Russian forces run illegal US occupation forces off the road in north-east Syria

Vanessa Beeley – Patreon Aug 27, 2020

Video of clash between the Russian forces, legally in Syria at the invitation of the elected Syrian government and the unlawful, uninvited US occupation forces in north-east Syria.

The US military spokespeople, speaking anonymously, made this save-face statement to conceal their embarrassment:

From the Military Times:

” In the most violent skirmish in months between U.S. and Russian forces in Syria, a vehicle collision in the eastern part of the war-torn country left American troops with concussions, two U.S. officials said Wednesday. “

“One official said Russian vehicles sideswiped a light-armored U.S. military vehicle, injuring four Americans. The official said two Russian helicopters flew above the Americans, and one of the aircraft was within about 70 feet the vehicle.”

National Security Council spokesman John Ullyot said in a statement that a Russian vehicle struck the American vehicle near Dayrick, in northeast Syria.

“To deescalate the situation, the coalition patrol departed the area,” Ullyot said. “Unsafe and unprofessional actions like this represent a breach of deconfliction protocols, committed to by the United States and Russia in December 2019.”

Surely the correct “deconfliction protocols” would be for the US military to leave Syria and the region for good?

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12 responses to “Russian forces run illegal US occupation forces off the road in north-east Syria”

  1. After 19 years of illegal invasion the US has been unable to defeat Afghani guerrillas armed with light weapons who cross the mountains on foot. That’s with air supremacy. Yet the US thinks it can beat the large, able professional forces of Russia, China and Iran?

    If any of these countries must retaliate against US aggression in Syria, the Persian Gulf or the South China Sea, they should use overwhelming and devastating force to limit the US response to their own response. Sink whole fleets and wipe out armies. Like the Nazis the US will not stop until the world comes together and stops it, its leaders dragged kicking and screaming from their bunkers to face trials for their shocking crimes against humanity.

  2. I didn’t see anything that would lead to ‘concussion’, unless US troops use defective helmets… maybe they were wearing baseball caps with BLM emblazoned above the peak.

    It’s good to see Russian forces doing this kind of thing. It lets the majority of US military forces in the US and those stationed around the world that they are no longer respected and they won’t be tolerated. The really cool aspect in this incident is that Russia had air superiority & indicates this was pre-planned, even if the planning took place 30 minutes before the clash.

    We don’t want people to die, but the US won’t budge until they get body bags flown into Dover Airforce Base.

  3. The way the US forces behaved after the defeat of Germany, korea, vietnam and iraq, i hope they all suffer horrible deaths
    babies are still today being born deformed in Korea,
    lets hope americans get a taste of it back

  4. Michael McNulty try reading a book not pushing (((their))) agenda about WW2. You will be most surprised and enlightened. Try ” The myth of German villainy” by Benton L Bradberry.

  5. The US occupation forces must get out of Italy as well.

  6. Hahahahaha The Jewnited States armed forces has NO business being in Syria and their presence their is absolutely illegal and completely immoral. The criminals in those Jew-S-A armored vehicles should have been arrested or shot on site if they resisted arrest.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m an American, a staunch advocate of the Constitution, proud of what America WAS, with generation upon generation of my family having served the country, but I am disgusted at the highly illegal and grossly immoral acts of aggression perpetrated by this country since organized Jewry got its claws firmly embedded into the power structure here…and it has only gotten much worse since the coup d’etat of 9/11 was never truly officially investigated and the actual perpetrators all executed for treason and/or crimes against humanity, and terrorism and murder for the Israelis who were so clearly involved.

  7. Michael McNulty,

    “After 19 years of illegal invasion the US has been unable to defeat Afghani guerrillas armed with light weapons who cross the mountains on foot.”

    That’s because they don’t want to.

    I’m not stating that, because I think the US armed forces are capable, far from it. I am stating that because the reason they’re in Afghanistan is two fold. Not only is it slap bang on the eastern border of Iran, a staging point for a soon-to-be invasion of Iran, as well as north of Jewish controlled Pakistan, but it also is the world’s foremost supplier of opium (heroin). The west is in there for its control of the poppy crop. When the governments need something done below radar, exceptionally unlawful and illegal, they fund their assassins through their drug sales.

    Look to your history? The Opium wars, remember them? Where were the British empire ALSO warring with at the same time? Yup, Rothschild was flooding China with opium from Afghanistan. Nothing has changed, well other than the fact that the Chinese fought back. 99% of westerners haven’t a clue what’s going on.

    “Like the Nazis the US will not stop until the world comes together and stops it, its leaders dragged kicking and screaming from their bunkers to face trials for their shocking crimes against humanity.”

    Another who believes that the Germans wanted a world empire. They didn’t. They simply wanted back the lands that the Treaty of Versailles removed from them. I mean, hey, perfectly ok for the UK to control 25% of the world’s landmass and population, but Germany wanting to reclaim lost lands? Good Lord no! That cannot be.
    Theodore Kaufman wrote a book in 1932 titled ‘Germany Must Perish’ calling for the eradication of the German nation. This, of course went completely under the radar in all school, history lessons. A Jew calling for the extermination of others? Good Lord no. That cannot be.
    Germany invaded Poland because it would not give it access to the lands of East Prussia and the city of Danzig and Germans located within. It invaded Czechoslovakia to unite the Sudetenland Germans.
    It did, what the Jews are doing today – uniting their peoples into a land mass. The only difference being, the Jews have no claim to Israel, unlike the Germans with Germany. Only JEWS can be a nation (even though they’re most certainly not).

    And the world waged a war on Germany, declaring war upon her. Britain because it was controlled by Jews who wanted Germany dead. The US because it was controlled by Jews. And all other members of the allied forces, because they were controlled by Jews.
    Nothing has changed, well, other than our younger generations are now bonafide Marxists, destroying their nations and preparing their own assassination under the Jew. The Jew has EVEN more control of the west than it did at the time of Hitler.

    Bottom line – had we allied with Hitler and removed the Jew, there would be no need for this website, as we wouldn’t have a Jew problem. We fought against the wrong team. We are now reaping the whirlwind. The very reasons our ancestors went to war in the first place was to fight AGAINST the very society we now have. They allied with the communists and now they have a communist society. Well, f*ck me! Never saw that one coming.

  8. Sorry Harbinger but Hitler was a traitor to his people and it can be seen in his war decisions. He stopped his forces at Dunkirk which allowed the rescue of the BEF. He was obsessed with Stalingrad, a city of little strategic value allowing 6th army to be surrounded and captured. (Of the 100,000 surrendered soldiers only 5,000 ever made it back to Germany after the war). This demoralised the entire army and he went on to insist on fighting a set piece battle of Kirsk where the Soviets had prepared defence in depth, and bled the German armour out. Never again could the Wehrmacht mount a serious offensive against the Soviets. Finally he insisted the V2 be fired from fixed sites when Speer had told him these were vulnerable to air attack so to use mobile launchers, but the traitor refused as of course he wasnt there to win a war but to destroy Germany completely and he succeeded all too well.

  9. Do as we say not as we do

  10. henry h – you are incorrect. Hitler held his forces back at dunkirk as he continued to seek peace with britain saying there was no need to shed blood having seen it first hand during ww1. read his speeches. why do you think chamberlain was removed ( and died under suspicious circumstances) and replaced by the drunkard and crimes against humanity churchill and king edward removed under direction from churchill. parliament was split 50:50 about war with germany – and remember Mosely and many others were imprisoned without trial or charges being brought for the duration of the war. this was to ensure the dissenting voices were silenced.

  11. tremegistus
    Hitler issued a halt order to his forces, this allowed the BEF to build defences and evacuate. He should have allowed a swift Blitzkrieg victory, minimising casulties and then be in a position of strength for negotiations with Britain. He could have ensured Britain stay out of the war this way. Thus he would have avoided a 2 front war which Bismarck had forewarned about.

  12. tresmegistus
    Where was the concern for casualties at Stalingrad? He insisted every man fight to the bitter end. He promoted Paulas to Field Marshall not for any particular merit but because no Field Marshall had ever been taken alive, so the clear implication was that he should shoot himself rather than surrender. He allowed a rescue attempt by Von Manstein only after Goering had clearly failed with his air drops but this was too late too succeed.