Humanity is Under Attack

Max Igan – The Crowhouse BitChute Aug 3, 2020

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  1. Max how do you ask for “Proof of claim” when the cops are arresting you?

  2. Humanity is under attack, and has been since the moment of our creation by the alien pricks who made us as slaves. After they got done using us, the sent a Flood to kill us all off, but they didn’t get all of us because one call Enki of the Anunnaki decided to go against the council and save his offspring.

    This is THE story everyone needs to learn. It’s the real story of Genesis, not the religious version as told in the Bible. They came here, they made us, they grew tired of us, they wiped us out. Now we are just a large population of feral hominid hybrids on the planets surface about to get wiped out by their agents.

    Some will say, oh Yukon you are off the beam, you talk of space aliens. I have news for ya, we are rats on a ball in space, a prison planet, and now the Pentagon is being told to release data on the craft they have reversed engineered. That means our view of reality is wrong, our physics is wrong, our viewpoint of ourselves as the specie at the top of the food chain is wrong.

    It also means our holy text is wrong, as what we think is god is wrong. God is an advanced human specie that made us, and the Bible says so:


    Genesis 6

    4The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and afterward as well—when the sons of God had relations with the daughters of men. And they bore them children who became the mighty men of old, men of renown


    What this verse is telling you humans from space empire cam e down to earth and interbred with humans, creating hybrids. The giants were a hybrid specie of Anunnaki and man.

    This also implies that they must of created us before that because how could they interbreed with us unless we were made from them. Well that is the story of Adam, the first man, was their creation also. Sitchin goes into great detail with what he thinks happened, and his ideas are far more logical than the children’s tale in the Bible.


    9This is the account of Noah. Noah was a righteous man, blameless in his generation; Noah walked with God. 10And Noah had three sons: Shem, Ham, and Japheth.

    11Now the earth was corrupt in the sight of God, and full of violence. 12And God looked upon the earth and saw that it was corrupt; for all living creaturesb on the earth had corrupted their ways.


    So what are we to learn about Noah? He walked with God, he was their pet. Noah literally was the house servant of the Anunnaki, who were flesh and blood humans like ourselves, and God is the Anunnaki leader.

    This also implies who might be out to get us, aliens in space, perhaps a rival group that now controls earth.

    So when God wipes out mankind with The Flood, it is our aliens creators that did that.

    So, think about it, it is logical that people like Bill Gates are being influenced or controlled by a non-terrestrial. Secret societies may be in contact with alien representatives, the Church itself set up by them to rule over us.

  3. The planet is overpopulated anyway. Most people regardless of race are superfluous with low IQ’s or deranged; while the prodigious majority of these ‘humans’ have simian heads.. So if billions of them go, its really no big loss to civilization, culture or the environment.

  4. Have you noticed how some political puppets and jews media reporters have eyes that bug out? Adam Schitt, probably the biggest liar in politics, is an example of a bug-eyed politician.

    There was a news anchor today spewing lies while his eyes bugged out which reminded me again of the bug-eye lie. What is behind this recent phenomenon of some puppet politicians and mass media reporters with bug eyes ?

    A classic characteristic of someone who is spewing lies is that his eyes blink frequently. Maybe mass media and political puppets have been trained to hold their eyes as wide open as possible so they won’t blink so much. That could explain the bug-eyes.

  5. I see the Racist Neo will be leaving the earth soon…….Good riddance troll your leaving will free up some air for those of us WITH a life

  6. Yukon you are full of shit just like like sitchin. All the sumarian scholars will tell you, and prove, that he is a liar and can’t read the sumerian tablets at all,(all available to see online,if you look and stop being so fuckin’ gulable) it is all merely jew/masonic propaganda, ergo, bullshit.

  7. Bunch of nutters

  8. Yukon Jack,

    You know I have a great deal of respect for you and agree, very much, with 99% of your views.
    This view, however, I disagree.

    Grimsson, doesn’t know your previous writings, which have educated many, but he is correct in what he states about Zaccharia Sitchin.

    Have a read of this:

    Zecharia Sitchin: Inventing the Nibiru and Annunaki Lie on Behalf of the Illuminati

    His whole Planet Nibiru, the Annunaki and Planet X is, I believe, utter BS.

    Also, in the bible, it was the fallen angels, who were cast out of heaven to earth. They mated with the ‘daughters of Adam’ and their offspring were the Nephilim – half angel, half human. All mythologies pretty much say the same thing. Look at the Roman/Greek mythology? Hercules, Perseus, Achilles…the list goes on of the ‘heroes’ who were, in biblical mythology nephilim also. According to biblical verse, the very reason God sent the flood was to wipe the nephilim off of the earth. They were also said to be giants of men as well. If this is true, then it explains why we have gigantism. If you look at the facial structures, of people with gigantism they all look exceptionally alike. Take Richard Kiel, who played Jaws in the Roger Moore James Bond movies? Then we also have modern American wrestlers such as the Great Khali and El Gigante. Could they be descendants of Nephilim?

    The thing is, there is certainly some truth in mythology. We just don’t know, because it was so long ago and all we know is what’s written down.

  9. What ever it is its messing with everyone’s life. We have to get real and decide what we are going to do and how we are going to go about letting these psychos know we are not standing for it anymore . We need a political movement like the Germans and not just a few but hundreds of thousands marching and roaring for our rights because if we do not do something soon that will be it we will be trapped in a never ending cycle of slavery hardship and early death. If that isn’t enough to get your armor on and go to war i don’t know what is. What have we got to lose.

  10. Hi Max, sorry you missed the mark. The Australian government knows exactly what it is doing. Firstly it is participating in the global economic reset. The continual growth model is past its use by date. Europe tried to import people to have continued growth, How has that gone?? So they are moving to the new model, one currency, cashless society bla bla.
    Secondly Australia has been sold (not sure who too) so the government is behaving just like management of a company that just got sold. Spending money every where, letting the place run down, steeling as much as they can, partying. All the while knowing their fate is sealed. I would guess it was sold to china to ensure their participation in the economic reset.
    Max you may as well be working for the government, keeping every body looking in one direction while the other direction is the area of concern. Anyway Australia needs a new master as half the country is full of people on benefits and the other half is public servants earning three times the average wage and thousands earning over half a million a year.

  11. @Robert – in the UK and Ireland if you “engage” with the police they will assume jurisdiction over you. So people should maybe use the mantra “if there is no crime I must be free to go”. Do not talk to the police, do not look at them, just repeat the mantra above. The only just law is Common Law, the basis of which is do not harm anyone or their property and you have therefore committed NO crime.

  12. I’m wishing these aliens would go beyond the mask and put out an edict demanding that now to protect yourself you have to put a plastic over your head and secure it with a collar, then at least we could be rid of the wishful slaves.

  13. More good sense here from Max, telling it like it is. And I love his property there!

    I suppose I’m fortunate they didn’t even try that “lock-down” imprisonment where I live, but many people here would not have rolled over and taken that. I’m currently in an area with a population close to 500,000 and the home of a couple MAJOR businesses, but also on the edge of huge swaths of hill country and wilderness, so there are A LOT of gun owners and seasoned hunters where I am, many of whom I imagine would not have reacted kindly to having their rights so egregiously violated.

    I’ve been to a few other cities during the scamdemic as well, some of which had much more stringent “guidelines” than where I live, but I simply ignored them and went about my business and nobody really tried to say much to me other than a few clueless droning imbeciles at shops or businesses telling me I needed to strap a diaper to my face.

    My advice to the cowed citizens of Melbourne and other cities that have stripped you of your rights and livelihood over nothing is to just ignore their fake chains of imprisonment and go about their business. Civil disobedience can be as simple as simply ignoring their ridiculous draconian rules. One doesn’t have to march with signs and chant, and combat in the streets hunting your oppressors certainly isn’t for everyone, just ignore their illegal and immoral rules and laugh in the faces of those who try to enforce them.