Flashback – Jewish Bill Gates: Crypto-Jew, Pseudo-Christian

Corruptico – Sept 30, 2014

Top Level Source Reveals Bill Gates is Jewish

According to John Bolton‘s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, Bill Gates is hiding from the goyim public the fact he is really Jewish.

Dixon said Bill Gates father, Bill Gates Sr., made the decision a long time ago to hide the fact he’s Jewish because he thinks there are far too many “prominent Jews” in America and doesn’t want people to gain suspicion of this fact.

A young Bill Gates with his parents.

So, just like that, he became a Christian. Funny thing is, Bill Gates Sr. has a history of doing this. If you check his bio on Wikipedia, it says he changed his name from Bill Gates II to simply Bill Gates Jr. “to avoid the appearance of elitism,” he openly states in the article.

Dixon said Bill Gates mother, Mary Maxwell Gates, is also Jewish and played her part in the Gates family crypto-Jew ruse as well by going to the extremes of commissioning an oil painting portrait tinted to make her look more Aryan than her original Jewish genetic heritage.

If you check Bill Gates bio on Wikipedia [controlled by Jews] it says he is claiming to be of English, German and Scottish-Irish descent, something Dixon says is a blatant lie. And by proxy, every person of English, German, Scottish or Irish descent should be deeply concerned by this elite Jew perpetrated deception.

Dixon explained how this is the exact same type of race deception previously used by crypto-Jewish Nazi’s Himmler, Hess, Mengele, Eichmann, and Gobbles, in WW II to shape the direction of the war… through controlling most of Hitler’s decisions, as well as making ones without Hitler’s knowledge or consent, like the exterminations at the labor (concentration) camps, which were solely carried out by crypto-Jews Himmler and his crypto-Jew accomplice, Eichmann.

Crypto Jewish Nazis

Crypto Jews Himmler, Hess, Mengele and Eichmann

Eugenicide False Flag Nuking of Israel

Currently, the very same deception (of Jews pretending to be Germans) is being employed by admitted eugenicist Bill Gates to quell the world’s population numbers yet again, this time through use of GMO’s and vaccines, which he abundantly funds.

History has a way of repeating itself… this is the way.

And, exactly why Bill Gates would want to deceive people into believing he is White European. The decision to further camouflage Bill Gates true identity as a Jew is based on the fact that Jews are disseminating their Jewish genetics all over the place, and thus are substantially increasing their population numbers while simultaneously dissolving all non-Jewish populations from the planet in droves, particularly European Aryans.

The startling fact is Jews are hiding their true population numbers, which are closer to 30-50% of the total White population, maybe even higher, and accelerating at exponential rates, for which Jews certainty don’t want to bring to the attention of the goyim.

Their population takeover is by very definition, the “New World Order” itself. Where by designation, Jews, derived from a Neanderthal species, will rule the world without threat from the Aryan Cro-Magnon species, who remains barely clinging to the current “world order” of things.

Portraying Bill Gates as a (White) Christian helps further the elite Jews apparent need to make Christians look smarter than they really are. A stratagem used as a psychological recruitment tool Dixon said, to try and bring more Christians into Jewish controlled mega-Churches to be brainwashed. And why Bill Gates and Microsoft attempted to buy the Catholic Church. The below ‘fake news’ story is actually true… and only turned ‘fake’ after public ridicule.

The Salina Journal (Salina, Kansas) – Dec 18, 1994 (This Story is Actually True). Click to enlarge

Jews might also want the public to think Bill Gates is White Christian with German and Irish blood because the majority of cops in America are of German or Irish descent … and Christian. Cops who will likely feel good about themselves believing they are genetically connected to “mastermind” Bill Gates.

Likewise, it has to help Jews control a police force on the front line of the Jewish manipulated police state if they believe they are intellectually superior to all others, including Jews who manipulate them daily, yet remain completely unaware of.

Dixon said Bill Gates was preened, groomed and ultimately situated in the best position of all other elite Jews to fool the goyim into believing he is a computer mastermind, and thus, was chosen by the elite Jews to act as their “front-man” leading the computer age, and more importantly, control of its operating system software.

Operating system software everyone in the world must have in order to communicate with, which by proxy, must be in the hands of Jews.

Bill Gates and Microsoft didn’t create “Windows,” they simply threw Jewish money at it and purchased it for 100K from two Aryans in California, who actually did create it. This slight of hand reality is evidenced in the PBS documentary entitled Triumph Of The Nerds.

Dixon said the reason Jews need to be in control of the premier operating system software in the world is so they can spy on everyone who uses their product, keeping a dossier of their activities, to be used against them later under their plans for world domination… ensuring that all legitimate potential threats are neutralized.

Microsoft’s worldwide deceitful business practices of copyright infringement and hostile takeovers, which Microsoft is internationally known, are designed to stifle a truly free and innovative open operating system software marketplace from ever fully thriving and reaching its full evolutionary potential. An evolutionary development Jews must control, but not be accused of controlling.

The fact Bill Gates is lying to disguise his Jewishness, is in turn deflecting international criticism of his crypto-Jewish business practices directly onto English, German, Scottish and Irish innocents, races he cons the worldwide goyim into believing he is part.

Microsoft has been sued many times for hostile business practices they use to maintain their software operating system spyware supremacy, for which only elite Jews could ever get away with.

All original 1978 founders of the Microsoft Corporation are Jewish Dixon said, and elite Jews are in collusion to keep it that way, simply by buying out, hostilely taking over, or simply stealing competing software from any company that shows a potential intellectual threat to Microsoft’s dominance in the software operating system marketplace. A marketplace, according to Dixon, which in reality is run and controlled solely by elite Jews who not only control Microsoft, but Apple, Linux, and now Android as well.

This all Jewish Microsoft team from 1978 was brought together and organized by elite Jews to take total control of all operating system software worldwide. Dixon said allowing non-Jews to take control of the preferred system would jeopardize the Jews millennium-long run of controlling intellectual properties, and thus the minds of the masses.

Bill Gates remains crypto-Jew because his father recognized Jews are simply in control of too many mega-corporations, banks and industries in America and abroad, and is worried that if Bill Gates true identity as a Jew were ever to be revealed, it would put over the edge the fact that Jews own everything of value in America.

The items laid out above are the essence of why Bill Gates is posing as White Christian European. How else does a “German” Bill Gates posing as Hitler possible help German people or himself? What German would do this? What is the real crypto-Nazi message?

What has Bill Gates ever done for English, German, Scottish or Irish people? Has he ever even visited his proclaimed homelands offering any assistance? All true English, German, Scottish and Irish people should file a class-action lawsuit against Microsoft and Bill Gates for lying about his true race to the world, we should not let him get away with this JEW-NAZI race trickery.

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11 responses to “Flashback – Jewish Bill Gates: Crypto-Jew, Pseudo-Christian”

  1. In which case why does the Mad Monk Bro Nathaniel maintain that Gates is a goy???….food for thought.

    OF COURSE GATES IS A CRYPTO JEW….theres no debate on it.

    At least this article recognises there are far more Jews than publically stated.You continually come across Jews running websites on You Tube…the more subscriptions they amass the more they make money.
    (The adventure website “La Vagabonde” is a good case in point…..they dont SEEM to be Jews,but they sure as hell are.This couple are very cunning the way the go about getting extra subscriptions.
    They use “methods” commonly employed in advertising.One thing they DONT do is tell people just how much money they are getting from their You Tube channel….with over one million subscribers it is enough to give them a millionaire lifestyle….put it that way.
    With practice it is possible to identify most crypto Jews….
    I used to have them as flatmates years ago….who caused constant trouble and used to think it was just a run of bad luck.Needless to say the landlord was a jew…but I didnt have too much trouble from him.
    There is small ferry port in NZ called Picton…just by chance I discovered that most,if not all the “business district” was Jewish owned,probably a pattern repeated across the country.No wonder there are so many Freemason buildings all over the country….its no wonder Jacinda Ardern the PM was a Freemasons scholar…
    So people in the West,who criticise these fiends are probably unaware they will be targeted covertly…impediments….like those afflicting that former black congresswoman….but the difference being….she sure as hell now knows where it is coming from!(Cynthia McKenna)

  2. The central point with Gates is that he is a SATANIST!

  3. I always had my doubts about this gates man. I heard is true lst name is goetz.
    the more I read the more I find out about is true identity…they are all deceptive, thieves.

  4. Even if Bill Gates truly is “of English, German and Scottish-Irish descent” it has little or bearing on whether Gates is Jewish because lots of Jews migrated to England, Germany, and Scotland over the ages.

    There are British Jews, German Jews, Russian Jews, Polish Jews, French Jews, American Jews, Spanish Jews, Ukrainian Jews, etc. For example, Benjamin Disraeli was a British Jew who was also a Prime Minister of Britain.

    Disraeli is often quoted for writing that “The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.”

    This statement by Disraeli is one more clue that the world is run, not by political puppets and front men such as Trump, Boris J, Putin, but by their puppet masters, the Bankster Jews.

  5. This is the sort of article which destroys valid criticism. The evidence on Gates may be true which would complete the ring of Zionist hegemony in the information business, but the rest of the article to suggest half of the population is Jewish is nuts although that may be the case in Israel and in New York City, but I doubt it.

  6. Gates is simply one of Rothschild’s lieutenants, just like Soros, Epstein, Zuckerberg, Bezos, Elon Musk & the rest of the Jewish mongrel subordinates. They’re the public representatives of Rothschild’s organization & operations.

  7. A recent article in the Guardian reveals that Trumps daughter the JAP (Jewish American Princess) and her hubby Kushner have been doing a roaring trade on the sideline.It has been suggested that they have earned £120,000,000 from various opaque escapades (perhaps secret dealings with the crypto Jews calling the shots in Saudi Arabia?.)
    Most informed people KNOW they are corrupt,most DONT KNOW the Trumps are crypto Jews.

    It is this sort of embedded corruption that Thomas Jefferson talked about.
    Most likely this Guardian article was printed NOT because the Trump crime family is crooked,but rather because of politics…to elect the fuckwit jew Biden whose brain suffers periodic electrical faults.
    Americans can either vote for a jew for president OR they can vote for a jew for president…..that way the billions of dollars paid by American taxpayers to Israel every year will continue to flow,no matter what.
    A little known fact is that Trumps daughter had plastic surgery on her nose when younger to “de-empasize” her Jewish characteristics.

    What a repulsive bunch of reptiles that inhabit Washingstein these days….and they’re pretty blatant about it too….and why wouldn’t they be….effectively the fourth estate no longer functions!!.

    Theres no good guy vs bad guy here….it is c**t vs c**t

  8. How can ANYONE hide the fact they are a Jew with a Nose like that?? and a condescending voice like that?? The WHOLE WORLD KNOWS he is a JEW!! And a corrupt one at that!!

  9. All Jews and Zionists I have news for you.
    Repent or suffer the Consequences.

    Fire up the Ovens the Great cleansing of the Parasite is upon us.
    No heaven for the Jew or Zionist.

    Hell awaits your Kind.

    I think the world should just FACE FACTS and realise and rise up and just start killing the Jew in theyre homes, streets, Movies, car, work place, plane, train, place of worship. Any where you find thrm execute them on the spot, knife them in the heart.

    They have been doing this to the Goy for 2000 years. Lets see how they like it when roles are reversed. They will scream HELP HELP HELP.
    Just like we have been screaming for 2000 years about the parasite.

    Do i have to show you real i am by leading and kikcking it off.

  10. Crypto Jew … I would say A Jewish Creep !

  11. Thought I can easily believe Gates is a crypto-Jew, much of the rest of this article is a mish-mash of drivel. The author’s claim Jews actually make up 30-50% of the white population is utterly outlandish.