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The following information was extracted from, which claims to be a “Guide to Military Equipment and Civil Aviation”
There are online discussions about authorship of this site. One such comment is …
According to their own website, Deagel provides news and intelligence on international military aviation and advanced technologies. The majority of the economic and demographic data used in the making of the forecasts is widely available by institutions such as the CIA, IMF, UN, USG, etc. You can see the most relevant data at every single country’s page. There is a tiny part of data coming from a variety of shadow sources such as Internet gurus, unsigned reports and others.
I do not know if’s predictive ‘information’ is based on seriously considered assessment re coming events we know little about or absolute rubbish. However, the numbers involved are worth noting. There are worlds of pain in these figures if they are even close to being correct. Of particularly interest are the countries that ‘’ predicts will be be”hardest hit”
In order of misfortune:
The UK (77% of the population [50 million people] will die)
Ireland  (74% [3,700,000 people])
The USA (69% [227,000,000 people])
Germany (65% [ 49,000,000 people])
… Gulp …
Here is a partial summary:
Country                             Current Population    Population (2025)   % Survival Rate
1 United States of America        326,620,000          100,000,000                       31
2 China                                     1,380,000,000          1,380,000,000                   100
3 Japan                                     126,450,000              103, 000,000                    81
4 Germany                               80,590,000                28,000,000                         35
5 France                                  67,100,000                 39,000,000                         58
6 United Kingdom                  65,650,000                 15,000,000                         23
7 India                                   1,280,000,000              1,300,000,000                   100
8 Brazil                                  207,350,000                210,000,000                      100
9 Italy                                    62,140,000                 44,000,000                           71
10 Canada                            35,620,000                   26,000,000                           73
11 South Korea                    51,180,000                   37,000,000                           72
12 Russia                             142,260,000                  142,000,000                         100
13 Australia                        23,230,000                     15,000,000                             65
14 Spain                             48,960,000                     28,000,000                             57
15 Mexico                          124,570,000                    125,000,000                          100
16 Indonesia                       260,580,000                    267,000,000                          100
17 Turkey                           80,840,000                       72,000,000                           89
18 Netherlands                  17,080,000                        17,000,000                          99.5
19 Switzerland                    8,240,000                          5,300,000                            64
20 Saudi Arabia                28,570,000                         25,000,000                           88
21 Argentina                    44,290,000                         41,000,000                           93
22 Taiwan                        23,510,000                         19,000,000                           81
23 Sweden                        9,960,000                            7,200,000                          72
24 Poland                         38,480,000                           33,000,000                        86
25 Belgium                      11,490,000                             8,100,000                         70
26 Israel                           8,300,000                             4,000,000                           48
27 Iran                             82,020,000                          82,000,000                         100
28 Austria                        8,750,000                             6,200,000                            71
29 Nigeria                      190,630,000                         187,000,000                         98
30 Ireland                       5,000,000                             1,300,000                              26



Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

16 responses to “ (or Someone) Has a Dream”

  1. Some funny stuff. So China, Russia, Iran, and India who are all enemies of the U.S. supposedly survive, but the U.S. suffers. All of these 4 countries that are 3rd world shitholes are also the most evil, demonic, satan worshipping nations on the planet, that all want to impose their evil on everyone else. This article and disinformation propaganda is obviously derived from enemies of the U.S. I am 100% certain if any of the above mentioned countries try to pull off some shit against the U.S. like this, the U.S. will make it rain nukes on each of these countries, leaving a 0% survival rate for any of the countries listed previously, and also leaving the Earth uninhabitable for at least 1000 years. The U.S. will pull a screw everyone in this world and everything in it if necessary. Keep your 3rd world wanna sit at the big boy table Illuminati schemes on the shelf, unless you want live in a spacesuit on another planet because the Earth is utterly destroyed.

  2. In a sane, decent world Europe’s population WOULD decrease b/c they would forcibly deport massive amounts of horny, hostile, opportunistic welfare-shopping scummy arabs & africans before Europe is destroyed ( much to the delight of the Synagogue ) forever…

  3. I think, you should read the survival rates in reverse, of the 100%….

  4. Bet on 5G doing the job soon to be 6G.Those little Elon Musk 600+ sattilites are not yet activated to full 70-100 GHz.Mass murder is coming.

  5. M,

    You’re a bit dim aren’t you?
    You think that China, Russua, Iran and India are “the most evil, demonic, satan worshipping nations on the planet, that all want to impose their evil on everyone else.”
    And you ignore the fact that since the USA’s inception it’s been warring with everyone on this earth, more so right through the 20th century?

    Have you looked at the USA lately? People in China, Russia, Iran and India are FAR MORE civilized than people in the USA (and the UK). In India they may have lower incomes, but they have ethics and morals, something that the US & the UK’s population is devoid of.

    And I hate to burst your bubble but the USA won’t do jack! For your information, the future of the USA was written a long time ago and the chaos it’s going through is merely following the script. The USA will destroy itself in wars against Islam. The popluation will be destroyed. The Jews will move to the newly created Greater Israel (built on the dead of the USA) and rule the world from there. That’s the agenda.

  6. The reason I am concerned about Deagle’s projection is that the Federal Reserve has gutted the nation financially and when the unwind occurs, the debt collapse, the deflation and depression the shock could be catastrophic.

    The Fed was created in 1913, the first pump and dump was the Roaring 20’s then deflationary 1930’s – then because of the crash they installed FDR and stole our gold and started issuing fiat notes FRN’s.

    The next giant pump and dump has been the wild ride from 1932, and the last primary wave from 1982 when the DJIA bottomed out at 776.82. When the crash comes it could be so bad millions may starve to death or be forced to move, just as Deagle is projecting.

    World War 1 and 2, Korea and Vietnam wars, the Gulf Wars and the recent nuking of Syria and Lebanon is all the result of central banking insanity pump and dump scam.

    Even the “end times” that Christians believe is nothing more than the unwind of the pump.

  7. Interesting how its mainly just nations with ‘white gentiles’ that show a significant decrease in population.

  8. The people at Deagle explained in a response to questions from the public that the numbers reflect immigration and death. Even in some of the countries that apparently maintain their population, there would be people migrating back home, keeping the numbers near or at current levels while obviously some level of increased death would apply even for those countries.

    If you see the total reduction of the world population by 2025 contemplated, adding to the calculation the elimination of what would have normally been the normal population growth over a 5 year time span, the loss will be almost 1 billion people.

    This estimation on the part of Deagel does not include pandemics nor war.
    I personally think that the trajectory we are on with regard to the economy and the attack on the food supply chains in particular, could very well produce this effect.

    If vaccines are used to harm us (in terms of our health, life expectancy or fertility), as I certainly feel confident supposing, then the above number of fewer people could be quite conservative.

    The people at Deagel state that nothing is carved in stone and that they are just basing their predictions on information mostly available to the public, so they don’t claim they will be proven correct in their assessment, but I think they have not stated anything very astounding if one pays real attention to where all the plandemic dictates and changes in between have taken us and where we will arrive at shortly just with the destructive goals the global power structure has already reached.

  9. It is the unleashing of EMV weapons on the targeted countries

  10. As long as all the immigrants and breeds in Europe are wiped out who gives a toss. Oh and why no mention of the yid shithole in palestine?

  11. I have to laugh at the Deagle predictions.
    As if they can determine how many people will die!
    To all the people who desire to kill off the other useless eaters and helpless people and unwanted races of human beings, there is ONE who has your number. He knows where you sleep and where you hide in your safe-houses. Your time will be up soon.

    Now I want to give you TRUE predictions:
    …And as it were a great MOUNTAIN burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the THIRD part of the sea became BLOOD and the THIRD part of the creatures which were in the sea…died; and the THIRD part of the ships were destroyed.
    …There fell a great STAR from Heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the THIRD part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters; and the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the THIRD part of the waters became wormwood; and MANY MEN DIED OF THE WATERS, because they were made bitter.
    This is just a small sample of that which is to come. Men will be so miserable that they will seek death and it will flee from them. Read the Book of Revelation for further details.

  12. There are multiple sources which point to a pending catastrophe –

    # As Yukon Jack points out, central bank jews are collapsing the world’s economies. There is a pending stock market crash. Federal Reserve Jews are creating trillions and trillions from nothing which means dollars will become equal to nothing. It’s the same with central banks of other nations. Economic collapse leads to homeless people, thirst, starvation, and loss of life’s most basic necessities.

    # As Ann Blue says, the bible is full prophecies about pending disasters. Matt 24, Mark 13, Daniel 12:1 foretella terrible trouble worse than has ever been or ever will be again. The Pastor Coverstone dream posted on Truthseeker a few weeks ago implies that things will get very nasty by December this year. Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci, two JWO operatives, stated there will be a “2nd pandemic” this fall.

    # The agenda of the bankster jews posted by Harbinger seems to be going according to bankster plans outlined in the Protocols of Zion, POZ, over 120 years ago.

    # As Ray says, the Deagel projections don’t factor in covid, riots, wars, and other destruction from the Jew World Order. The Deagel projections may turn out to be a picnic compared to what actually happens.

    # Neo makes a good point – the former white christian nations are projected to get hit far worse than other nations. This is a clue that the great tribulations come from the children of the devil, COTD, as Jesus called them at John 8:44.

    The COTD hate Christianity and they blame white people for spreading Christianity from Europe to North America, Australia, South America and most of the rest of the world. The COTD view Christianity as an obstacle to their Jew World Order, JWO.

    The fake covid pandemic, non-stop riots, BLM & ANTIFA thugs, defunding police, black militia gangs, plans in the POZ calling for chaos, anarchy, riots, government lunacy, are pieces of the puzzle that form a picture of the same pending catastrophe.

  13. To get an idea of just how accurate Deagel’s figures are, check how many people are out wearing masks. Dirty masks, flimsy cotton bandanas ,hands constantly touching them while breathing in their own exhalations causing a lovely incubator for Legionnaires disease etc all the while depriving themselves of oxygen. People enjoy their slavery as predicted by Aldous Huxley. Try talking to these zombies about why they are wearing them and see how quickly they scurry away.
    I reckon Deagel’s figures are spot on and the website is associated with the Rockefeller Institute.

  14. And something to think about… the Protocols and the Bible were written by the same people? jews invented god,satan and religion!!!

  15. Harbinger said it right, if he hadn’t those would have been my words.
    M’s enemies are the same as Jew’s, which in itself is an abomination.
    One thing i would add is that those 4 countries differ from the States in that they have a rich pool of qualified labor, properly educated STEM force as opposed to the US, either the parasitical priesthood of scam, various accountants, marketers, lawyers, accessories to theft and usury, and even worse, specialists in ridiculous pursuits such as cinematic history, African-lesbian studies, Holocaust studies and the like—yeah, the world really needs those, cannot survive without them.

  16. Me,,, I’d be concerned about those vaccinations. Just sayin….