Dispatches from the War: vaccine, Gates, racism, liberals, logic

Jon Rappoport – No More Fake News Aug 4, 2020

The night is long and the price is high. I imagine Trump stepping up to a microphone saying, “Yes, the GDP just dropped through the floor, and the economy is a wreck, but here’s the good news. Operation War Seed, I mean Warp Speed, is on track to spit out a genetic nano super duper bombshell cruise missile vaxx in record time. These guys in their labs are great. Great people. I hear they’re developing new masks—you can actually eat your meals through them…”

Since, as I’ve been demonstrating, researchers failed to prove the existence of a new coronavirus…

…In today’s logic class on the fly, we review a basically fallacy which I call The Effect Proves the Cause, an item Aristotle elucidated 2350 years ago.

The lockdowns, the distancing, the masks, the testing, the tracing are the effects. They are designed to prove there is a new and deadly virus, the cause.

The fallacy is: that’s backwards.

Of course, the lockdowns and the masks and distancing prove nothing. They’re on the level of: “The man is in jail, so he must have committed a crime.”

The fallacy is actually: The Effect Which Is Actually Not an Effect of a Claimed Cause.

And then think about this. If there were no containment measures, if people were allowed to come and go freely, they would soon lose a sense of urgency about vaccination. And businesses would be open; there would be no economic destruction. Now we’re getting down to the truth.

The containment measures aren’t the effect of anything.

They’re put there to achieve economic destruction, and to create the illusion of need for a vaccine.

Some variations on this theme:

“We are fighting a war against X; therefore, X must have threatened our security. Otherwise, why would we be fighting?” FALLACY.

“The jury brought in a verdict of not-guilty. Therefore, the defendant didn’t commit the crime.” FALLACY.

“The authorities stepped up surveillance on the suspects. Therefore, the suspects must be criminals.” FALLACY.

X might have threatened the nation’s security, and the defendant might have committed a crime, and the suspects might be criminals, but these require separate investigations. The “therefore” is the fallacy.

“People are dying, it must be the virus.” FALLACY.

Bill Gates and his Globalist colleagues want to shove a needle into the arms of 7.6 billion people. They want to create the illusion of need for that program. The containment measures, the lockdowns—“This must mean we have to have a vaccine.” WRONG.

Grinning smirking sociopathic Howdy Doody freakazoid Bill says the vaccine is essential. All these little programmed Leftists and BLM and ANTIFA running around trying to cancel this and cancel that, take power away from here and there…why don’t they ever mention the power of Bill Gates? It’s just a pure accident they omit him? After all, the man is very busy delivering toxic vaccines in Africa. For that matter, are no protests winding up at the New York headquarters of the United Nations? That organization seems to have some power. I’m not reading about protests in Langley, where the CIA is nestled. Or at the home of the NSA in Maryland. And what about the New York offices of the major news networks, Propaganda Central? These protestors and rioters have very specific blind sports?

Hmm. Let’s take a step back. Fauci and Gates and their ilk are wreaking economic havoc. The rioters are wreaking their own version of economic havoc. Could it be, in some way, some twisted way, they’re on the same side?

Speaking of twisted, follow along with this quick hitter on modern “epidemics”. You won’t find such coverage in the New York Times:

—Origin stories of viruses—what’s wrong with this picture—

Every organized religion has an origin story. The story explains where things started, and who made them.

Epidemics, as I’ve explained in many articles, resemble religions.

Epidemics, too, have origin stories.

Perhaps summarizing a few of the more popular legends will reveal a pattern. Here is a short list. Name of disease, where it began, and what it supposedly came from:

HIV/AIDS, Africa, monkeys. West Nile, Uganda, birds, mosquitos. Avian Influenza (H5N1), China, geese. SARS, China, animals, perhaps bats. Swine Flu (H1N1), Mexico, pigs. COVID-19, China, animals, perhaps bats.

The first story-line requirement is animal origin. “The virus jumped species to humans.”

Obviously, this kind of tale could be told using any country in the world as place of origin, because every country has animals. Every country hunts animals, domesticates them, sells them, eats them.

With me so far?

A question that immediately pops up: why haven’t we been treated to a global pandemic origin-story that names America, Canada, or Europe as the source?

Those places have plenty of animals, wild and domesticated. People eat them. The factory-farms are notoriously unclean.

“Today, CDC researchers named a North Carolina commercial pig farm as the starting point of the Raleigh Virus 1 Pandemic that is sweeping the world…”

Hasn’t been told, hasn’t been sold. Ever.

Why not?

Keep in mind we aren’t talking about science or truth—we’re talking about marketing.

So, who is the major audience (target) for these pandemic stories?

The West. People in Western countries.

What does that audience need to hear, in order to be suitably impressed, deceived, frightened?

THE VIRUS COMES FROM A FOREIGN LAND. Yes, and in that land, “strange and mysterious things happen. Unhealthy unclean things.” That’s the subliminal pitch.

Consider another tale of domestic Origin: “Experts are now centering their investigation on a market in Dayton, Ohio. They believe the virus might have jumped species from a cat, which bit a human near the meat counter…” No. No good.

How about this? “Ranchers in Wyoming apparently ate a wild bird…” Better. Why not? If a virus-story about bats in China can work, so can a story about a bird in the US. Except it doesn’t work. No “foreign flavor.”

That is called a clue.

When you put together the fraudulent science that begins with the announced discovery of a new virus—never isolated or purified or actually found—with a legend about the virus’ origin in a far-off land, you have a marketable product. PANDEMIC.

Contemplate this interesting twist. If someone tried to sell a new pandemic that originated in a sanctuary city in California, “liberals” would climb all over that story: IT’S RACIST. THEY’RE TRYING TO BLAME IMMIGRANTS.

But the same “liberals” will put on masks, stand six feet apart, work from home, stay indoors, cooperate with contact tracers, and line up for a vaccine, if you say the origin of the virus was China or Africa or Mexico, WHERE THE SKIN COLOR IS NOT WHITE.

Racial bias sells. Hugely. As long as no one mentions it.

Thus ends today’s lesson in logic, internal contradiction, and the highly technical variation called liberal bullshit.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here


5 responses to “Dispatches from the War: vaccine, Gates, racism, liberals, logic”

  1. Another good one from Jon Rappoport.

    Apart from the fact that the dead fragment fraudulently mis-identified as a “virus” is really an EFFECT of illness and NOT it’s CAUSE, if there really was a new “killer plague”, we’d see a (genuine) increase in deaths.

    They can fiddle the statistics all they want (and they do).

    Someone falls off a cliff – Corona death.
    Hit by a bus – Corona death.
    Drowns in the sea – Corona death.
    Dies of old age – Corona death.
    Killed by a Corona-infected bullet.

    It’s when we ignore the lying propaganda and look at the TOTAL deaths from ALL causes that we see something resembling TRUTH, and the truth is that there is NO new disease.

  2. Another misleading one by Rappoport. The virus has been sufficiently proven by honest physicians to have distinct and more severe symptoms which can “cause” death or result in similar serious respiratory symptoms (or so neutralize a persons immune system they can succumb to other bacteria) only in “clearly-defined” immune-compromised individuals, OR in individuals who are exposed to a relatively very high initial or continuous “infectious dose”. Talk to some people who have treated the few with the serious symptoms. Look at the valid research showing how HCQ works with such victims.

    Were the lockdowns and restrictions ever necessary to protect the general population? Absolutely not.

    Were the lockdowns and restrictions a result of media and government panic?
    The lockdowns and restrictions were planned along with the release of the virus and the media and the government have been deliberately used to generate fear in order to justify all of the restrictions. People like Rappoport (a journalist although probably well-intentioned) think because there are too many dots in this scenario for the public to connect them, that it is easier to say the virus does not exist and all the restrictions are just psyop and hot air. The problem is that it does exist and is most likely a lab-nurtured or lab-engineered Coronavirus. It has four “inserts in a row” in its RNA enhancing its “spiking” (infectious) abilities. Inserts can be from a mutation or be lab assisted or engineered. No other Coronavirus ever found has had 4 inserts in a row. This sequence is “possible” but not “probable” without at least lab tampering according to the scientific commentary.

    In the beginning of all of this (the nation likely at the center of this in my view – the US) Trump and US authorities immediately accused China of allowing the virus to escape from their Wuhan lab. The evidence was at that time that the same virus was at the Fort Detrich lab in Maryland at least as late as 2015, and then there is evidence it was at the Chapel Hill Level 4 lab at the University of North Carolina after that. Other labs like the Level 4 lab in Winnipeg should also be on the suspect list based on the Canadian mockingbird media hype last summer about an alleged Chinese scientist “smuggling” a flu virus out of that lab to Wuhan through Canada post.

    Rappoport no doubt would like to say that all of these reports and allegations we find from our authorities are part of a conspiracy based on no real virus at all. We are expected to believe that although the US has about 400 bio-warfare labs all around the world and is constantly experimenting with a host of different viruses including various renditions of the Coronvirus, that if the actual owners of the US and its military, the very people using the pandemic as cover for all of their “Great Resets” including the planned “mother of all” global financial resets in the works, that that they would not use a slightly enhanced flu virus to give real substance to their plandemic? Rappoport appears to be of the view they would simply kick off their pandemic with just ordinary flu symptoms and rely totally on fake news and government generated panic.

    This is not an academic issue. It is an “existential” one – meaning life and death issues here at stake. The establishment-controlled media and our governments are all central-bank and cartel-controlled organizations, and they have deliberately exaggerated the threat in order to impose and to keep imposing the restrictions. That is a fact that even those who share Rappoport’s views should agree. That the entire pandemic was planned for years is another fact they should agree with. Why they should look at all of the publications including comments from scientific sources, is that by doing so they will realize this is a distinct Coroavirus that with a sufficient infectious dose, it can neutralize one’s immune system causing serious symptoms far worse than with any other Cornavirus ever seen. Yet, by simply protecting the “clearly defined” risk group there is no need to shut down anything. The authorities have known that from the beginning.

    What makes this a life and death matter now is the “threat” of the authorities of a “second wave”. We already know that the authorities have lost a lot of credibility with their inflated stats and empty hospital wards while ignoring all of the valid arguments that their restrictions are not protecting anyone and in fact causing more harm. Amazingly, people who agree with Rappoport agree with this statement, and they also realize the amount of time, effort and money the authorities have put into plandemic as their pretext to roll out all of their NWO resets on us. They also must agree that a second wave has been threatened, and so for them to be consistent, they must believe that the second wave will just be based on hype and fake news all over again with people just having regular flu symptoms. No, this cannot be the case. If the planners released an enhanced virus last Fall but the the actual threat to the general public turned out to be far less than expected (which I maintain is the case), and they remain desperate enough to try maintain their control measures over us to enable the various resets, then it is most likely that any “second wave” will be more real or “lethal”.

    Rappoport and others also have to realize that there is far more to this than just the vaccination scam. If you go back to 1987 when the planning began under the UN and then to Agenda 21 in 1992 and all the way through the next 20 years you have to realize that the potentates running the world have very very big plans for us and the world on which they have spent hundreds of billions, and in which they had 178 nations sign on to Agenda 21 in 1992, and 192 nations sign on to Agenda 2030 in 2015. If you read the documents and the number of NGO’s and agencies working on and backing even the 17 sustainability resolutions of 2015, you will realize how sweeping their plans are and that 2020 is the beginning of their execution plans which are obviously under the guise of the present “pandemic” which now lacks any real substance.

    Can they roll out all of their changes without the draconian control measures over us? No. Those of us who are not owned or who do not think we are owned by the central banking cartel would likely vigorously oppose most of the resolutions in the Agendas.

    Can they roll out all of there changes without a real virus justifying and maintaining the draconian control measures over us? No. Even the C-19 virus proved to be only slightly more sever than a regular flu season and their entire basis for the restrictions is crumbling with people no longer dying despite the fact that governments are saying more people are being infected in certain areas. There is even a correlation between US Fed QE trillions (and perhaps payoffs) to various jurisdictions exaggerating the threat of the hyping up the restrictions.

    Our peril is based on our knowledge of the sociopathic background and tendencies of the people running things. There is nothing they would not do to attain their ends. Any ring of people who would pull off a 9/11 for expansion in the ME and to create surveillance states of their own nations, would not hesitate over the “necessity” of creating and using a pandemic to carry out their plans. Only the international central banking cartel which virtually owns and runs the UN would have the money and the power to have 192 nations cooperate in such a plan for Agenda aims, and only such a ruthless ring of people controlling that cartel would be able to hire the chutzpah to pull something like this off.

  3. @ Fred B – please post the link to the scientific paper which isolates the “virus”.

  4. Fred B has been desperately trying to keep the bioweapon distraction going since it became clear to everyone that there was no virus, merely the trappings of a pandemic and a draconian lockdown which deliberately caused some deaths among the elderly and infirm. If it was an escaped virus, young and old would be dying alike.

  5. Another good piece from Rappoport and outstanding commentary and analysis from Fred B, as usual.