Former intel insider warns of Planet X fly-by, pole shift, asteroid impacts and government cover-ups

Mike Adams – Natural News Aug 12 , 2020

Evidence was discovered at the beginning of 2016 for a mysterious ‘Planet Nine’ (artist’s impression shown), and since then it has had scientists looking for signs that could confirm its existence. As evidence for a ninth planet in our solar system grows, a 30-year old theory about mass extinctions on Earth is resurfacing. Click to enlarge

A large, planet-sized mass inhabits our solar system, and its large elliptical orbit around the sun brings it across Earth’s orbital plane every 3,600 years or so, wreaking havoc on our planet due to strong gravity effects. The U.S. government has been aware of the approach of “Planet X” for over forty years, warns John Moore “The Liberty Man,” in a jaw-dropping new interview on Brighteon Conversations. (See below.)

While Planet X won’t strike the Earth, it’s nearby approach will unleash cataclysmic consequences across our planet that may bring an end to human civilization as we know it, Moore explains in the interview. Those effects may include a global “pole shift,” which means the Earth’s crust slips to a new orientation, unleashing extreme winds, volcanoes, earthquakes, flooding, tidal waves and more.

“Every structure on the surface of the Earth would be destroyed,” explains Moore, who reveals the governments of the world are frantically constructing more underground bunkers in anticipation of catastrophic events.

John Moore is a former U.S. Army intelligence analyst and took part in 57 air combat missions over Vietnam and Cambodia. He later become a homicide detective for the state of Missouri. As a long-time radio host, Moore has developed a long list of sources inside government and the U.S. military. He hosts a radio show each weekday from 8 – 10 am central time, via Republic Broadcasting. Learn all the details at

As Moore explains in the video below, the pole shift would place North America closer to the equator than its current position, and the “bulge” of ocean water at the equator (due to centrifugal forces of the rotating planet) would raise the level of the ocean by hundreds of feet compared to the continental United States. John Moore’s website — — hosts this map of anticipated changes. Note that Florida and much of the Eastern seaboard are under water in this depiction

In the video below, John Moore explains how people living in other areas of the world can easily determine whether their current locations will be inundated with higher relative ocean levels.

The Planet X fly-by would likely also bring asteroid impacts to planet Earth, causing global chaos and mass destruction as large space rocks impact the planet at extreme relative velocities. A recent study found that just one such impact in any ocean would unleash 400-foot ocean waves that would devastate coastal cities around the world (and flood coastlines for potentially a hundred miles inland).

Asteroids that impact the land could unleash large volumes of particulate matter into the stratosphere that would block sunlight from reaching food crops, leading to mass famine and the collapse of human civilization. If large volcanoes also erupt due to the destabilization of the Earth’s crust, the amount of participate matter circling the globe could block out the sun and absolutely devastate nearly all plant life on Earth for several years. (Plants depend on photosynthesis via sunlight and carbon dioxide for energy, a fact that 99% of today’s climate scientists still refuse to acknowledge because they are scientifically illiterate brainwashed zombies.)

The United States government is fully aware of the approach of Planet X but has chosen to withhold this information from the American people for the simple fact that there’s nothing the masses can do to survive the anticipated events.

Moore recommends people move inland and get above 500 feet in altitude in order to survive the ocean inundation of North America.

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As far as the timing of the return of Planet X, Moore explains that people who keep asking about the timing are those who refuse to prepare. Since the public isn’t being told about the timing, by the time you see the asteroids streaking across the sky, it’s too late to move to high ground and shore up your preparedness efforts.

Any who hope to survive the return of Planet X, whenever it occurs, must move away from coastal areas and construct Earth-bermed or underground structures, then stock them with survival supplies and prepare for a global food wipeout lasting 1-2 years. You won’t even be able to grow food, since the sunlight will be blocked by particulate dust in the atmosphere.

Needless to say, in this scenario Bitcoin will be worthless, as will all fiat currencies. The only things that have value from that day forward are gold, silver, firearms, ammunition, food, fuel, first aid, land and other “real” items.

The Book of Revelation openly warns humanity about a fiery mountain falling out of the sky and impacting the ocean, devastating the planet and destroying a third of the world’s ships. To follow this rabbit hole, research the terms “Wormwood” or “Nibiru.”

Note that the areas of America which will be flooded first tend to cover the anti-God Leftists who mass murder babies, sexually assault children and worship Satan. Many people have speculated that God will judge America’s sins by unleashing catastrophic events against this nation, similar to the fiery events described in relation to Sodom and Gomorrah but on a much larger scale.

Other guests we’ve interviewed say that America must repent for its sins, beg God for forgiveness and unleash a national revival in order to avoid God’s wrath.

There are many videos on this topic at, the free speech alternative to YouTube.


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18 responses to “Former intel insider warns of Planet X fly-by, pole shift, asteroid impacts and government cover-ups”

  1. I recommend to learn abut this topic. The poles actually started to shift about the time the USA came into existence.

  2. Be careful of Mike Adams he uses phrases like ” natzis” and still talks of hitlers fight against the jews as a bad thing
    it may just be ignorance, but for many of us the jury is out on this man

  3. A wandering planet wouldn’t all of a sudden be a massive object in the sky. As it entered the solar system it would look like a star, over the years getting closer and brighter. Halley’s Comet takes over seventy years to complete an orbit and only goes out as far as Neptune, so an incoming planet could take twenty to thirty years to close in on earth. In its last few years of approach it would be large and visibly a planet, and its gravitational effects would be felt in different ways as earth orbited the sun and its distance increased then decreased eg. groundwater might flow up a slight gradient in its general direction.

    They talk about it as though it will appear suddenly like a missile, or somebody walking past a window, but not even a planet can sneak up on us in our solar system. It’s too big. Planet X is an interesting story but if it isn’t visible for years before then it isn’t there.

  4. The last Poleshifts were minor, remember the “ice age” once was over N. America then shifted to Northern Europe and is now in the Arctic? The coming next Poleshift will situate the North Pole next to Brasil and the South Pole will be over India. India will be sunk and rammed under the Himalayas. Europe and the Americas will be lined with the equator. You don’t need to be an former intel insider to know, a real disclosure is in the public domain since 1997. There is a cover up in the West but in Russia this is a regular subject on television. Nibiru is 23 times heavier and 4-5 times the size of Earth. And is now located between the Sun and Earth. NASA is covering this up although Nibiru shows up
    all the time on their own satellite pics…
    This goes hand in hand with an Alien disclosure.

  5. There may well be a planet X, but there does not seem to be evidence of a world cataclysm 3600 years ago.

  6. So, he’s former military psychological intelligence and a former cop. How do we know he’s not really cointelpro doing a psychological operation, putting out disinfo as a “retired” spook and cop?
    For starters, Natural News is cointelpro and I wouldn’t trust them or anyone associated with them for a second. If much of what they say is true, which it is, it is only that they are using truth as a weapon in a limited hang-out operation to poison the well for mind-control.

    Once intelligence, always intelligence. Once a snitch cop, always a snitch cop. And there’s no such thing as a good cop or reformed cop. I’d like to know how he feels about the way his fellow cops are enforcing this criminal plandemic and lockdown?
    Nuff said.

  7. One of the best researchers was Immanuel Velikovsky, a Jewish scholar, interesting to read is his book “Worlds in Collision”. He writes from a biblical point of view and takes in account the perception of the old Greeks, Chinese and Sumerians eo. There will be no collision, but Nibiru is a magnetic bully and the main reason of the severity of this passage is that Nibiru this time comes through the inner Solarsystem instead of previous passages. During its travel between the two Suns in our Solarsystem, (most solarsystems are Binair but only “our sun” is lit) Nibiru collected a lot of debri and Moons and there will be a fine red dusting of the Earth, ironoxide, this will pollute all waters. Moses was a witness of the last passage. This is why we have the Red Sea. Interesting to note: At the point where Moses made the passage trough the Red Sea, divers found the shapes of the wheels of the Egyptian chariots in coral.(was on youtube)

  8. ” The Day of the Lord, will come like a thief in the night”! The Bible, both OT and NT Prophets make that prophetic prediction. “The Sun will be darken and the Moon will not give (reflect Sun light) its light”, Matthew 24. Jesus himself made that prediction. The only way this can happen when a large object comes between the Sun and the Earth, blocking the Sun and casting the Moon into darkness.

  9. Mike Adams the “Health Ranger” seems to me very likely military intel. As revealed and now blatantly apparent with Veterans Today (Gordon Duff, sidekicks Jim Dean and Wife, & Co.), which revealed its primary mission in nonstop calumny of DJT while pooh-poohing Hillary and Bill’s de-lighting adventures on the dark side, then trashed 70-year-old drug-of-choice hydroxychloroquine with truly fake news on COVID, the time comes to BURN AN ASSET. I think Mike Adams gets ready for a new assignment.

    In the meantime, and in mean times we strive to live a little bit longer, despite having meaner times dead ahead, the Health Ranger rides high, blackwashing whatever truths he had offered by a “flat-earth” kind of mythology. Good riddance.

  10. This guy doesn’t have any credibility. If you follow the elite/matrix/cabal rabbit hole to its end with respect to our material reality, then you would eventually reach the conclusion that the earth is indeed FLAT. It sounds incredible, but you have to research and see it with your own eyes. This whole idea about water bulging at the equator due to centripetal force is total BS. The elites know the earth is flat (e.g. UN flag and many others – hidden in plain sight) and therefore we’ve never been to the moon. They’ve been trying to get out of here forever because the firmament earth is their 3 dimensional spiritual prison. The whole of our understanding of ‘outer space’ is completely out of context, because what we see as aliens are more accurately demons from other dimensions. We are indeed in the end times.

  11. Yes. I Also recommend Immanuel Velikovsky. I thought it was nonsense when first hearing about Venus originally being a comet. But IV demonstrates that with reference to the bible and other ancient peoples’ literature, it is a very plausible hypothesis.I wish I’d come across “Worlds in Collision” decades ago. IV’s analysis of the Iliad also points to comet like behaviour by Venus and Mars which was the cosmic battle going on during the siege of Troy and weaved into the history of the time.

  12. Do you see these insiders buying up large tracks of land in places like the Yukon and the Northwest Territories of Canada or in Alaska? No. Is there any hard evidence of such a cataclysm wiping out civilization or shifting the actual rotation of the earth some 3,600 years ago? No.

    Some of what Adams says is rational but anyone with a military background, particularly from the US, usually has an elitist orientation and very peculiar ideas of what personal integrity really is in relation to their worship of their hallowed chain of command. This article in my opinion, for what it is worth, is simply more US deflection.

    What we have going on here is an establishment plandemic with a “weak” virus which failed to justify in most sane minds any of the control measures. This is why 640 European doctors are to gather to discuss the overreaction to COVID and how the insane measures are damaging society:

    You will note that such liberty is not found in the two nations most central to the plandemic – the UK and the US – whose fake death numbers are over 8 and 5 times respectively the world average for their populations. Yes, there is opposition in these nations but not real and substantial reaction. In Berlin there were between 500,000 to a million people demonstrating the Covid restrictions, very unlike the US pockets of Soros rent-a-mob, Marxist-led, fake BLM rioters orchestrating separate fear and deflection away from the state Covid crimes. What we have in our Anglo-Zionist nations is mind-numbing media and government brainwashing plus controlled opposition and reaction with the military intelligence and other intelligence organizations engineering the entire psyop.

    We who are truth seekers past the milestone long ago in March of this year that the virus was a real Corona flu virus (likely from a lab) but that none of the restrictions were necessary to protect that clearly defined and identified very small risk group of very frail people. Since then it has been proven that all nations which used HCQ no longer had a higher death incidence for that small risk group than with any other flu virus. Mostly in the Anglo nations and other Western nations completely governed by the Rothschild cartel, do you see the persistent media and government Covid hype together with the support of the fake science which has tried to eradicate the use of HCQ.

    So what is the real purpose of the plandemic? To control us for a planetary encounter by keeping us in our homes, apart from each other, while destroying as much in the way of human commerce and relations as possible? Or is it really that of the other milestone most of us past on June 6, 2020?

    It is that same financial cartel which funds and controls the UN, its polices, and which is behind all of the goals of Agenda 21 (1992) and Agenda 2030 (2015), and the milestone we passed on June 6, 2020 that the purpose of the plandemic is a pretext for the controls deemed “necessary” to implement the 17 UN sustainability goals. For those of us paying attention, we past this milestone with the replete evidence and admissions , with the announced launching by the World Economic Forum of the “Great Reset” for the deemed “greener, smarter and fairer” new world order, which apparently according to their “sustainability” (a mantra repeated over and over again like in a cult religion) plans require the shutting down most of our life-style systems. That is exactly what I believe Adams, and all of my highly-educated, former and deceitful “colleagues” know and which a few have openly admitted to me “necessitates” in their view the psyop plandemic.

    They, in my view, are a part of a chain of command, either wittingly or unwittingly, and have little regard for the deceptive and fear-mongering means to herd the rest of us unwashed and dumb sheeple people this way or that to achieve their goals, and likely into the waiting boxcars of the ruling cartel. They have little regard for the currency of “truth, liberty and justice” and never ponder the relationship and fundamental importance of such terms with respect to the existence of any civilization worth living in. Like my present political and religious leaders they are pragmatists and willingly sacrifice all restraints to protect such fundamentals to a spurious sustainability vision painted by the deceptive hands of Rothschild agents like Klaus Schwab, Jeffery Sachs and Bill Gates. They do not even ask if the very sustainability goals are realistic, necessary, or extreme and whether or not these “Agendas” themselves are likely pretexts for more control by the same deceptive, lying, ruthless cartel which has been running the world for the past 200 years – i.e. – the old corrupt world order which has concentrated and consolidated manly through stealth, subversion, extortion, and wars, more and more control over money creation, finances, lands, resources, information, media, education, governments, our religious leaders, and our politicians.

    Only because of this money-chain-of-command do all of the potentates and “leaders” in our governments, the media, the military, our religions, and our universities, bury their heads in the sand and OBEY. Right now the cartel is engaged in its end game for global hegemony over finances, resources, trade and turf. These “leaders” of ours are very much akin to the pragmatic “economic hit men” they have used in the past to subvert, control, oppress and exploit third-world nations making them totally subservient to their goals. As for the “jackels” who do the actual wet work (which whistleblower John Perkins also refers to in his writings), the equivalent in this plandemic would be those sociopaths who will deliberately spread one virus after another regardless of how many they kill and how much havoc is created.

    Because of the growing opposition and all of the contradictory evidence used by the authorities to sustain the plandemic, with so much invested by the ruling cartel of the world to achieve their actual goals, is it realistic to think that they will ease off on any of their controls? No, they will not. In fact they are now considering whether like in Australia with negligible deaths they can simply suppress and control the people through sheer government and media-generated fear of the virus and threats of prosecution, or rather if they have to give us a dose of something a bit stronger, like a more virulent strain of the virus. That is what is really going on. That is the way it is.

  13. planet x is here wrecking havoc on earth fear, isolation, lockdown. mountain of lies flowing around the glope. toxic vaccine is approching to strike humanity. c’mon weak up and do something.

  14. Mike Adams should have checked out John Moore more carefully before running with this article. John Moore will train Ukraine mercenaries to kill Russians for the money, and he said he was going to do so on his show, but the offer fell through.

    So John Moore has no moral legs to stand on and should be avoided.

  15. More science fiction nonsense about “space”.

  16. We are closing in on the truth, but the 2 options are exact opposites:

    1) The Earth is not round, nor does it rotate, nor was it of random creation. It does not orbit a huge sun, and planets and stars are much different than we’ve been told. The moon is tiny, acts more as a reflector and aliens are more demon-like than physical greys. As such, we are actually really special, but stuck in this “snow globe” with psychopaths who worship and commune with demonic entities, which give the psychos clever strategies to achieve their main agenda: control of everything and everyone on terra firma. Viruses may or may not be real, but toxins and various technologies within vaccines are real and can easily cull the population — so killing people is not so difficult, especially electromagnetically.

    2) We live on a planet spinning and orbiting a sun with other planets, but what exists in space is much different than what most people think. We are surrounded by thousands of surveillance satellites and space weaponry. Many hostile aliens exist and a space fleet with exotic technology is needed to keep them at bay. Other threats include pole shifts, solar flares and various comets / asteroids / planetoids. Earth civilization gets cyclically destroyed every so often, and there’s nothing to be done to prevent it. The elite know this and are just “raping and pillaging” before the shit hits the fan. Meanwhile, they are preparing underground safe havens.

    I used to believe in the latter, but am now leaning towards the former. It’s simply more logical.

  17. Regarding the 2 above choices, I think the better explanation for why civilizations get destroyed — and they certainly do — is advancement of destructive technologies by the psychopaths, which occasionally has devastated terra firma. As such, no threat from “outer space” is needed to explain what can be seen and dug up on Earth. Our enemy are the relatively small number of physical psychopaths (mainly Zionist Ashkenazi Satanists) and their semi-physical Overlords (demonic entities who live in a different, but accessible realm). The Kabbalah and other secret magical texts are mainly about contacting and communicating with the Overlords — aka “making a deal with the devil.”
    Velikovsky makes interesting reading, but he was always one of the tribe, so I just can’t trust him.

  18. @ Michael McNulty

    Well said !

    Common sense observations confirm what you stated and critical thinking eliminates any “rogue” planet ( wandering star ) as you pointed out. Tell-Lie-Vision & Fantasy ( alternative reality ) Programming have turned a majority of people into easy dupes that these (Mile Adams is only one of them ) Disinfo agents and gatekeepers exploit with impunity.

    P.S. The Anunnaki [ Fallen Angels ] are never depicted as alien space gods in Sumerian art and iconography, and those symbols which Sitchin’s legacy has led many to believe represent them actually refer to other deities. For instance, the winged disks and crescents, which proliferate so much Sumerian iconography, actually represent specific solar and lunar deities—not the Anunnaki.
    Heiser points out “One thing is certain from the texts…Nibiru is NEVER identified as a planet beyond Pluto.” (3)

    Nibiru is called a planet – nearly always Jupiter-Marduk, but once Mercury, and never anything beyond Pluto or the known planets.
    3) The Sumerians, by their own records, knew of only five planets (and accepted the sun and moon as planets).
    4) Nibiru is never mentioned in any respect with the Anunnaki; it is never said to have been or be inhabited.