Civilization expert Fred Markert warns there’s only ONE way to save America from catastrophic collapse

Mike Adams – Natural News Aug 4, 2020

Without question, this is one of the most important interviews we’ve published all year. First-time guest Fred Markert of is a widely acclaimed expert in the rise and fall of human civilizations. He has studied the collapse of hundreds of civilizations spanning human history, and today he warns that Western civilization is accelerating toward a rapid collapse that can only be reversed in one way.

People who have seen this interview are raving about its impact on their lives, and some have personally texted me and told me they almost couldn’t watch the last half because it was “too scary,” but after they watched all the way through, they understood the importance of the discussion.

If you watch just one video this week, make it this one. It’s a can’t-miss, high-IQ discussion about why America has already passed the tipping point and is headed for a cultural, financial and moral collapse from which no nation in history has recovered. It’s more than just America, too: This discussion warns about the collapse of all of Western civilization.

When a nation begins to maim its children in the name of LGBT progressivism, for example, it’s one of the last signs that collapse is imminent. And America is already there. If this nation doesn’t immediately denounce child mutilations, child murder (abortion), child rape (pedophilia, widely practiced by Democrats) and other heinous sins such as using aborted fetal tissue in vaccines, we will not exist much longer.

Watch and share this ultra-important video. We’ve invited Markert back for a follow-up interview in the weeks ahead, as we have a lot more questions for him. link:

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13 responses to “Civilization expert Fred Markert warns there’s only ONE way to save America from catastrophic collapse”

  1. Watch videos by Charles Ward as an antidote to gloom and doom

  2. The inconvenientien realty:

    The video that tells it all.
    The world as we know it is coming to an end.

  3. He keeps mentioning Russia as though it were still the USSR…Russia is a functioning European Christian country that isn’t ashamed to be White…The Communists in the US hate Russia for that reason…

  4. Of course…..since Fred appears to be a jew….Jews will get a free pass….you can say that without viewing the video.


    The Jewish fiends have been at the FOREFRONT of importing millions apon millions of alien peoples into western countries…..
    Take a look at music videos…. MOST are made by Jews and the majority of the stars like “pink” are Jews.

    Who has been behind mass abortion….who has erected a Jewish menorah in Washington and banned symbols of Christianity….

  5. My main issue with this video concerns Fred Markert’s over-use of the “judeo-Christian” oxymoron.

    He must be aware that these two belief systems are OPPOSITES. Almost without exception, the jews HATE Christians and Christianity and seek to destroy everything Normal, Natural, Right and Good (or “of God”), so from a Christian perspective, the term “judeo-Christianity” is equal to saying SATANIC (pseudo) Christianity.

    Christians (real ones) are aligned with the forces of Creation while the criminal gang known as jews align themselves with the devil. They think in their twisted logic that if they can destroy Creation they will have somehow proven their father the devil (as identified by Jesus Christ) “superior” in some way to God.

    What they don’t seem capable of understanding is that destruction proves nothing because any idiot can knock something down.

  6. I fear it is too late. Most Americans believe all the hoaxes, from the 911 attacks by Israelis and the Bush II administration, to the Boston Marathon bombing, to the Sandy Hook school shootings, to the “death” of George Floyd. America is the land of IDIOTS! Turn OFF Jew TV, get off social media, and find the truth.

  7. America is f*cked.
    The UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Spain….are f*cked.

    Yes, it’s decadence. And who’s responsible for this? They are the very religious cult, whom Mike Adams WILL NEVER, EVER, EVER call out being the Christian he is.
    Everyone who reads this website and who knows what’s really going on, knows who’s responsible. It is, of course, the Jews. Always has been and always will be.

    When you are dealing with a religious cult of supremacist racists, who want this world for themselves and want to genocide the world’s population you have a problem. When, members of this cult, are all in top positions, in all western establishments and institutions, you have a really HUGE problem. And when you choose not to accept these people as the problem and more importantly DO SOMETHING ABOUT this problem then your civilization is f*cked.

    There are no white people, calling for an end to Jewishness, or blackness in the msm and prominent positions within academia and the entertainment industry. There are, however, lots of Jews and blacks calling for an end to whiteness, living in our societies and benefiting from it. If this hasn’t got your alarm bells ringing then you’re a moron.

    First step, in winning ANY battle is knowing WHO your enemy is.
    The enemy of mankind is, always has been and always will be the Jew.
    There is one solution to the Jewish problem – a simple genocide of them (15 million although it’s estimated to much higher, due to mixing within the European population for a long time) or they WILL genocide us (7 billion). It’s a no brainer, but people still think that it’s wrong. Best case scenario is to round up every Jew, place them in a land and turn that land into the hell they’re doing, have done and plan to, already on us. Put them on an island and destroy all means of leaving. Monitor everything all of them do 24/7. Sterilise the women and that way the next generations aren’t born. Turn them into decadent, depraved, individuals, having them only watch porn on the TV. Introduce diseases to them, as they have done to us. Vaccinate them, bringing about autism and aspergers. And simply tell them that “we are God’s chosen. This is our world and we want it for ourselves, with no Jew on it.”

    I don’t think people understand the gravity of the situation here. We are at war. You still harp on about WW1 and WW2 when you fail to see that the very people, the very religious, supremacist, racist cult that has had Europeans murdering one another for centuries, is in full control of society and has introduced means to drastically reduce (murder) our population. Is this sinking in??? How many times do you fools need to be told before it sinks in that JUDAISM is a hateful, racist, genocidal cult??? “Oh but I know Jews and they are good people and blah blah blah….” the very fact that they CHOOSE to be Jews, when they know ALL ABOUT what Judaism is, should instantly tell you that they are NOT good people at all. They are playing the waiting game. Heck, there are millions of Jews out there who identify as Christians, but they call themselves Jews. This means that they are still, adherents to their cult. Do you understand that? Judaism IS a religious ideology. There ARE no racial Jews. To say that they are a Christian, yet Jewish is like me saying I’m a white supremacist, but a black panther. It’s an OXYMORON!!!

    Jews are lying to you.
    They’ve been lying to you since time immemorial.
    You have a choice – Remove these people from their positions of power. Lock them away on an island and bring about their rapid depopulation OR kiss goodbye to your civilization and yes, that means you and any of your progeny. If you really have to think about this, then you may as well start building your own gulags now.
    STOP protecting members of this cult. This is what they are. They CHOOSE to remain as members of this cult. They DON’T have to be in this cult but they are. Now think about that. Your life depends on it.

  8. Thirty years ago I thought I might live long enough to see the beginning of the end for America. Thirty years later and almost sixty years old I might actually live long enough to see its end.

  9. Harbinger, your words are accurate! Well Done!

  10. Someone should inform this ‘civilization expert’, that civilization is a white or Aryan phenomenon. If white gentiles never existed on this planet the rest of simian ‘humanity’ (Africans, Asians, hybrids) would still be statically living in the Stone Age. Thus civilization collapses when the progenitors of it numerically decline or disappear, by being conquered/killed off by non-Aryans & through miscegenation/bestiality with them. It’s that simple.

    These present ancestral ‘white nation-states’ can no longer logically be classified as ‘civilizations’ when millions of bipedal apes exist within them, as they perpetually riot, murder & spread their subhuman barbarism across society.

  11. Germany may be training people to use their hands but they have failed to produce enough children to sustain their nation and have fallen well below the replacement level. The way they are going, they will be replaced

    Catholic nations to the south are generally poorer than Protestant nations in northern climes. The Prods in the north have comparable education levels as the Catholics in the north. Also, northern Catholic nations like Poland have equal or better higher education than many Protestant nations.

    Most young people today could care less about saving Western civilization and looking back on our history of the 20th century it is no wonder. Right now so-called Western civilization is run by secularist people who control all major purse strings. They are the people who screwed up the family system in the West and substituted themselves for God and materialism for the God’s realm.

    The big difference between the less affluent Catholic nations to the south is that they generally have had no problem preproducing themselves until recently with Western secular media, education, and international banking cartel controls.

    The authors of The Empty Planet provide real insight to the birth dearth hitting the planet:

    If you want to have a society with enough children to survive it is insufficient to suggest that Protestant renewal is the answer. Most of Protestant thinking turns on rewards in this life and that leads to materialism, and only 1.6 children per woman if you are lucky. There must be an awakening but that only comes with enough confidence and trust and in the supernatural not being so hung up on virtual complete gratification in materialism and temporal pleasures. In the West the evidence appears to be that only conservative Catholic families (distinct minority in their own Church) and Islamic families (the future majority) are having politically-incorrect numbers of children for any future survival.

  12. Euthanasia is the cure for mankind. Take the red pill now.

  13. there is only one way out, deport all jews to epsteins island and let the pervs bugger them
    we sure dont want them here