Beirut: Chaos strategy, tragedy and dangerous disinformation

Vanessa Beeley – Patreon Aug 7, 2020

I have been fairly quiet over the tragedy which has devastated neighbouring Beirut-Lebanon. Friends have been profoundly affected and psychologically wounded by this unbelievable apocalyptic event that happened so fast and tore through lives with an unprecedented fury. An explosion 1/4 the force of Hiroshima.

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I strongly refute the “Hzboll*h” ammunition store theory which has been circulated by some analysts. The port is almost entirely under control of Saad Hariri’s Future Party. Hzboll*h have no access to the port. As Marwa Osman told me today “can you imagine the US allowing a ship full of weapons to dock in Beirut harbour, they would destroy it way before it reached this destination”. Bottom line, Hzboll*h does not operate in the area of the blast, it does not store weapons in this area.

Sharing or supporting this theory plays into the hands of the globalists by giving Israel its usual excuse of “self defence” and increasing the sectarian divides in Lebanon, turning public opinion against Hzboll*h.

I will be interviewing Marwa after the Sayed Nasrallah’s speech later today.

All the videos circulating of supposed Israeli missiles are suspect. I, personally, do not believe that the Zionist entity would be so obvious as to use missiles when a simple intelligence operation would suffice to ignite the huge store of ammounium nitrate in the port.

I do believe that Israel is behind the attack. Israeli leadership chatter before and after the event corroborate that belief. That is my gut feeling. There is no hard evidence to support this theory YET. I caution everyone against jumping to wild conclusions or sharing sensationalist theories like “tactical nukes” – to my knowledge there has been no sign of radiation poisoning among the victims and this kind of scaremongering is not useful or beneficial for the victims of the attack who are already dealing with extreme trauma, PTSD and residual terror. Please don’t add to it during this very critical stage of recovery and investigation.

Chris Busby is a respected and experienced scientist, specialising in the health effects of “internal ionising radiation”. Busby has investigated numerous radiation scenarios including Falujah in Iraq and the suspected nuclear bomb in Yemen 2016 (I worked with him on that investigation which could not be concluded because of conditions inside Yemen). Please follow his Facebook page for sensible evaluation and analysis of the Beirut attack.

Chris recently responded to information sent to him:

“I was sent the following evidence of radiation from the Beirut explosion. There are also pictures of a missile. But who knows? Certainly if it involved a nuclear explosion the debris will be radioactive so we wont have to wait long to find out. Something detonated the ammonium nitrate, that’s for sure. But a simple explosive would have done that.”

His evaluation of the explosion and the yellow clouds I photographed in western Damascus countryside shortly after the explosion:

“The pictures show a red brown gas. That is Nitrogen dioxide, and other NOx gases. That is what happens when you heat ammonium nitrate. It is toxic and it nitrates anything it get at, including your lungs. That was the fingerprint for this explosion. After all, 2.7 kliotons is about 1/4 of the Hiroshima bomb, and the explosive power is roughly comparable to TNT. “

“From the colour of the explosion plume I am guessing the Beirut explosion was Ammonium Nitrate. Not a nuke, no fireball. Probably Ammonium Nitrate fertiliser. That can do that sort of thing, also there were red fumes, nitrate fumes, in the cloud. Hard to see what else would make such a big bang.”

I do urge everyone to look up the Texas City disaster 1947 which was a very similar event.

A colleague of Chris also commented:

Elias Sacristan Haddad said – Vanessa Beeley my colleague Chris Busby is completely right. I have just made some estimates, this is the chemical equation for ammonium nitrate decomposition: NH4N03 –heat—> N2O + H2O Knowing that ammonium nitrate has a molecular weight of 80 g/mol if you heat 2,600 tons then a total energy of 678,972 KJoules will be generated which is equivalent to 2.8 kilotons. What we saw yesterday is equivalent to 25% the energy generated during the Hiroshima atomic bomb (15 ton) Once ammonium nitrate explodes you will have huge quantities of energy in terms of water vapor and nitrous oxide (this colorless and odorless gas can produce side-effects when inhaled such as nausea, vomiting and fatigue. Of course this gas is easily decomposed into Nitrogen and Oxygen. This is my comment from a Chemical Engineer perspective.”

What I am trying to say is that I have no interest in “anonymous intel sources” – I am only interested in hard fact and genuine scientific analysis and opinion from people I trust, like Marwa Osman.

Macron visits Beirut immediately after the explosion, promises “new political pact”. Click to enlarge

I will speculate on one point based upon what I have been told. I believe that Macron was despatched to ensure that the Lebanese government denies any foul play or Israeli intervention in the explosion. That is why Nasrallah’s speech is so critical.

People in Beirut are paying a dreadful price, politically and from a multitude of perspectives. Please let us try to support them in every way we can but without resorting to hyperbole and sensationalist claims before any official investigation.

Thank you for your time.

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12 responses to “Beirut: Chaos strategy, tragedy and dangerous disinformation”

  1. The big red-brown cloud is the vaporized ammonium nitrate that didn’t explode, it was simply heated into fumes, and thus not combusted in an explosion.

    If the Mossad had turned the stored fertilizer into a bomb:

    ANFO (or AN/FO, for ammonium nitrate/fuel oil) is a widely used bulk industrial explosive. Its name is commonly pronounced as “an-fo”.
    It consists of 94% porous prilled ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3) (AN), which acts as the oxidizing agent and absorbent for the fuel, and 6% number 2 fuel oil (FO).

    This reaction is an example of detonation, a relative of the chemical process of combustion. ANFO (Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil) contains both an oxidizer and fuel source. The ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3) reacts with the alkanes in fuel oil (CnH2n+2) to produce Nitrogen (N2), Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O).

    The biproducts of combustion N2, CO2, H2O are all invisible.

    The big cloud after the explosion was not from the supposed ammonium nitrate. Therefore the ammonium nitrate was not the cause of the big explosion. What you are seeing is a vaporized fertilizer from the heat of the explosion.

    Israel uses the double tap bombing technique all the time. First you start the fire, and make lots of smoke, then you send in the nuke, could be a b61-12 set on low yield, it comes in from out to sea where no one can see it, it makes the big explosion that looks like a nuke. The nuke is the source of heat to vaporize the fertilizer which makes a big red-brown cloud. This “false flag” bombing is blamed on the fertilizer.

    The USA has modified B-61s so F-16s and F-15s can deliver, both which happen to be in the IDF. Also not that the Israeli attacks in Syria had the same exact white cloud but WITHOUT the big red-brown cloud. Thus it was the same weapon, except in the Beirut attack there was fertilizer.

    Please note that the Davy Crockett warheads were all stolen by Israel with GHW Bush. 2,100 of them making Israel the world’s 3rd largest nuclear power. The Vanunu pics of the nukes being assembled in Dimona are those very same M-388 warheads being DISASSEMBLED.

    WIKI: The W54 was one of the smallest nuclear warheads deployed by the United States. It was a very compact implosion-type nuclear weapon design, designed for tactical use and had a very low yield for a nuclear weapon, in the range of 10 to 1,000 tons TNT equivalent.

    Its original use was in the Davy Crockett short-range rocket, but it was later adapted as a man-portable Special Atomic Demolition Munition (SADM), and later as the basis of nuclear-tipped air-to-air missiles. A later development was the W72, which were rebuilt W54s used with the AGM-62 Walleye guided bomb. The W72 was in service until 1979.

    The AGM-62 Walleye is a television-guided glide bomb which was produced by Martin Marietta and used by the United States Armed Forces during the 1960s. Most had a 250 lb (113 kg) high-explosive warhead; some had a nuclear warhead. The designation of the Walleye as an “air-to-ground missile” is a misnomer, as it is an unpowered bomb with guidance avionics

    The nuking of Beirut could be an Israeli variant of the Walleye, or even them, as Israel gets whatever they want, and I say Trump has been giving Israel lots of free decommission nukes from storage just like the Bush Adminstrations.

    I have news, Israel has a huge nuclear arsenal, and those free German made Dolphin class submarines were delivered nuke ready. Why? So Israel could arm them with free American made nukes.

    This is all very bad news, because Israel has the will to use them and the rest of world of total pussies won’t stop them. I have been saying again and again and again that the only rational thing to do is to immediately nuke Israel before things get worse.

  2. But how would you begin to nuke the fiends….since it appears there are crypto Jews on board submarines.
    The commanding officer may very well because crypto jew….it would make sense the Jews would endeavour to control nuclear submarines “from within” so THEY can determine their use.
    No one seems to ask HOW Germany came to be supplying Israel with hugely expensive high technology submarines (probably the worlds best of this type)……🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️

    ………….FREE OF CHARGE……..

    It is because Germany STILL has large numbers of Jews living within it…..forget about the holocau$t BS.
    They control the German Greens Party for example and are very likely embedded in the other parties too.
    They’ll be heavily represented in Banking and Finance AND the media of course.Then there are the Jewish owned supermarket chains and things like Adidas etc.
    So the grand theft of Dolphin submarines was “worked” from within……
    These fiends will ALSO be stealing other infrastructure from the west.Apparently they got hold of a modern fleet of buses for next to nothing from a scam in some European country.

    You can be sure the Jewish controlled secret police like Britains and Americas are devoting a lot of their resources targeting people who object to Jewish Power…..
    The new Scottish origin head of MI5 is a crypto jew of course.
    During WW1…..Germany and Britain had something in common….the heads of their secret services were in both cases Jews……

  3. IMHO there is no nuke involved. 27 tons of AN is perfectly capable of this devastation. IF there was an incoming missile it only triggered the explosion.

  4. The most plausible scenario is that Zionists infiltrators planted a bomb near the warehouse where the 2750 tons of ammonium nitrate sacks were stored, and ensured fire would reach the place and cause the massive explosion. The missile photos or people flying in the sky are all Photoshoped and fake; Israel does not need to use a missile to hit the place, they can do so much more elegantly, quietly and cleanly.

    The fact that this much volatile chemicals have been stored there since 2014 however means that Lebanese army and government officials have been extremely irresponsible.

    Who benefits? It is crystal clear who.

  5. It would seem that Merkal might be jewish!

  6. لا يهم كيف تم ذلك أو ما إذا كان الفيديو قد تم التقاطه ضوئيًا أو عدد الأطنان من أي شيء أو تحليل كيميائي بواسطة بعض الخبراء أو لون السحابة. الشيء الوحيد المهم هو أن إسرائيل فعلت ذلك. إسرائيل مسؤولة عن جريمة شريرة أخرى ولن يغير رأيي شيئًا حيال ذلك.

  7. I call “correct” on Yukon Jack’s double-tap explaination the second being a missile with nuclear level fire power.
    Qui bono: israel
    Who dunnit: hmmm

  8. Translation:
    It doesn’t matter how it was done, whether the video was taken by scanning, the number of tons of anything, chemical analysis by some experts, or the color of the cloud. The only thing that matters is that Israel did. Israel is responsible for another sinister crime and nothing will change my mind about it.

  9. Yukon Jack!
    Lays it all out.

  10. We know Israel was involved in some fashion, Missile or not. Yet another action of that cancer in the middle east, indeed the world – Israhell. It all goes back to what Churchill said in 1960, in reference to the defeat of Germany in WW2, “we butchered the wrong Pig”. You sure did Winnie and FDR. We were on the wrong side in WW2. The events of the last 70 years prove that beyond any doubt. And forget about that holocaust story. As somebody said above, it’s BS. We are paying a heavy price for the dismemberment of the good guys from that war.

  11. You all have your own opinions, but you may all be wrong! Just wait until the investigation has been completed, and then we will all know who is responsible for this terrible carnage.
    Your chatter is worthless.

  12. Of course Israel did it!
    One very important question now is this – why the Lebanese government isn’t blowing the whistle loud and clear?!