Beirut Explosion Caused by Israeli Missile?

Adam Green – Know More News Aug 6, 2020


10 responses to “Beirut Explosion Caused by Israeli Missile?”

  1. The Israeli nuke missile that hit the port of Beirut is clearly visible in videos at Veterans Times. Israel did the Beirut bombing of 4 Aug. Israel did 911. The world has had enough of the Satanists of Israel.

  2. If the Axis won WWII Israel wouldn’t exist & there would be ‘world peace’ now. But millions of retarded white Christian-Communist slaves obliterated the anti-Jewish Axis so Israel could rule the world & their Talmudic terrorism & wars could continue.

    “Christianity was in its first stage a Jewish Communism, hardly distinguishable from Marxism.” –Aleister Crowley

  3. make the web site Veterans Today my bad

  4. Neo: What an oxymoron: There is are NO Christian-Communist slaves! Only retarded Communists, who murdered millions of Russian Christians during its reign of terror. Those, that did the killing, like the Chekists, and those in leadership where 90% jewish. Quoting AC tell much about a person.

  5. Lebanese are the scum of the earth. Just wait to you have these people live in your suburbs.
    Home invasions, Rapes, murder, drug dealing, sex trafficking ( Children).
    I hate this group with a passion.
    When your sister is raped by these Scum you realise tnat the only way forward to is to crush these Parasites.
    Well done Israel.

    I only wished you killed the whole population of Lebanon that would be worth celebrating.

    Fuck you Rapsits Filthy degenerates.

  6. I’ve worked and lived in close proximity with a number of Lebanese, Christians and Muslims. I never had any problems with them. The question is: how many Lebanese has Jewish troll Nathan Andrew known? And how many did he wound or main while he served in the UDF?

  7. Good heavens Nathan! What ever happened to you then?
    Re the nuke aspect, not sure as there would be radiation that may be traceable. Maybe just a conventional missile customised to trigger the secondary

  8. YouTube has removed the video! Who would of thought!?

  9. Surprise !! Surprise !!
    This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Terms of Service.
    Must have been a fascist, Nazi anti-semitic video ??

  10. The Truth Seeker,

    You’ll have to get this video onto to a safe forum like Bitchute because it’s been removed, and it really needs to be seen, all the more so because it’s been pulled.