UK Column News – 5th August 2020

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson – UK Column Aug 5, 2020

One response to “UK Column News – 5th August 2020”

  1. The Tavistok institute most likely developed the plan for modified human behavior conforming to what we are seeing now the mass rollout of human enslavement and branding like cattle under the guise of a totally fabricated scamdemic.A new normal becoming more and more abnormal by the day.Humans are conformants to systems set in place by powers that be.The Tavistok institute has studied human behaviour since 1946 and is using their knowledge gained from Soviet and Chinese systems to rollout a plan for mass global total control enslavement.The vaccination of the masses makes this all possible.Its therefore imperative to make life unbearable to the extreme, for only once u take the chip sorry vaccination will u be allowed to re-enter society as a Trusted obedient citizen.How this chip disguised as a vaccine will tie in with 5G is anybody’s guess but no doubt it will as this is part of the plan.A centralized control system monitoring billions of chipped slaves is only possible with 5G.That explains why Gates and Microsoft is tied into the vaccine industry because it’s not a vaccine at all.Its something terribly orwelian disguised as a vaccine.They want us to see that the only option is taking the vaccine.They want us to believe it and to want it.They will redicule those who refuse it and eventually brand them as conspiracy nutters and a danger to society.Then remove them from society.This is a very carefully thought-out plan being implemented step by step.While they are getting ready for the global vaccination of the entire human race they are also clamping down on free speech little by little.Its important for the majority of sheeple to stay oblivious to what is really going on.Once the majority of people are chipped it’s game over and they will have hybridized the human race into something completely new.Fully 5g controlled,soul-scalped, hive-minded zombies, and that’s if u even lucky enough to survive the vaccine.We are being bullied into something none of the informed wants.We know that they are evil.We can clearly see that taking this Gates chip vaccine trust certificate I’d 2020 bullshit is extremely dangerous spiritually as Christian’s as well as physically as it is an untested vaccine.May we all stand together in truth and say no.