Communist South Africa Gov’t Uses Virus Psyop to Further Persecute Black People – Aug 9, 2020

Armed sexurity force personnel ensure the Covid-19 lockdown is adhered to in central Jo’burg. Click to enlarge

“Suddenly we all became criminals and for the first time, we had a taste of how Apartheid might have been like.”

by South African Black Woman — (

The coronavirus lockdowns have affected us in various ways as Black people in South Africa.
The freedom was heavily restricted to an extent that one had feared to go out and buy essential foods because of the curfew that was in place. We were not even allowed to jog on the road, suddenly we all became criminals and for the first time, we had a taste of how Apartheid might have been like.
Most importantly, was the loss of jobs, salary ring-fencing, and labor down-sizing. A lot of people in the townships starved. The government promised them UIF which appeared to have drawbacks in terms of administration. The government introduced food parcels to the Black communities and boy, the corruption there! The poorest could not get their hands on food parcels because the counselors gave their friends. Some elites stile these parcels for resale.


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7 responses to “Communist South Africa Gov’t Uses Virus Psyop to Further Persecute Black People”

  1. People in South Africa in general distrust the government thanks to years of corruption ,they live in extremely dense townships yet nobody is getting sick
    They also don’t trust the white man’s vaccine which has killed millions in Africa.Good luck trying to vaccinate these people with white man’s poison.This is a war declared by white Elite planning on killing billions with a toxic vaccine.Good luck.These people are not going to take this poison.

  2. The Boers built South Africa.
    The blacks destroyed it, with help from the Jew.
    I really couldn’t care less what happens to black people there, whatsoever. Hell, even King Goodwill, of the Zulus stated that black people had destroyed a great nation.
    So whatever hell is going on in South Africa to blacks, it’s their problem that they need to sort out themselves.

  3. Good for all those people who are making a stand against this one world government mandate. I won’t be vaccinated either, even if it means imprisonment or death. But the New World Disorder will get a big pay-back sooner than anyone can imagine. If people would only study the Word, they would see what is really coming to this earth in short order. Grown men, merchants, will be crying when their source of riches is burnt up. The whole evil thing will be destroyed…soon! Satan has come down with great wrath so there is much woe to the inhabitants of this earth. But Satan’s seat, which is the VATICAN, will be destroyed, and so will Satan, ultimately. God’s people win in the end.

  4. A lot of Boers emigrated to eastern Russia, they were given free land there as every russian gets when they emigrate to the eastern part of Russia. All governments institutions are as well in the eastern and western part of the country… Russia is prepared.

  5. Damned right Harbinger. My sentiments exactly.

  6. Just one little correction to this report. This cANCer government was is and will always be out for themselves. Now black people are starting to see this, but tomorrow they will once again be bought with a cANCer t-shirt and a KFC happy meal. Local joke(would be very funny but alas all to true) at the moment: It took Zuma and his crew 9 years to steal 500 billion rand(figure is actualy much higher), but Ramaphosa and his crew took just 3 months to steal 500 billion rand. Now the IMF( just another jew terrorist front) granted a loan of 70 billion rand. All amounts expressed in South African Rand as the exchange rate plays havoc with any amounts given in USD.

  7. Erik: “A lot of Boers” did not emigrate to Russia. A few farmers did but this was not “a lot” by any means.