Dr. Zev Zelenko: Covid War Criminals Should Face Nuremberg-Style Trials For Crimes Against Humanity

Kevin Boyle – Aug 27, 2020

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  1. Mr Boyle, if there was a bioweapon, which it might have been, it was certainly not stronger than the 2018 flu!
    I am all for HCQ, but Zelenko is exagerating the Sars Cov 2.
    The crime is the lockdown, and shady economic shenanigans.
    The ”virus” is just dna garabage of a natural process.
    Do Not acknowledge it, cause then you are in for an eternity-spin!
    The real virus is the daily psychological warfare and not least the super grand economic thefts going on.

  2. Nice sentiment, but it’s a pipe dream. We’ve had decades of so-called Western democratic leaders who have committed war crimes personally or used mercenary forces to commit war crimes for them and 98% of the sheeple do nothing.

    More importantly, the NWO plays ‘layer cake’, as soon as one atrocity/war crime is committed, they layer another event over it and the fake news does its job.

    It would be nice to take the moral high ground and fantasise about turning hell hole Earth around by peaceful means, but that is never going to happen when we have so many sheeple. These demonstrations in London… lol… lol The only hope (I hate that word) for justice and a decent future, involves the people’s prosecution of the elite (after a revolution), including those in the fake news & executing them. Start with the 0.1% & then further rounds of prosections & executions until the systems are purged.

    Now, this is pretty extreme, & there is no guarantee that new leaders will be much better, but it offers a chance.

    Personally, I believe we’ve passed the point where people can save themselves. We’ve had quite an active truth movement since 9/11 and this opportunity has been squandered by nearly every leading website, youtube channel and prominent player. There’s been deep state infiltration, infighting, religious nutters & massive egos have all bogged down a movement that should have grown and had some impact. The reality is the truth movement is a bit of a joke.

    The crimes i want to see punished are the US forces who kidnapped innocents off the streets to make up numbers and tortured these people terribly
    They tied up women and got homosexual to tape their childrn in front of them
    and other vicious tortures
    British soldiers were so horrified many said they would not serve again/
    George Bush should be waterboarded one muslim man was waterboarded 86 times to make him confess to some bullshit
    these people must be punished

  4. Today I realised Hitler did not need Tanks or Planes or Ships, nor did the ancient Romans or the Greeks need heavy weapons.They only needed Covid 19 and a clown face mask.
    As things stand today it looks like tranquilizer companies will go bust, as 97 percent of humanity is in a catatonic Covid 19 trance, and can’t see the wood for the trees.

  5. Yes Mr Zalenko the Nuremberg show trials really got down to the bottom of what exactly?

    If that’s the gold standard of justice we can kiss truth and human decency goodbye.

    The way things are going the only people to be found guilty in a court of law over COVID-19 will be those who think it’s all BS.

    Actually, truth be told it might be the bull-shiters who will have to defend themselves in a court of law one day.

  6. It about time someone called for an international investigation into the willful murder of people. It takes too long for the masses to figure this out. Take guns surround every mayor and governor offices, arrest evryone of them,quick trial and then execution.


  7. If ever there is a revolution – and I very much doubt that – the elites will be sure to insert their own narratives along with a bunch of peace-loving, lovey-dovey “revolutionaries” who will advocate for non-violence and all the usual BS.

    I grew up in Eastern Europe. By the late 80s we were so thoroughly fed up, angry and humiliated. Then the ‘Velvet Revolution’ brigade showed up and took over. And we all watched peacefully as the old communists and KGB types privatized all of the state’s assets and became tycoons in the new capitalist order.

    We should have hanged them high. Non-violence was a big mistake, for which we have paid dearly.

  8. Ditto what R2b said. Covid is just a common cold from the Corona family which causes about one third of all common colds.

    The economic ruin, lockdowns, masks, fake pandemic, riots, are crimes instigated by bankster jews and executed gobally by their political puppets.

    The covid pandemic is fake, but the destruction being perpetrated using covid as a pretext for it is real.

  9. R2b You say with no evidence “The ”virus” is just dna garabage of a natural process”. The preponderance of scientific evidence is that it came from a lab. The evidence is overwhelming that HCQ with zinc or even by itself has ended the small death risk for those with compromised immune systems.

    Zelenko says, “This is a level of deception that is so well organized that e are dealing with a very powerful well-funded media propaganda campaign…” However, notice he does not say the obvious and he is in fact in denial of reality. As I have maintained before the Western lockdowns and after Russia closing its borders and imposing lockdowns with no solid evidence of any real threat, and based only on the most obvious Chinese government-controlled media hype, the only body powerful enough to have so many nations in the world cooperating in the psyop, many of them at each other’s throats, is the Rothschild-based international banking cartel, having central banks in each psyop participating nation and promising a reset of world currencies, likely to some local advantage when adjusting debits and credits. Either the draconian measures of the governments were justified (which they never were), or they were being organized and orchestrated by that cartel. Since then we have all of the evidence necessary to prove that the Rothschild minion Rockefeller Foundation in the US had been planning the pandemic since at least 2010, and it is clear that the overall aims are the very same as those by the World Economic Forum on June 6 to carry out the provisions and goals of UN Agendas 21 and 2030. The same international banking cartel is the principle funder and controller of the UN, its Agendas, and the World Economic Forum, and it is also my view based on overwhelming evidence there are very few Zionists and established Jews who want to bite at the Daddy Warbucks hand which feeds them.

  10. quote:Dr. Zev Zelenko: Covid War Criminals Should Face Nuremberg-Style Trials For Crimes Against Humanity
    I second that ! & I’ll help pro bono to build the scaffolds !

  11. Fred B, yes that is my belief, just as any belief here. I have come to disbelieve the ruling virus theory, on cause of there never was found a virus in a human body.
    Exosome theory is as, if not more, plausible than the ”germ-theory”.
    I do on the other hand believe HCQ to be effective, as is proven.
    There is no contradiction in this, as there are only symptoms, and a cure for these, no matter what the cause is.
    So go ahead, put out the HCQ-cure, and topple the relatively harmless flu.
    But talking like Zelenko is fraud – this years flu was slightly less than 2018.
    He is right though, about the lock-down consequences!