The West is ruled by traitors

Irish Savant – Aug 16, 2020

An unnamed migrant living in Germany, originally accused of sexually molesting a young girl, struck again days after his arrest when he was released in less than two weeks after legal officials declared he would not be a flight risk. The Afghan migrant, who currently holds a temporary residence permit, was picked up after it was believed he had sexually abused an 11-year-old girl. The migrant was then released only to allegedly rape a 13-year-old girl after luring her to a hallway in an apartment block in Dortmund.
After the second brutal sexual assault his teenage victim was able to help identify the man with an accurate depiction of the suspect. Legal officials released the man shortly after his first alleged offence because he was not considered to be a “flight risk”.
“He had previously appeared for a narcotics offense, but not in connection with sexual offenses. He has a permanent place of residence and therefore there was no reason to hold the refugee,” said the prosecutor. Another public prosecutor, Börge Klepping, signaled that the second sexual assault was a “similar incident” to the first.
May The Day Of The Rope not be delayed too long.



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  1. while black BLM supporters and left wing white folk rot burn and beat up passers by
    in several British cities, the UK army is fighting for the jews in syria
    and even in Greece, why would we be sending soldiers to greece ?
    this nonsense will continue until we start hanging the politicians from trees and lamp posts
    our politicians should be working for us, not foreign jews

  2. EUREKA!! That’s it, the ultimate social truth. We the People can defeat the Bankers, there is hope.

    Bankers morphed from “taking care of our savings” to “we are the world rulers.” How the hell that happened? What is the root cause of this tragic unbalance? The truth is out there and it’s gaining critical mass. Jewish bankers did that with the magic trick of funny money, they print money for themselves and when they do it they squeeze the population with a hidden tax called inflation. It’s fraud, we have been cheated in a global scale, Madoffed.

    The article below is very informative, check for the comment section.

    There is an antidote against greedy Talmudist bankers – the gold or silver standard. Silver is better, there is a bigger metal quantity to put into circulation, besides, it naturally kill germs when circulating from hand to hand – the perfect candidate. Bankers run from the gold (or silver) standard as running from the plague.

    Economic historian Carl Wiegand writes: “The decades preceding the First World War were characterized by a degree of economic and personal freedom rarely, if ever, experienced in the history of mankind.” He goes on to explain, “An essential part of this system was the gold standard.” Things were going fine when bankers invented World War One, the war to end all wars, really?

    From the article:
    “To say that World War I would have been “unaffordable” on the classical gold standard really just means that the citizens of the countries involved wouldn’t have tolerated the huge increases in explicit taxation and/or regular debt issue to pay for the conflict. Instead, to finance such unprecedented expenditures, their governments had to resort to the hidden tax of inflation, where the transfer of purchasing power from their peoples would be cloaked in rising prices that could be blamed on speculators, trade unions, profiteers, and other villains, rather than the government’s profligacy. This is why Ludwig von Mises said that inflationary finance of a war was “essentially antidemocratic.”


  3. no need for the rope. cut off the offending appendage as a warning to all others.

  4. When a race or nation believes in an antinatural religion (Christianity) for hundreds of years, conceived & installed by malevolent Jewish mongrels, what do you expect to happen to your race, society or nation? Of course, Hitler & Himmler tried to deracinate this odious Judeophilic ‘religion’, but millions of white Christian-Communist morons (commanded by their Jewish oligarchs) waged a world war to prevent that from materializing. So this is the egalitarian anti-Aryan Judeo-Ape world you get. Enjoy it, because you fought for it.

  5. ‘May The Day Of The Rope not be delayed too long.’

  6. What should we do about all these scumbag political traitors?


    Every god damned one of them right down Pennsylvania Ave.

    All we need now is some rope.