Israel Bombed Beirut: Links to explore ***

Darkmoon – Aug 7, 2020

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Relevant links regarding this atrocity will hopefully be supplied by our many readers around the world.  Just place these in the Comments section with any reflections of your own. Negative comments, denying Israeli involvement, will also be published if politely expressed and providing useful information. 
Breaking: Israel bombed Beirut?
See this report from Richard Silverstein, writing in Tikun Olam Silverstein report  
Video from worldstar shows a bomb-shaped object slamming into building before the mushroom cloud.
Sound of warplanes, then object hits | Filtered Video shows “Missile” then explosion | Breathtaking: Case Closed, Infrared video reveals details of [Israeli] nuclear missile 
(6 missile videos/3 of them new) | Israel Hits Beirut 
— Veterans Today | Israel “not behind Beirut blast, sources” say | Israeli aircraft strikes Syrian military targets
BBCFormer Israeli Member of the Knesset Moshe Feiglin hails Beirut explosion as a “gift” from God.
“Today is Tu B’Av, a day of joy, and a true and huge thank you to all the heroes who organized this celebration | July 31: Israeli defense minister threatens to bomb Lebanon infrastructure.
None of this is even hinted at in the mainstream media.
Two other sources of recommended reading:
—  Israel is in shock, in a sickening show of hypocrisy
By Gideon Levy
Devastating Beirut Explosion: An Accident or Something More Sinister?
By Stephen Lendman

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14 responses to “Israel Bombed Beirut: Links to explore ***”

  1. If the Axis won WWII Israel wouldn’t exist and there would be ‘world peace’ now. But millions of retarded white Christian-Communist slaves obliterated the anti-Jewish Axis so Israel could rule the world and their Talmudic terrorism & wars could continue.

    “Israel has corrupted the world, whether by conquest, by conversion, or by conspiracy.” -Aleister Crowley

  2. this isn’t an atrocity it is an act of war. A typical jew ritual murder. It’s about time this lying, murdering bunch of hypocritical,parasitic, psychopaths were wiped from the face of the universe. SCUM

  3. Thanks for this Darkloon…but it ain’t really necessary.Most informed people know this explosion had “the jews” written all over it.
    The Lebanese will also not be conned by the Lebanese flag being screened onto a building in a show of sympathy by suffering Jews…….
    People in this area of the world are all too familiar with the Jews strategies….so they wont by buying the Jews suffering BS…..However in the West people are bombarded with Jewish propaganda about the eternally suffering people…..although Epstein,Maxwell,Weinstein,Madoff etc are helping to change things…..Although virtually no mention is made of the fact they are Jews….in the MSM…OF COURSE.

    Naturally the bull-dyke from hell Ellen is portrayed as someone from a protestant background….not as a jew which she most definitely is!.
    And NO mention of the,what is now known as “the vibrator incident” with her goyim sex slave Porsche de Rossi…..
    The dreadful Windsors are all crypto Jews….make no mistake about that…..some more obvious than others.Take a look at Freddy Windsor and his wife sometime.
    You get the impression that there is probably more to Harry shifting to California than meets the eye.Like Drake the multimillionaire hiphoperist Pwince Harry’s wife APPEARS to be black…..BUT is actually a jew.
    Nancy Pelosi says she is a Catholic…..she is ACTUALLY a Marrano.The multimillionaire is corrupt of course and she will have done precious little “representing” of ordinary Americans while in govt.ALL HER ENERGIES WILL HAVE BEEN DEVOTED TO SERVING THE INTERESTS OF THE WEALTH CLASS…BUT AMERICANS CONTINUE TO VOTE THE SCUM BACK INTO OFFICE….

  4. Thierry Meyssan says it was an Israeli bomb with nuclear elements.

    He never makes light claims.

  5. clearly seen at second 6 of a 15 second video is a missile/mini-nuke incoming at 45 degrees from the top left.

  6. By deception thou shall make war. The motto of Mossad the scumbag jew CIA

  7. Not sure about the nuclear aspect, there would be radiation that could be traced. Just a conventional missile customised to trigger the secondary

  8. And can we cut out this ‘Jewish’ shit please? There are millions of Jews across the planet that have fuck all to do with any of this. Instead say it how it is! It’s Israel, Nitwhityahoo and his cronies who, being Satanists, are not Jews anyway.

  9. whn a plan works the temptation is to re use it
    jews got away with 9 11
    so then did lebanon, where will they do next ?
    could be your city ?

  10. ​Churchills doctor lord moran admitted many German nationals both civilian and military were tortured in and at the end of w w 2 for churchills pleasure
    he had a small cinema under one of his safe houses where he would squeal in drunken delight at film of the tortures.
    But at the start of the Cold War the British abandoned torture, as under pressure people will implicate anyone including their own mother.
    The catholic witch craft trials showed that people will claim they fly round on broomsticks, kiss the devils bottom, cause crops to fail and pregnant women to abort just by ” ill wishing” most commonwealth countries including the USA still use torture to get confessions.
    Th US torture programme would kidnap people off the street and fly them to CIA hideouts, and say “ah no its not kidnap its enforced rendition”
    A rose by any other name.
    People were then made to confess to working on WMDs for Saddham Hussein and other crap, one mana waiter ina small restaurant confessed to being one of Iraqs top scientists working on nucear bombs, over 50% of the UK population is now from outside the UK
    and there was real anger at the US, Gt. Britain is the only friend in the world the USA has,
    and the country was angry.
    Pat Tillman was about to open this all up and export of massive drug shipments by the CIA to Afghanistan

  11. Dr Cray, just a question, how does a jew being a satanist make them not a jew? So does a jew that professes to be christian make them “not a jew” as well? Maybe you should read a few history books because your statement is obviously rubbish after all didn’t Jesus tell the jew they were liars and murderers like their father satan?

    This murder was perpetrated by the leaders of the jew shithole in Palestine, zionists one and all. zionism being nothing but extreme jew nationalism. Granted not ALL jews are rabid zionists but that does not make this any less of a jew murderous attack on Lebonese civilians.

  12. So after September the 11 terrorist act and Fukushima nuclear accident both suspect action of Israeli criminality . Now it’s Beirut . There is a rogue nation that goes around the world nuking countries at will and the western controlled media has no courage to tell the world . There is an urgent need to nuke Israel to stop the attacks . This is a country condemned by the UN over 100 times for crimes against humanity against the Palestinian and with the exception of the verbal condemnation nothing else happened . It is time to defund also the UN a totally useless Organization more intent at trying to control and muzzle the populations of the planet with ridiculous grandiose plans like Agenda 21 ad 31 ignoring problems that need urgent attention .

  13. Dr. Cray and can we cut out this Jewish shit please?
    And then the next comment: “Jews got away with 911”.. All the info can be found in the public domain no need to speculate.
    I don’t think there are real Jews running Israel anyway.

    911 was ordered trough the Rothchild family and freemasonry out into the Postal service then out into the
    Militairy powers of Israel, Britain, Canada, France , NATO and the U.S. The U.S. Postal service controls the Port Authority,(permission for demolition) U.S. department of defence and U.S. Treasury. The Pentagon was hit by a Granite missile. At the time the U.S. Postal Service was controlled by John E. Potter.(USPS) A paper trail was created on purpose for Saudi Arabia because someone has to take the fall if needed and to prevent SA to drop the petrodollar.(blackmail) The WTC was taken out with Maser Microwave technology to create the dustification.
    I consider the Rothchilds as Sabattean Frankists. The 911 operation was mainly controlled by Freemasonry, black nobility and Papacy.
    Info: the unhivedmind

  14. I belong to a space watch group, we all have powerful telescopes and spend time skywatching, one member has it on film of a Missile attack, checking with other members we can track its progress before it hit
    and 100% its a missile from israel
    this must go before the international courts and israel fined heavily, it got away with the stuxnet attack on japan we must make sure they dont get away with this one