The Presence of Other Worlds

Windows on the World – Aug 7, 2020

7 responses to “The Presence of Other Worlds”

  1. As a young boy i developed the ability to put my body to sleep and with my mind visit these other worlds. i have taught occult experts in MI6 and other Brit agencies
    I have spoken to devils and saints, who taught me much
    for more info look up swedenborg, he also did this as did Edgar cayce

  2. How doe we know this video hasn’t been put out as cover for Deep State brain chipping and mind control? He both worked in and was treated as a patent in a mental hospital for drug addiction. It could have been done to him there. They are vary active in such places. If he had a shared vision of the “shadow people” with his friend, maybe it was because they were both chipped and under the control of the same remote mind controllers? If these “entities” seem to know the future, maybe it’s because Deep State intelligence running the program are making it happen? But then again, if it’s really just that, then why do their non drug treatments make the voices and visions stop?
    And why are genetics and chemical imbalances in the brain okay for cover for Deep State brain chipping and mind control, but demonic possession by non physical entities are not?

  3. Dr Alexander canon was the worlds to specialist in psychiatric disrorders
    he ran the Colney Hatch mental hospital
    Winston Churchill tried to force him to brainwash vulnerable patients into becoming Manchurian candidates, and to be smuggled into Germany go to Hitlers speeches and get as close as possible and blow them selves up.
    When Alexander cannon refused, he was put under house arrest in the isle of man for the wars duration
    This man was the real expert who taught the king how to speak to crowds
    not the man seen in the film.
    Churchills doctor Lord Moran dismissed the manchurian candiates story to Gen Wavell by saying it was part of churchills madness, and not a real plan

  4. These broadcasts exploring the spiritual dimension of schizophrenia are fascinating. And not withstanding this, the possibility that vitamin B3 (niacin) may be a useful treatment should be considered. The (doctor) authors of a book report successful treatment using this.

  5. The book of the same name by Wilson Van Dusen has been out since the 80’s and raises some excellent points. I highly recommend it.

  6. What strikes me as odd is that 2 different patients heard the same sets of voices: mother, daughters and son. Why, when there are so many other possibilities? I would like to more about the voices: male or female, old or young? Range of tones of voices?
    The non drug tips given on how to break away from the voices are very interesting and probably would work for depression. Was one of the original purposes of religion to protect us from evil spirits?

  7. Why is anyone surprised that demons exist, and that they live among humans? Satan is real. God is real. Jesus is real.