banking cartel that have announced their launching not just for their Great Reset through their agents like Gates and Schwab but in instituting of their promised New World Order.

    Seems too big for many to comprehend let alone oppose. People want generally want things to be much more simple with less dots to connect, as if the planners with unlimited amounts of money to spend over the years did not connect as many dots as they could in their planning. People want to think of their governments and police forces as acting in their interests. However, they are all owned and controlled in the same money-chain of command. They do not take their orders from us but from some unseen hand way above them, and they are all acting in unison against us as if we are the enemy virus to be controlled and eradicated.

  8. Jim Crowstein: your first line… any evidence to support this? Koch’s postulates: four very simple rules for the detection of all pathogens. So far, no one has achieved one of Koch’s postulates in respect of claimed coronaviruses. After going to the doctors all my life (59) and being told many times: “You’ve probably got a virus.” So I asked the doctor (many doctors) if you can test for this virus? The answer, every time, ‘No, there are no tests for viruses.

  9. Carl, Some evidence that corona viruses cause common colds is linked below –

    Coronaviruses cause about one third of common colds, National Institute of Health –

    coronavirus is the cause of about 20% of colds, Web MD –

    Epidemiological studies suggest that HCoVs account for 15 to 30% of common colds – American Society for Microbiology

    Web search “Coronaviruses cause about one third of common colds” –

    Different sources have different spins depending on whether they support the fake covid pandemic. Whether covid-19 exists outside the jews media, politics, etc, is uncertain.