Anthony Migchels: Ending Debt & Usury Would Save Mankind — Aug 3, 2020 

The current COVID scam is designed to extend the central banking cartel’s fraudulent monopoly over our national credit into control over literally every aspect of our lives. They call it the great reset.”  Cabalists want to enslave humanity in a “New World Order” 
But, as Anthony Migchels writes, “Debt-free money only solves the money creation issue, it does not end Usury. No, the way forward is simply interest-free credit-based units. That’s just too simple and rational, solving both money creation and Usury. We need both money and credit, so we might as well create money as interest-free credit.”

David Icke Speaks The Exact Truth About Banking And Usury

by Anthony Migchels – ( 

David Icke asks: “Why are Governments borrowing money from private banking systems, and the population paying interest on the borrowing? Why aren’t the Governments issuing their own currency interest-free?”
And next, he adds, really of central importance: “And lending it to the population interest-free, to go about their commerce, and go about their daily lives, creating opportunities and choices, that they would otherwise not have?”
And that is the essence that you, bizarrely, will hardly hear anywhere. No, it’s not good enough for the Government to claw back money creation from the Banks. The credit issue must be solved. Usury must be solved.
And it is solved by providing normal people with interest-free credit.

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  1. David Icke hits the nail on the head here
    Rothschilds choose which countries go to war with whom.
    Lord Victor rothschild told his apostles in the 1930s that he ruled both the UK USA and Russia, so by spying for him the apostles would be serving world peace
    thse cambridge intellectuals were really stupid, to think tey would really have the positions in great power after W W 2,
    We achievd Brexit next we need to get the jews out and do as Hitler did, put the rothschilds in prison

  2. Icke refuses to name the Jew.
    (((The Cult))) is all he says.
    However, in another video he states that this (((Cult))) is made up of “Evil White Men”.

    Makow does nothing to address the Elephant in the Jewish room.

  3. “Take away the cause of the problem and the problem must cease to exist.”

    Grammatical error in the video, doesn’t hurt to have me point it out to emphasize the point.

    Is there a bigger and greater soul alive today living in the Isle of Wight?

    Probably not.

  4. Every year the poll in Omega magazine lists who would you most like to kick in the bollox, its got predictable as for 7 years its always been Tony Blair, but this year its Bill gates
    so is he a DLj ?
    a dirty little jewboy ? you bet your arse he is
    come back my Hitler we need you to deal with these jews


  6. “Rothchilds choose wich country goes to war with whom”
    Study the flags for instance of the House of Representatives you will see two sets, one being the house of representatives run by the Court Martial of the military working for the US Postal Service. The other set is the American flag. On the top of the flagpole is a bird, a rising phoenix notice the wings are down. When the wings are out and down its Vatican power and when the wings are upwards this is an eagle meaning US postal service power. Now the logo of the federal reserve is a rising phoenix showing Vatican power over the FED. When you see a spear on top of a flagpole this means court martial jurisdiction with the military. The US military is controlled by the US Postal Service. The Navy being it’s number one. The gold fringe shows you its a commercial flag under the US Post Office. EVERY (!) countries military is funded and controlled by the Universal Postal Union, Bern Switzerland, there are separate Postal Services for each corpse/vessel aka Nation. Who controls the Postal Service of the WORLD? The Rothchild family, a representative of the black nobility, in the past that was Elisabeth II, and the Pope and cardinals. The Pope is the postmaster general of the world.

    Source: unhivedmind

  7. NOTE re: the subtitles: “erased to the bottom” is, of course, “a race to the bottom”

    This video delivers an important message. David Icke’s ability to tell it like it is can be verified by the degree to which he is put down by those he calls out for their evil-minded ways. When he uses “cult” we know those of whom he speaks but by using a non-specific term he has a better chance of dodging the delete button and successfully getting the message out to more truth seekers.

    Understanding the methodology of the criminal central banking regime is merely a small first step towards what should be the goal of ending this deadly game of impoverishment of the many for the benefit of and empowerment of a few money-fueled, psychopathic gangsters. Billions of people are being maneuvered to the brink of extinction by these diabolical schemers. Odds, at the moment, are not looking great that TPTB can be defeated but I still hope that somewhere an opposing force is being mustered. Speaking truth to the power of the “cult” will help but beware their attempts to silence you by means of censorship, relentless belittlement or a muzzle.

  8. I think the times has come to start kidnapping very wealthy Elites and get them to confess their sins make ma y videos.
    Now a tight group of 100 people split into groups of Ten.
    Draw up the 10 most vakuble to the cable and hit them all at once.

    This would require many many moving parts.
    It has to be done.
    Do i have to start this shit myself to send the message.

    Start with the Jew that is the head of the snake.
    I ha e access to a agent that can kill all of mankimd more potent then any weapin on earth.
    0.1 of a gram is all that is needed to kill. I have access to about 4 ton of it.
    Do the maths.

  9. We’ve apparently entered a new era of “quantum banking” with the issuing of the new “US Note” which initially is only being used for inter Bank trading. This coincided with a spike in the commodities market. The new era of banking will replace the old fiat one with a blockchain system with instant digital payments, crypto-currencies and cash. Go to YouTube and check out the “Charlie Ward channel”. Sounds like credible but keep an open mind and “believe nothing, question everything”

  10. … Oh and it’ll be a gold and silver backed system, unlike the present fraudulent one!