A Dream I had just before 2020…

Pastor Eddie Day – July 23, 2020

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  1. I like to hear some people’s dreams, not because I think they have the power of prophecy but because I think their dreams are influenced by their own thoughts, beliefs and fears. In which case they become analyses of what they think lay ahead. And because they have different knowledge and experiences from me their insights may be more accurate.

  2. Good ol’ God. Always “speaking” to these weird Southern, dreaming preachers. Let me see…”the lord got onto me and told me I need to make this clear”. How much weirder can this get? The “lord” is (supposed to be) omni-potent (All Powerful), omnipresent (everywhere at the same time), why not just speak to everyone?
    “Pro-gun-guy”? Why? If God can speak to you, you don’t need a gun. “Thou shalt not kill.”
    Faith: Believin’ what you know ain’t true. Samuel Clemmons
    Dreams…prophecies or just random occurrences like everyone else who dreams?
    Or made up for the gullible?
    “Son, you can’t prepare for what’s coming”? Are you kidding?! Walk in Faith, not Fear? You better prepare or just go ahead and shoot your silly self.
    I don’t walk in faith and I am sufficiently afraid of what is coming. I certainly don’t walk in faith because if God were for real, it wouldn’t be coming. Two other things God is supposed to be are omniscient and omni-benevolent. Therefore this is no surprise to God nor should he have allowed it.

    a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma:

    “Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?
    Then he is not omnipotent.
    Is he able, but not willing?
    Then he is malevolent.
    Is he both able and willing?
    Then whence cometh evil?
    Is he neither able nor willing?
    Then why call him God?”—Epicurus

  3. Who could predict a financial collapse at this time in history? Everybody.

    Who predicted the Beirut (nuke) explosion yesterday? Nobody.

    They are all frauds, New Age frauds, Christian prophet frauds, psychic frauds.

    Who is predicting BIG events in our near future? NO ONE.

  4. Remebeer the words of the Dirty Little Jewboy
    ! palestine today tomorrow america “

  5. You can trust one thing for sure, and that is the Bible. GOD doesn’t lie. His Word tells us what will happen, and it has not failed or falsely prophesied yet. According to the Bible, there are more bad things on the way. The best thing to do is to humble yourself before the Lord and repent and believe GOD. If not, you surely will perish.

  6. A mullet, a pistol and a prayer..
    America..you are stuffed!

  7. Believers in different religions usually try to receive signs, “Lord give me a sign!”… looking for signs is important, however never forget Djinns are experts in dream and symbology business! Do you remember that Indian Hindu guy who had a dream and next day started worshiping Trump? It all started from a vivid and clear dream!!!

    Again the idea that a believer should ask for personalized signs is not out of place, in fact God is constantly testing believers, much of the things that happen to us are signs (Ayats) but we never take them seriously or see them as such.

    Isn’t it kind of arrogant to constantly ask for clear personalized signs from God!? Instead we should look for signs that God has already revealed in his books or embedded thorough his creation; one should not constantly ask for “spiritual-fast-food” from God! The ego/arrogance has many layers and its roots goes down to the deepest and most hidden parts of our hearts and so one such direct spiritual-fast-food in the form of a personalized custom sign from God for you could easily destroy you and raise your arrogance and delusion levels!

    One Christian woman said she opened bible from a random page and looked for the first word that she saw or happened to see! She then move on to the next word up to three times trying to make out a message out of it!!! This is very primitive and subject to a great deal of error! In our creed not only this is stupid but also God would never disrespect a human being like that!

    Such irrational conduit style revelations also puts you into a passive position. This is why understanding God’s plan and the involvement in it is so important. Many bipolar patients are engaged in making out secret messages from random numbers, like car plate numbers or colors and other bizarre things like listening to what every random guy is saying as he is passing by! This is a mental illness and Djinns have a Dream and Symbology conglomerate! Instead of dipping into every random thing and loosing it to become a conduit and a vessel of deliverance and in doing so disrespect ourselves, why not just look at what God has created and try to see his fingerprints and signs that he has left for us! Reasonable scholars would say that a grown up mind and heart never needs dreams as a source for guidance. In fact sleeping is an imperfection, believers are advised to remain awake parts of the night repenting, praying and contemplating.

    What is the difference between Coffee divination or fortune-telling and randomly looking for words in a holy book? Is it not disrespecting ones intellect and religion!?

    Now there is a lot of misunderstanding on prophecy and the issue of God’s plan that I may post again after this.

    my two rials

  8. Indeed God is in absolute control. And by “control” we don’t mean he is going to act instead of us. He has given us a degree of free-will so not only he expects something from each of us as individuals but also expects from us as communities too, mainly he expects pure intention and then action on that intention.

    No human society or group can form without a leader, anarchy is not sustainable. So God expects us to follow the best leader. Do we know or can we decide who the best leader is? Of-course not, he has to be divinely appointed. What if we are not ready? What if we don’t even realize that we are missing such a leader? Then we should suffer long enough under the incompetent evil leadership until we cry out to God “together and alone” and beg him to send us the promised perfect human as the divine leader and savior.

    Should God just send the perfect human without people being ready and capable to empower him… then through a simple political play people are fooled and so the divinely appointed leader will be removed from power and is even killed along with the pure close followers, just as has happened throughout history. One of the reasons is that a divine leader’s rule over humans can not be achieved by degrading human values and by cheating. It has to elevate human value and respect and so it will fail if people don’t understand this principle. People need to grow up and see through all the nonsense; when a politician claims something then people should ask “Ok what is your plan to achieve that?”. One can say “In God we trust” a billion times from the depth of his heart. If it means just wait for Rapture, wait for Karma, wait for Mahdi or Jesus, etc… then he and his society is “passive”, just like bystanders. They are in the Coffee Divination mode! Surely monotheists believe God has a plan, for God sake politicians have plans even long term ones how can God not have plans?! Much of the prophecy is in fact about the plan and what will happen… Djinns and their leader Satan love to create fake prophecies and plans to mislead mankind, their main method is dreams… and they keep using symbols and mention their plans so to first psychologically prepare the public opinion and secondly show that they are powerful! So a writer or a cartoon maker might one day have a dream about virus pandemic use this idea in his project. This is the problem with being a mindless conduit!

    So back to God’s plan, let us consider the following:

    1- God has a plan on hold
    2- God has an ongoing plan
    3- God has had an ongoing plan

    The first one implies that God’s plan is kind of like a switch, at some time when he chooses he acts on his plan and its done. People are not important really as they take no part in the plan directly and willingly.

    The second one implies that there is an ongoing active plan, now the question is are we part of it or should we become part of it? We need to take into account that we are given a degree of free-will and that God wants to respect us, so the plan must involve voluntary motivation. To think that God is going to hit the white ball such that it would hit the red ball and that would hit a few other balls and make multiple scores with one shot is really describing a cartoon god and a plan on hold! He has absolute power however the main point is for humanity to grow up and choose God willingly and the essence of choosing God is to become part of his plan.

    So now we can agree that considering our assumptions it is logical for God to have an active and ongoing plan that requires us to be part of it…and that plan revolves around a divinely appointed leader. How else?!

    Now the third one implies that God has had an ongoing plan on earth for a span of centuries for instance, like a project that should be nearing its fruition. If we don’t believe in this we are essentially saying that Satan has had open season!!! It would also negate God’s justice and wisdom. If there has been an active ongoing plan, where is it, how do we relate to it? If a man thinking about this is not shaken to the core, then perhaps he is being entertained elsewhere! See how with easy logic we can clear a lot of misconceptions!

    It is clear throughout old and new testaments as well as Quran that entering God’s covenant follows by the usual tests including economic hardship, war and complex political sedition… should a people successfully pass the tests, God sends the promised divine leader.

    Jews and Christians have their own timelines and history and they should explain for themselves where do they stand with regards to God’s plan and prophecies. In Sunni Islam, Muslims are waiting for a savior that is not yet born. In Shia Islam however, it is the living Imam/Leader that is waiting for the believers. What I am trying to expose here is the “passiveness” of people and their disconnection from history. Nowadays many claim to have been chosen to deliver a message from Lord…this pictures God’s plan as very weak or no plan at all! Why should God send his “updated plan” suddenly to many people? Why should the plan need updating? God missed some points?! Why should God ignore our ancestors and just deal with us with total disregard with the old ongoing covenants!? God had promised things to our ancestors and they also promised things to God, surely we are into all of this! We are in the same timeline, we can’t detach ourselves from the past. Prophet Abraham ع said to God will there be Imams in my bloodline? And God said my covenant does not reach oppressors. And then we have God’s declared principles such as:

    “…surely Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change what is in their hearts…” Quran (13:11)

    There are also many in bible such as bastards born of adultery will not inherit kingdom of lord even in the tenth generation!!!

    So the logic is clear for a monotheist that a proper God must have had an active ongoing plan as well as timeless rules that won’t change.

    Let us explore the prophecy and God’s plan from another perspective, sometimes writing the same principles in a different style helps greatly. This will be long though!

    I am not against prophecy but let us put everything into perspective.

    A powerful group with resources, long term plans and backbone to work hard can try to shape the future. You can be in the government and know of a plan to make a highway connecting one city to another in 10 years, so you advise your relatives and friends to go and buy cheap lands in those areas because they will be many time more valuable in 10 years!

    Now which is inherently better:

    1- To be able to shape the future!
    2- To be able to inform people of those who are going to the shape the future!

    The more powerful a group, the more longer term plans they can have; maybe they can plan for 100 or 200 years ahead! In the end though they can never be as powerful or as knowledgeable as God and there will be unexpected things happening along the way that may hinder or even destroy their plans.

    Why don’t we give God enough credit to have plans for the future of humanity?! What kind of God do we believe in? Now God is known to have sent many Prophets throughout history… why do you think that is?

    1- God sent prophets to inform us of his plans!
    2- God sent prophets, so we can be part of his plans!

    Those who choose 1, believe in a cartoon God that is going to fix everything by lightnings whenever he fancies! So if God wants us to take part in his plans, it means he expects things to be done by people. Now do you think God is going to make it easy? Obviously not specially if we believe we as Humans are his best creation and he takes a lot of pride in us! In the end he wants to make a big party and reward all those who did best and then those who did good enough. It has to be a hard game. So what will he do? He allows Satan to take charge of the opposing team and gives him some crazy powers too! Then what does he do next? He chose the leader of the opposing team, now you expect him not to choose a leader for his own team!? Come on we need to think!

    So as you see, something seriously important has been missing from our understanding of religion and to clarify it we start with the definition of the word Prophet.

    The word “prophet” and “prophecy” that are associated with “divine representative” are mainly shifted towards predicting future even though the root of the word ends up in Latin to mean Speaker. The question is why function of the divine representative is reduced to just predicting future? Let us compare Arabic and Hebrew equivalent words:

    The word رسول “rasool” in Arabic and پیامبر “piambar” in Farsi mean messenger. However the main defining word for a divine representative is (nabi/navi or نبی or נביא) which in both Arabic and Hebrew has three related root meanings:

    1- True message.
    2- A high place, like peak of a mountain.
    3- Clear path

    There is nothing about prediction of future. Now it becomes more interesting when you see another important keyword and concept that we don’t see among Christians today and that is امام “Imam” in Arabic and נָשִׂיא “Nashi” in Hebrew. Nashi is translated as prince, however in modern Hebrew that was put back together not long ago, it means President! However Rabis know better that Nashi actually mean Imam. The question now is why in both Islam and Judaism there are two key important words associated with a divine representative and why we don’t see that in Christianity?

    Navi/Nabi is a messenger that brings the message and the “design” and some predictions too. On the other hand Nashi or Imam is the architect and one who builds the design by leading and with the help of believing people. In Quran Imam is a title that is given to some Nabis. In other words a Nabi can become a Nashi/Imam too. However Sunni Muslims think of Imam only as a lead in the prayer and historically they chose the council and democratic path to choose leaders. This is while Shiite Muslim consider Imam as a leader to lead mankind in the path of God’s plans!

    Ultimately future is clear it does not need predicting! There have been delays in God’s plans, big delays like a thousand years, but God is patient and is in no rush. He has promised to bring other people instead of those who are currently in covenant should they fail! God has sent designs through Nabi/Navi and Nashi/Imam will implement it by the help of people. Sure some predictions and prophecies are also there, HOWEVER God’s representatives are “future makers” and not just prophets. This is the essence of divine leadership. Throughout history many of those who predicted things to happen were actually behind it too, this would psychologically prepare the minds for its coming. For instance 9/11 or Corona pandemic or Armageddon! The line between future-making and future-prediction becomes thinner!

    The sad part is even Nostradamus is considered to be a prophet. This is really an injustice to Jesus(ع), to reduce his level… and I say this as a Shiite Muslim. Therefore the word Prophet has lost its weight and is synonymous with other cheap words like soothsayer!

    Now some predictions are based on realities, for example, when oppression and injustice become rampant”, or “When natural disasters will be many” , or “When women act like men and men act like women”, or “when no one else has anything new to say to save the world”… Some other predictions are very specific, like “In the land of Hijaz (Saudi Arabia) A king named Abdullah will die and after him there will be many kings each ruling for a month, weeks, few days or less…”

    It is clear that a Nabi/Nashi/Imam is aware of the Satan’s plans; so, much of his predictions are his own logical understanding of the future outcomes while other more specific ones are revealed to him by God or Angel Gabriel. The idea that God’s representative is unable to to do anything by himself and God has to hold his hand all the time is again a cartoon understanding. Nope he must be a perfect human worthy to lead.

    Jews have been historically fascinated with prophecy and miracles that they could see so much that among their other prophets they specially like Daniel (ع) whose shrine is currently in Iran! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tomb_of_Daniel

    However Moses (ع) asked them to help him build the future but they broke covenant again and again and so even though God actually chose them, they became Satan’s chosen people in the end.

    Their history with Djinns is also undeniable, and they got many prophecies from them! It takes many pages to completely explain the subject of God’s Covenants and it is beyond the scope and time that we have. Suffice to say, Jewish scholars/Rabis encouraged their people to cry and pray to God to hasten the arrival of their promised savior when they were being oppressed under Pharaoh in Egypt. It is said God accepted and their savior Moses (ع) came 100 years sooner!

    As you know Djinns are represented in Hollywood movies as “blue” aliens or creatures, in Aladdin movie, Will Smith is a blue Djinn. In the movie he claims that: “he is not all Knowing but he is all powerful.” … throughout history Djinns were mainly known for their ability to predict the future. This confirms that today those who worship Djinns at the top (Satanists and Globalists) are impressed only by their powers and not prophecies, because Djinns have consistently failed to predict the future specially when dealing with true believers. Instead they want to shape and make the future.

    So, the world is going into darkness, can we believe God has been sleeping all along? Surely another people have taken the covenant… and if they fail too and the Nashi/Imam of time dies again… then humanity has to suffer more under Satan’s rule until the next time! So much for prophecy!

    my two rials

  9. God’s vessels have always been reamed out because of their God-given dreams. Facts don’t cease to exist just because they are ignored, and such dreams don’t cease to be Heaven-sent and revered because they are scorned and scoffed at. “For the preaching of the Cross is to them that perish [disbelieve] foolishness; but unto us who are saved it is the power of God.”

  10. It will not be just a financial collapse, it will be the entire collapse of civilisation as we know it. We will all and I mean all in the west will return to peasantry and be absorbed into the next civilisation as serfs, slaves and at the bottom of the pile, as has happened to all civilisations before this one.

  11. WRONG moshe solomons on conspiracy news said 2 weeks ago israel was preparing
    a nuclear blast possibly in Beruit

  12. “God has a Plan” !!!

    Why would God have a plan? He is Omniscient. He knows everything that ever has happened, is now happening or will ever happen. He already knows how everything will end, so having a plan is kind of anticlimactic to him/her don’t you think?
    This god must be a real dipshit if he already knows all but still wants to play games with his creation’s lives.
    Why would you reference a book (((Bible))) written by Jews as the prophetic writings of a mass murdering deity that we should turn to?