The Insulted Majority

Brother Nathanael – Real Jews News Aug 4, 2020

Jewish born convert to Christianity and outspoken critic of zionism

7 responses to “The Insulted Majority”

  1. Justice is coming from all around the WORLD!!
    And in GODS name they will not win!!!

  2. NO VIDEO!

  3. The Jews need to eliminate all christians and muslims except prozionists.To do that we need to be vacinated and die.For them that is the cure.American patriots need to have their guns removed so another staged shooting by right to bear radicals upon innocent blm members will be happening soon.Americans will hand in their guns in disgust and kneel down to blm communists and the Jewish Sanhedrin who will then disarm all Patriots and move them into FEMA camps for rehabilitation aka extermination.The Chinese blue helmet peace keeping force will be helping out at this stage.This scenario is almost a given.If Trump sends forces to the South China Sea he will fall into a trap and lose.This trap is set by the Jews.America will be history thereafter.

  4. Worst case scenario Trump loses the war against China.China invades Australia and destroys Japan.Chinese and Russian forces occupy North America.Trump goes into hiding.Kim Jong Un is made supreme leader of all Asia.The Vatican makes a truce with the east and a false peace ensues.South Korea and Taiwan are annexed by Chinese and Korean forces.The pope proclaims Kim Jong Un as god and diety to be worshipped.The pope forces a mark on everyone.Very possible scenario here.ALMOST CERTAIN THIS IS THE PLAN.

  5. Don’t worry about the Jews that comedy movie about Kim Un they made their biggest mistake ever he will wipe them out for that alone.Thats guaranteed, Jews ur finished.Thanks to Seth u destroyed Jewish imperialism forever.Good luck Seth Kim if the Jewish synagogue of Satan doesn’t kill u to appease the coming beast he will do it himself u better run and hide.Fast.

  6. The USA deserves whats coming
    its illegal ways the torture programme
    the mass rapes after w w 2 and iraq, karma is payback time
    even the UK americas only freind in the world is backing off
    starvation disease wars and pestilence the 4 horsmen are arriving
    be afraid be very afraid…

  7. Another great piece of truth from Brother Nathanael.