Human 2.0? A Wake-Up About COVID19 Vaccine – Dr. Carrie Madej

Dr Carrie Madej – BitChute Aug 19, 2020

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  1. The little greys are part human part machine
    this is our future
    unless we speak out and stop the NWO

  2. Bill Gates did not give vaccine to his children, and he will not take the SAME covid-vaccine which he promotes to the public. He himself take something less dangerous.

    Elon Musk or Bill Gates dont themselves want to be human 2.0, it is an outcome only designed to the stupid public, stupid enough to buy the lie

    The DNA modifying vaccines dont come without risks and dangers. There is always the alllergic reaction, and autoimmune reaction risk. In addition, a cell whose genetic code is changed, is by definition a cancer cell.

    Human 2.0 is actually Human 0.5, meaning it is the good old human 1 degraded

  3. This video can be viewed full screen at the link below until YewTube bans it –

  4. They have failed. It is a spiritual world. ALL is MIND The Universe on MENTAL. A group of people are going to be removed from doing more damage to other groups.

  5. The (((People in Positions of Power in the World))) declared war on humanity long, long ago but they kept their declaration mostly secret as they purchased their useful idiots and owned them and their lineage for generations.
    It is no longer a secret. They feel that they are so powerful that they don’t care if you know. What they try to obfuscate is exactly who they are. Even that is no longer easy for them.
    The Club of Rome-Committee of 300 consists of the primary arm of these creatures including the Queen of England at the head and the major arm of the (((People in Positions of Power in the World))). Not 100% sure that the true head of the bunch is known within that membership but I am 99.99% sure it will be a Rothschild (((Red Shield))).
    We are not GOING TO BE at war, we ARE at war right now. If the people around the world will come together to reject this powerful evil, we can begin to throw off the progress of these (((People in Positions of Power))) and to begin a revolt against the evil they want.
    So many of us here were sure that it was ALL about the genocide of the WHITE race. We are wrong. That may be the primary goal as (((People in Positions of Power in the World))) really, really, really hate the WHITE MAN, but if you pay attention to the Kalergi plan and all of the other NWO writings you will note that they are not advocating Blacks or Yellows either.
    They want a race of brown mongrels that they can lord over and control easily because the mixtures between races, for the most part, produce stupidity.
    The only reason I will be happy to see people line up for the COVID Vaccines is because they are stupid and if you’re going to target people to eliminate, let it be the stupid. You can’t cure stupidity.
    The only way we will survive this onslaught, now is through violence as you have never imagined it. WWI, WWII, Viet Nam, Afghanistan, Gulf Wars…mere walks in the park compared to what is coming.
    I will make no secret about it, I do not wish to live in close proximity to blacks and other foreign and Muslim races, nor do you really wish to live in close proximity to the White Race. In fact after, or even during this insanity we may end up fighting one another, and I promise you, I will willingly utilize any defense necessary to prevent anyone from harming or killing me or mine, but I firmly believe that the (((People in Positions of Power in the World))) and their useful goy idiots need to be the targets of the primary races of the world. All the way from your local authorities who are enforcing the dictatorial edicts of the Regional, State, and Federal authorities, which includes the entire Congress, Senate, SCotUS, PotUS, and all of the Offices of the Fed.
    When the US Military comes to your door, you must remember that they are no longer your protector. In fact, the majority of the US Military are foreign bastards (and bitches) who would love to pop a cap in your ass. They have turned on you and now serve a Corporate Washington, DC government. They are citizens who have committed treason and if you don’t stand together and fight then you will get what you deserve.
    War has been declared, openly, on the citizens of the world and it is not a war of ideals or philosophies, it is a war of tyranny and (((all encompassing evil))) which we must win or the human race is through and only the filthy jew and their brown slugs will remain.

  6. Together we stand divided we fall. Which way will it go. We will have to wait and see but if what is happening now with the public is anything to go by they will be queuing up in droves to have their toxic cosh of a vaccine and of cause you still have the lock me down save me brigade who believe everything is done for our good and no matter what you say no one can change their minds. Just look how everyone is rushing back from holiday to beat the quarantine deadline its just laughable the government here in the UK are playing cat and mouse with the public and they fall for it so what chance have the rest of us who know that this is all lies COVID 19 does not exist if so where is the proof really, no one can provide it but according to the mass we have a killer pandemic in our midst.
    The government are complacent in all of this they are soul sellers who have sold out their own for greed but still you hear people saying how wonderful the government are they really care for us. Its going to be impossible to survive this with this covidiots screaming for us to be locked down all the time telling us the only way to go is vaccination and, now we hear that we will have to live with COVID19 for ever and like flu take a vaccine for it every year of, cause just to make sure the culling continues.
    Its a new age of the inquisition and nothing much has changed since all those centuries ago when people turned their own in knowing they would be slaughtered so yes I think we will be fighting each other because if we don’t we will go down the same slimy road
    as all the covidiots and just disappear. How long will this take. A hundred years from now sounds just about right.

  7. Thanks Jim Crowstein have been able to download and store before it is deleted by the filth that is the NWO N4z1’s will now share off line with as many people as possible!

  8. In case you missed my reply on twitter about it, on this page there’s a link to a PDF-file of the transcript right above the video:

  9. the LUCIFERASE is exactly warning US that this vaccine is the MARK OF THE BEAST warned about in Revelation 13 – the microchip. IT says an antichrist world leader will make every person take a mark in their right hand and forehead without which no man can buy or sell. IT says anyone who takes this will suffer eternal torment. It is MIND CONTROL and will override people’s free will so they cant accept Jesus and go to heaven. They will end up suffering eternal torment in Hell.

    And yes they are changing the DNA so they can Patent US and OWN US.