“Melbourne has Become a Living Hell”

henrymakow.com – Aug 5, 2020

Satanists Establish Police State in Melbourne

How easily disappear the veneer of civilization and democracy.
“Melbourne has become a living hell, not because of the virus (which is still mild) but because of the unleashing of a hellish police state.”
Only one person per household, per day, can leave the house (including for groceries). Can’t go more than 3 miles from your home. The army is on the streets fining/arresting people
Makow comment:  I hope Melbourne residents will vote out the politicians responsible and join a tax revolt.

Madness in Melbourne

by Jeffrey Tucker — (henrymakow.com)

Melbourne, that glorious city in the state of Victoria in Australia, granted me some of the best travel days of my life during two separate trips each lasting a full week.
A happy, civilized, highly educated people are here living amidst modern architecture, inspiring bridges, and natural beauty, a place where even the police are kind, and when you ask them for directions they reply with a smile, and when you say thank you, they say “No worries.”
Now there are big worries in Melbourne.
The Premier has imposed a vicious police state without precedent in this country’s history. His name is Dan Andrews (a sweet-sounding name that masks the tyrant he has become), and he tweets out pictures of empty streets to brag about what he has achieved in the name of suppressing a virus.


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15 responses to ““Melbourne has Become a Living Hell””

  1. “Dan Andrews” is a crypto jew make no mistake about that.

  2. I’ve worked with dozens of Australians over the years in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. Nearly all of them were tightly-wound individuals who carefully cultivated a pained, vulnerable, torn-inside, ultra-intellectual persona. You’d never believe for a second that their home country was famed for being friendly and easy-going (!).

    Of course, Australia has also been the US-appointed sheriff for the entire Asia Pacific. And a fertile ground for occult stuff and child abuse networks going back at least 100 years (the 1968 movie ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ specifically mentions covens all over Australia and witches from NYC making regular trips Down Under). Look at how many Aussies end up as major stars in Hollywood – almost as if the US has a severe shortage of acting talent. Read up e.g. on Nicole Kidman and her late father if you have a stomach for majorly disturbing facts and implications.

  3. It makes me cringe when in this article the author emphasizes that “the virus arrived”…as if that could have any bearing on the tyrannical policies employed around the world in lockstep using that excuse.

    Agenda 2021 and 2030 – the virus scare is just a smokescreen for implementation…and people who enforce policies that kill people and the economy aren’t worried at the least about the devastation…this should all be so apparent to everyone by now, but I guess the main problem that has lead us here is that the people in charge take us for complete fools and that is actually how the vast, vast majority is acting.

    Unfortunately, there seems to be no escape routes for the aware individual when almost everyone is tripping over themselves to lick boots and comply to the most stupid and harmful dictates anyone could imagine.

  4. “civilised, highly educated people” perhaps that’s the problem.

  5. Just done a rundown on Dan Andrews and how close he sits to his Zionist paymasters . These latest Draconian Facist tactics employed upon the people of the city of Melbourne are clearly the refelction of tactics used by The Jews against the Palestinian people and also without any degree of justification. My heart bleeds for Australia and its people who by no fault of their own have had the country which they fought so valiantly for at places such as Gollipol , Tobruk , El Alamien Burma , Malaysia to name just a few.only to see such hard won victories stolen by stealth and deceit by the Zionist greed and its ambition of global domination . The blood of Australians did not stain those battlefields for the zionist causes Australians died for Australia and their fellow countrymen , who the hell gave Andrews his orders and his thirty piece’s of silver to treat Australians with such arrogance and aggression without any evidence , where are the true figures to justify your actions, are there people foaming at the mouth and dropping dead on the streets,NO they are not are people dying in their cars or in their places of work No they are not. You have introduced
    over authoritarian measures without justification which might we’ll bring about serious retaliation.

  6. The nations pushing the restrictions the most like Australia are those most dependent on and in the control of the international banking cartel out of London and New York, which is now using the IMF money (“credit”) and the QE infinity money (“credit’) of the Fed made out of nothing to bail out, intimidate or reward nations to comply with the plandemic mechanisms and aims. The US is even using its “swap lines” (huge “loans” which do not have to be paid back) for this purpose with the 15 favored nations, Australia being one of them. The “deal” between the international socialists and the national socialists which in any case means using local governments for state control is what we are witnessing right now in many places. There is no scientific or medical justification for any of the oppressive measures and the only reason is control to UN Agenda and WEF resets most people would outright reject, while behind the scenes we see the same cartel hand with its priority being to destabilize our currencies and economies so they can offer the solution of “their control” just like they did in the years before setting up the US Fed in 1913. The sheeple seem not to care about any such facts or even their own perpetual enslavement and mimics the cartel-controlled media and politicians with ever word.

  7. The Bill of Rights exists for a reason: the framers of the American Republic attempted to leave enumeration and guarantee of Rights out of the new federal constitution. THE PEOPLE IN THE STATES refused to ratify the new constitution until the Bill of Rights was added. And these were the GOOD GUYS!
    Politicians and their shifty, snake-like backers are the same the world over, with OZ being one of the worst in the so-called free world, where programs are developed, tested, and implemented that could not even be discussed in other venues — at least up until the Advent of the Toilet Paper Flu. Come on, Aussies, fight back against these Mattoids!

  8. Yupp ! Melbourne became Hell ?

    Danny Jong Un, Premier of the People’s Democratic Republic of Victoria !

  9. All this means is rent is going up in my area as the people move out of Melbourne into Queensland and they are in droves. There isn’t too many primary school playgrounds in the western world where you get to play on the graves of over 100 whipped spent convicts but that’s just Australia, some of us never get used to it.
    Empire’s little wedge in south east Asia while the poor white trash of Asia and unfortunately a lot Israeli as well. However the German Marshal Fund did state they wanted to move Neoliberalism HQ out of Europe into Canada or Australia a few years ago. Perhaps Andrews is lobbying for corruption central to be housed in Melbourne which will never happen anyway with Canada’s old CFR connections. Bloody perfect as we say. As far as I know Victoria just floated past Tasmania on the way to the South Pole, or was that the North Pole. Give a Victorian an oar to row and he’ll be in Europe in no time, just don’t pass through my state on the way thanks.

  10. Henry Makow states “that’s what viruses do, they spread”. NO they don’t Henry, because a virus is inert, dead and can only exist in the body in which its produced in the form of Expsomes which the body produces to expel toxins. These Expsomes are what the quack PCR covid tears are detecting. Covid is a cover for the introduction of a hellish Orwellian NWO. let’s hope Q / Qanon and the King John / Joseph Gregory Hallet phenomena are not psyops also!!!!

  11. Australians are indeed granted with a higher intelligence. They never believe. They ask questions. They believe only “after” checking the facts! This seems to be the only way to make them lined up to make the political changes.

  12. I can remember about 35 years ago when Australia was the land of “Dundee” (Paul Hogan)
    and a great series of A Town Called Alice (Helen Morse). Then, the mass shooting happened, and Australia was disarmed with many expensive and rare firearms destroyed.
    That was the end of Australia. This effort to disarm happened many times in the USA when the criminal filth Kenyan Obongo was President. Yet, disarming the USA, a primary goal of
    Satanic Jews, has not happened. NEVER surrender your weapon. Never disarm. If you know what the Crypto Jew Young Turks did to Armenian Christians over a century ago, or what the Jew Cheka and NKVD did to Russian Orthodox Christians, you know to NEVER disarm.

  13. Daniel Andrews is bringing down Australia single handedly. With lockdowns gone full retard in Victoria, we pray the rest of the country doesnt follow suit. We have had under 250 deaths in total since this plandemic began. How on earth anyone can justify the measures on those figures bewilders me. Andrews should be locked up for this.

  14. Reading that list in the piece describing the tyranny-on-steroids restrictions and punishments is infuriating. What is going on in Melbourne is absolutely intolerable and I know how I and some of my neighbors would respond to such a jack-booted demonstration of oppression and aggression. But I’m going to guess those compliant dopes and drongos in Melbourne gave up their guns and gun ownership rights some years back. Foolish cuckolds, you now have to watch as your families, friends, neighbors, and yourselves, get royally f*cked.

    That criminal maniac Dan Andrews was actually smiling when he was telling the people they now had no rights and were all being indefinitely detained. That evil sack of pig sh*t looked like he was enjoying it, because he WAS enjoying it. The citizens of Melbourne need to grow a spine, snatch Andrews by the throat, drag him into the street, shove an oversized digiridoo up his ass and turn him into a meat puppet.

    As there is no real hope in the electoral process and since those idiots probably gave up their guns, the people of Melbourne should, 1) immediately stop paying any and all taxes, 2) ignore the restrictions en masse (which probably wouldn’t happen since so many of them are braindead fear monkeys who have been turning on each other like the miserable snitches they are), 3) collect anything and everything which could be used for a weapon and start using them immediately on politicians, media talking heads, treasonous neighbors, treasonous cops & soldiers, etc.

  15. I used to live in Australia , but I was not amused when the John Howard’s government organized a terrorist act in Port Arthur for the purpose of disarming the population . A poor youth was accused of the massacre and without a trial was put into a mental Institution . Many Years after the 9/11 in New York the Australian Government started approving laws that were severely limiting the freedom of its citizens , parroting the laws put in place in the USA . A person could be picked up by the police , disappeared for over a fortnight and returned home . This victim was forbidden to talk about his experience even to his relatives .
    A migrant form Egypt that was running a coffee shop was asked by the halfwit from ASIO ( the secret services ) to spy on his middle eastern customers . He refused , he was arrested sent be tortured in his original country. It is a long story, that shows that those people are exempted from any law and act like criminals just like the dictatorships in central America .
    About 20 years ago I came to the conclusion that the local newspapers were not interested in informing the public , there were only interested in spreading trivia about the cricket and football , no foreign news but only political correct point of view of local politics . There is a certain religious group that has infiltrated certain profession , the lawyers , the judges and politics in fact both major political parties Labor and Liberal are controlled by that certain group . Even the teaching profession is known to employ teachers that do quiet job for Mossad in High Schools in the Southern Suburb of Sydney .
    A few Prime ministers of Australia have small forests dedicated to them in Israel .
    This fact alone demonstrate that there is a lot of treason in Australia . Treasonous politicians should quit OZ and move to the rogue state of the Middle East .
    Most of Australian Parliamentarian seem to behave as if they were representative of the rogue state of the Middle east , when some criticism of their behavior appears .
    This is what happens to a country when it opens the door to the Zionists . In a few decades it becomes remote controlled by Tel Aviv .