Pastor Dana Coverstone: Elections, Trump Victory and Warning

#PropheticDreams #USA – YouTube Aug 25, 2020

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  1. According to Professor Helmut Norpoth Trump is going to win in a landslide with 362 electoral college votes and Biden gets a meager 176 votes. His election model is called the “Primary Model” as it is based on the performance of the party candidates in the primary. Trump did well a the clear party favorite, but for the Democrats they were divided, thus doomed to fail according to how his model works. Tulsi and Bernie’s popularity basically doomed boring Biden’s chances.

    I also like the stock market model. So long as the stock market goes sideways or up Trump is sure to win, but if the market tanks then Trump’s chances rapidly diminish. The reason this model works is because the stock market is a reflection of mood. If the mood is up the incumbent wins, if down, then out. Just think of Herbert Hoover, sitting president when the 1929 stock crash doomed his re-election chances.

    So if the Deep State Democrats want to win they must crash the markets and make the mood go sour. They seem to be trying to do this as Democratic states seem to be implementing hard core coronavirus crackdowns and they are unleashing antifa on the cities, the nights of broken glass and burned police departments.

    But this tactic seems to be backfiring as the American people have seen what the communist left is made of and want none of it. This extreme negativity demonstrated by the far left is NOT resonating with the average Amerikan slave. As bad as things are they don’t want their communities torched.

    Now as far as the idiot pastor and all his ilk that love Zionist whore Trump let me tell you all something important. Trump is destroying Amerika in his own way. By doing everything Israel wants they are sacrificing their own nation in the process. The only way Amerika can survive is if Amerikans cut Israel off life support and let it wither and die, otherwise the parasite will kill the host.

    The fact is Trump is a gangster installed by Israel, he is blackmailed and doing the bidding of the antichrist Satanyahu. Trump is helping Israel nuke the world. This is real evil and Trump is party to it. So even if Trump is re-elected the troubled times will continue. Trump has not made Amerika great again, he has delivered the nation into the jaws of the jew devils in Tel Aviv.

  2. I don’t have prophetic dreams but I could do if I wanted. Just let me be vague before some point in time then let me explain it after.

  3. Wow!
    Most people cannot remember the majority of their dreams and very few people have dreams constantly on the same subjects.
    Don’t need a dream interpreter. It’s mostly made up.
    He’s still in uncharted territory? Trying to figure it out?
    If you’re a God conduit, tell God to tell you what the hell is going on!
    All of the things he “saw” have been the new norm since before he “saw” them, so stop saying he “predicted” anything.
    “Trump victory challenged”. How prescient! It’s only been in the news for the past couple of weeks.
    His dreams are reminiscent of the fake prophetic visions of old. The guy is a huckster.

  4. As I call myself Harbinger, I do so as I herald what is to come.
    And that future is not a good one, but one filled with much sadness, misery, bloodshed, death, famine and disease.
    And it is far from natural.

    Our future will be one of misery because of the ignorance of our ancestors, whom, through their apathy and inability to think critically, believed the honeyed words, the lies of the very peoples who sought them all dead. They willfully went off to war, fighting against peoples WHO POSED US NO THREAT WHATSOEVER and we did so because, again, believed the lies of the politicians and the journalists who stirred up a hornet’s nest. They made the people believe that being under attack WASN’T defending your shores from attack, but because “so and so said this and is going to do that”. Who said thought crime hasn’t already been happening for a long time?

    Look at what our ancestors have done? They’ve allowed Jews to get into positions of power and influence, to control politics, the msm, academia, the arts and entertainment, the film, music and sporting organisations. These Jews, through their control of stated industries, normalized immigration and homosexuality, two things destined to smash any nation. And you not only believed them, but still do.

    Almost every single man/woman, in positions of power, bringing about change in the west, today, is a Jew. If they’re not, they’re crypto Jews, or sexual deviants easily controlled. And still, with that stated people will shout ‘anti semite’, rallying to defend a people, who hate them, but they do so because they’ve been conditioned all their lives to protect the Jew. It’s like the sheep attacking the other sheep, when they come to stop the wolf from ripping apart the lambs – “you anti canines you”!!

    What really do you all expect is going to happen?
    For the last 60 years, communists (collectivists) have been in charge of your establishments, growing in size and power to the point that they now COMPLETELY control all.
    For the last 60 years your children have been subjected to Marxist brainwashing and indoctrination in academia and the msm.
    For the last 60 years you’ve done nothing while people have tried to warn you against mass immigration and the dangers of it, so much so that the msm WON’T publish the speech of Enoch Powell, a speech that warned you, 50 years ago, of what would happen if you didn’t stop the immigration into your land. And in the USA you ignored the warnings of McCarthy.

    You have been warned, many, many times and you still ignored and continue to ignore them.
    If you are NOT prepared to identify your enemy and FIGHT against them, then whatever hell befalls you, you have brought upon yourself.
    Courage is calling out what is, not being politically correct. Courage is telling the truth, regardless whether it’s ‘racist, sexist, homophobic or xenophobic’.

    If you want the west to survive, you’d better be prepared to arm yourself and get your hand bloodied. If you don’t others will and it will be your blood on their hands.

  5. Something about “Coverstone”, I just don’t know…hmmmm, “Coverstone”. Who am I to fault a man’s birth name, or is it just an assumption of mine that it is? I admit to having visited “Stoner’s Cove” in my day, and I’m prone to random bouts of coincidence that almost appear conspiratorial at times. What does the stone indeed cover? Has turning the other cheek worked, Pastor? Innuendo intended…

  6. @ O I also find that name “Coverstone” highly suspect. I doubt if that is his real name and I also think he is faking his dreams. I would be he is part of some sophisticated Zionist psyop, predictive programming. So when the Marxist unleash hell on Amerika, we have millions of Christians pre-conditioned to believe it is part of God’s will.

    Nobody knows the future, but there are people who know the plan. Then the plan is broadcast as a dream by a pastor. Then the “Satanists” as they are called, have properly told us what they are going to do to us beforehand.

    There is also a possibility that this guy is legit, a conduit for emotional energies that are working there way through the culture. His dreams are not from “god”, they are from his own energy and karma. E-motions are energies in motion, they are what we have created from our choices. He may be seeing the fate of Christians in his egregore group.

    Since Amerikans make very bad choices and do very bad things to other nations the bad karma energy is building, and we are about to be served our just desserts for what we have done like electing war criminals to office. The pastor may be tapping that energy flow and seeing a potential future from his perspective.

    Sacha Stone is the man of the hour explaining how everyone is manifesting their exact page in the play based on their own choices. This means that man A gets experience A, and so forth. Some experience riots and death, others live and in peace and tend to their garden.

    Apocalyptic Zionist Christians, however, are going to experience the energy they have sowed. They have intentionally supported policies in the Middle East that have ruined the lives of millions of Muslims. So they get to experience the same hell they have created. And for the Israelis their day of hell is coming and I hope to see Tel Aviv and Jerusalem completed blown away for what those Jews there have done to those Palestinians and other Arabs in that region.

    I have this semi-famous saying, Amerika is a bad place where bad people do bad things. And now a corrollary to that observation, Amerika is now eating shit for being evil. You can’t make this stuff up, what kind of crazy culture do we have that supports the Jews when it is the Jews who are the Marxists destroying Amerika? Why in hell would anyone support their destroyer? Well they are because they are bad, bad people attract one another, and the Evangelicals are all so in love with very evil Israel, what does that say about them.

    This upcoming election is a horror. Both candidates are flawed beyond belief, both are rabid zionists who love Israel, and both have captured half of the culture. What is unfolding is utter madness and no one can stop it, in fact there are few people that would even listen to the idea that anything is wrong with their candidate.

  7. Emotional Energies!? That’s the first time I hear that one, not sure why everyone prefers to avoid Djinns! Perhaps the key reason is.. if Djinns’s really do exist then Quran will be seriously and comprehensibly right on a key important issue.

    I’ve posted writings on the following very important subjects before.

    1- Djinns and their dream and prophecy business as well as role in mental problems
    2- God’s plan VS Prophecy… predicting the future or making the future?
    3- God’s direct signs VS God’s indirect signs
    4- Etymology and Epistemology of (navi = نبی = נביא) and (nashi = امام = נָשִׂיא)

    To get over this madness completely, one needs to understand all 4… the fifth subject below is a nice addition too:

    5- Occult and Djinns

    If you are ONLY a logical person and prefer solid arguments rather than weird things and evidences or quotes from religious books… then 2 and 4 are your style.

    Should anyone ask in the comments, I’ll post one or two again. Or you can search for them in comments under relevant articles in the archives.

    my two rials

  8. Yes emotional energies are real. Every person has them.

    All dreams are from unresolved emotional energies, not from evil spirits or demons. There is no such thing as jinns, that is just more superstitious nonsense taught by one of those crazy Abrahamic religions which is a major cause mental problems as the looney ward is full of believers who took it literal.

    Pastor Coverstone (if he’s not just outright faking his narrative) is having dreams based on his unresolved emotional energies caused by his ultra conservative support of Trump and the wars for Israel which contradict the teachings of his guru Jesus in the Bible.

    There is a great contradiction inside every Christian that supports Israel and Jesus at the same time. That might cause emotional energies and dreams.

  9. There have been no prophets since Christ, as Christ did all the work necessary. However there have been messengers and they exist even today. Young men have visions, old men have dreams. Now the messengers of the past have been pretty much ignored and one would have to know a true messenger from a deceitful one. The best way to tell is to look back at the message given by the messenger, and see if the message came true. Most think that Nostradamus was a profit or messenger, and nothing could be further from the truth, for a true messenger is never wrong, as before Christ a true profit was never wrong. I do not feel that this man is a messenger of God but that should be decided by each individual not by another mans opinion, as hopefully God will help you in this decision. If you want to know the future, it was written long ago, seek it and you will find with God’s help.

  10. Some of you question him being a Pastor, that is easily checked. Even IF Trump is as you say, the alternative is much worse, all he does is give us more time before the NWO is done with us.

  11. Trump is a Jesuit educated soldier of Loyola. Enough said. Who knows if there are allies in the Jewish power base? But always when the term Zionist is used, it deflects away from Rome. Just as ordinary genuine RC folks are not privy to the information at the top, the same for ordinary genuine Jews. Or for that matter anybody classed as a pleb. The pyramid is top down, not the other way round. Biden Trump……classic Hegelian Dialectic. The synthesis is decided by the top of that pyramid.

  12. “All dreams are from unresolved emotional energies, not from evil spirits or demons. There is no such thing as jinns, that is just more superstitious nonsense taught by one of those crazy Abrahamic religions which is a major cause mental problems as the looney ward is full of believers who took it literal.”

    Just note that this is not limited to Abrahamic religions… Hinduism, Kabbala, even CIA and others have had projects on this subject and spent money on it, the tip of the iceberg is the project Grill Flame (

    “Unresolved Emotional Energy”, that is a fancy thing, let us patch up this sentence and have “All dreams are caused by emotional energies” instead, because we have to include good dreams too and they don’t need to get resolved right!? In fact Djinns also use sweet dreams to do their job! You see a holy man in a nice landscape hands you a ball and tells you: “Son, you shall not be lost if you hold on to this!” you look the ball and on it is written “holy manure”… you wake up! : )

    When we are not dreaming these emotional energies don’t exist… so it is obviously better to say “All dreams are caused by emotional memories.”… But then we quickly see that other memories that are not particularly emotional can also resurface and create a dream! After all we’re not talking about only extreme dreams! One can see a dream of no particular interest or any excitement.

    So we upgrade the sentence to “All dreams are caused by memories.” do memories just spontaneously resurface on their own? So it is better to say: “All dreams are based on memories.”; During sleep we are mostly watching, however if a lucid dream happen or we gain partial awareness, we feel a great resistance in controlling the dream, rarely in a dream you gain partial awareness and it plays fine until you do certain actions for example try to look at the clock on the table to figure the time however you feel a great resistance and you can’t, then you either wake up in a new dream within your first dream or you completely snap out of it. Some dreams are seriously well directed, as if Spielberg or Hitchcock are behind them! Also one can see the exact same dream multiple times and emotionally respond differently.

    Now let us assume that emotions bring back memories and not the other way around. Is that possible? This requires emotional energies to be continuously flowing none-stop and exist somewhere in our brain without us interacting with them. In this view we are full of countless different energies that somehow should be of the same raw nature but do not cancel out each other or add up. This mess of energy accumulation can randomly bring out various memories during sleep. Obviously this is absurd if one only believes in the function of the physical brain! Sometimes we wake up in the middle of night and we feel unexplained extreme emotions, but our head is completely blank so we assume we must have had some powerful dream, yet this emotional state does not bring about any relevant memories as we try to recall! Indeed the absurdity of this theory becomes clear.
    How do we explain the boner that men find themselves have just after waking up early morning or mid-night with no attached feeling to it!!!? Yet sometimes having a wet dream cause ejaculation in dream too!

    So it becomes clear that emotions alone or memories alone can’t cause dreams.
    And if you say there are other dimensions… then you can as well be branded as a superstitious fool! You end up exploring the root chakra!

    In Hinduism, Vishuddha or Vishuddhi, which is the throat chakra as well as Anahata which is the heart chakra are the two that probably get you straight to the Djinns! Yogi exercises called Sādhanā for these two chakras are generally said to be not safe and only experienced Yogis should enter these realms, because what you see and hear will drive you crazy!

    “The residing deity of the Throat/Vishuddhi (communication) chakra is Panchavaktra shiva, with 5 heads and 4 arms, and the Shakti is Shakini.”

    So as you see, you better stay in the material brain, otherwise you better believe in Djinns!

    my two rials

  13. I think this guy is real, he calls himself a watchman not a prophet. His earlier messages made sense to me. Time is running out before the wake up call comes.

  14. The stock market closed on 31st June 25,595.

    At the end of October if the number is lower then the number that was on the 31st of June then Trump loses.
    If the Number is greater by 1 like 25,596 Trump wins.
    The stock market # is 28,653.
    The market is up 3058 points above that June 31st #

    Still 61 days to go.
    Who knows the SM may hit 30,000

  15. MLK had a dream- that he could rape all the White girls.