“It’s a feature, not a bug”

Irish Savant – irishsavant.blogspot.com Aug 8, 2020

This claim has become legendary in computing circles as software developers or salesmen try to convince the customer that an apparent bug is actually a carefully-developed feature. If nothing else this claim buys time. Could the same thinking be behind the selection by the Deep State/Ziocon/MIC complex (let’s refer to them in prosaic terms as TPTB) of certain candidates for powerful positions?
For a long time I was baffled by the anointing of Obama for the Presidency. After all he had a mountain of baggage just waiting to be exploited by would-be opponents and investigative journalists. (Are you too young to remember them?)  Was he even American, for Chrissake? Not being so would invalidate his candidature at a stroke and potentially any legislation that he would subsequently sign off on. Then there were his decidedly dodgy academic records and his reputation for haunting gay bathhouses in Chicago. Hence ‘Bathhouse Barry’. A car crash waiting to happen. Or so I thought.
Same with Demonic John McCain. My God, what a record for the media and his opponents to exploit. The man was unelectable. Finished close to the bottom of his class at Naval College, wreaked havoc in the Naval Air Force with multiple crashes causing dozens of deaths. Sang like a bird when he was imprisoned by the Vietnamese. On his return he dumped his loyal wife of many years for a billionaire’s daughter which still didn’t prevent him getting embroiled in the disgusting shenanigans associated with the Keating Five and Vietnam MIA scandals. And where do you leave the Clintons, for God’s sake? More skeletons (sometimes literally) in their cupboards than Al Capone. Or GHW Bush around whom credible claims of involvement with the JFK assassination and paedophilia swirled through his life.
You’d imagine that any party strategist worth his salt would run a mile from such candidates. “His opponents and the media will chew him up and spit him out” they’d say. Except that this never happened. The media carefully tiptoed around all of the dodgy stuff. As did the candidates’ opponents! Why? My theory is that TPTB gave the candidates a choice: Do what we say and we’ll keep the media and your opponents quiet (we have the dirt on them as well you know). Step out of line and we’ll unleash the dogs of war. Much easier to control than an honourable candidate.
Sounds plausible to me. I have no other explanation for the selection of such seemingly bizarre candidates.
And could this be why they freaked out over Trump’s shock victory? Was it because they didn’t do the housekeeping and found they had a maverick to deal with? Again sounds plausible.



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  1. Israel enjoys blackmailing politicians in the USA, Europe and other locations with very embarrassing information (usually includes videos) about their secret personal lives (often homosexual and sometimes pedophilia). Israel controls them with blackmail.

    Israel and powerful Jewish people and organizations (including in the media) easily get these stooges elected.

    Israel also has blackmail material on high ranking military officers, high level police officials, judges, people in high level government positions and other people.

  2. A useful, if rather ugly descriptive is “kakistocracy.” It means, rule by the least principled, the least fit to govern. The verb “to defecate” derives from the same Greek language root. It is fair, etymologically, to define a kakistocracy as the government of shits.
    The de facto sovereign authority of the U.S. is the consortium of nine shareholding banks of the Federal Reserve patricians of the House of Judah. They maintain their control, in part, by their active preference of candidates for political office; those whom they consider optimally vulnerable to manipulation. Perversion and greed are political leverage in contemporary western politics. Media hegemony ensures the compliance of these traitors via the threat of public ignominy, disgrace and incarceration.
    Governance today, it seems, is the endowment of a neolithic god upon his chosen people, who, with exemplary devotion carried their divinity about in a box. Kakistocracy – rule by copraphiliac shitemeister merds.

  3. Nah!….no way.Trumps been part of the wrecking crew from day one.
    Hes got the credentials…his son in law has direct links to Israel.
    The Trump family are crypto Jews…like McCain and like the Bush family….the whole job lot of them are part of the Jewish Cabal.

    When JFK spoke out about the “unseen” govt it sealed his fate….and they also killed both his brothers.Edward Kennedy would have been the next president guaranteed.
    Lyndon Johnson a crypto jew worked in concert with McCains father to hide what really happened when the USS Liberty was attacked.

    Strange…..people keep trying to bolster Trumps position and reputation.The guy is one helluva joke.
    The Jews like to control BOTH sides….Biden has been chosen to lose and they will probably find an interview with him sealing his reputation as completely gaga.

  4. Many politicians and others in power carry a lot of baggage that can be exploited, but I’d say one of the most attractive reasons for putting them in useful positions, as with the Clintons and Tony Blair, is that they are venal. They like money, are unscrupulous and want to become rich so therefore are easily bribed. It’ll save so much trouble. And the fortunes they’ll acquire come mostly from sources other than the “interests” they work for.

  5. John McCain was a true Satanist. He overcame all the problems in his career as a naval officer because his father was a 4 star USN Admiral, who was a major figure in covering up the deliberate and repeated attacks by Israel on the USS Liberty in 1967. I can think of no other person as UNAMERICAN, UNPATRIOTIC, and UNCHRISTIAN as John McCain
    (not even the horrible HildeBEAST Rotten Cliton). His fellow POWS knew of his treason. If you think McCain was a hero, you are a Satanist too.

  6. The “box” I refer to in the penultimate sentence of my previous comment was the Tabernacle, which, as far as I have been able to discern, was an early prototype of the portaloo. Just for clarification.

  7. All fingers pointing to Israel? Can people not understand that The Vatican has been accumulating wealth for 1700 years or so? And how vast is unimagineable. It’s dedicated army of zealots, The Jesuits, invented subterfuge! And all that goes with it. And how they must love having The Jews as the fall guys……..well that is all planned of course, and Vatican money can buy any corruptible stooge. I’m not saying that the Jews mentioned are whited sepulchres………..but definitely not top of the pyramid of egregious power.

  8. The Rothchilds own Israel and are the bankers of the Vatican. The Bilderberg group, the ruling body of the Illuminati is represented by the Rothchilds, the Black Nobility and the Vatican. Same with the controllers of the Universal Postal Union. America has no constitution since 1875 and is a Corporation and its inhabitants are actually ,surprise, vassals of Rome! Same with the UK. You can see it at the flagpoles of the US flag, in Congres or elsewhere, its under a phoenix. FED is owned by the Vatican, look at its symbol, the rising phoenix. All controlled by freemasonry. International Zionism and antisemitism are just tools. All the rulers of the world are just altar boys to the Pope.
    Lets hope there are some dissident altarboys.

  9. Spot on Erik! You’ve hit the nail right on the head. I couldn’t have written such a concise summary. I wonder if planet human idiot, will ever catch on? It’s an uphill struggle that’s for sure.