Media lie: Today there were over 500,000 people at the Corona demo 118

Jürgen Elsässer – Compact Online Aug 1, 2020 (Machine translation)

01.08.2020, Berlin: Thousands of people stand at a rally against the corona restrictions on the Straße des 17. Juni, crowded and without observing the distance rules. The initiative “lateral thinking 711” called for the demonstration against Corona measures. The motto of the demonstration is “The End of the Pandemic – Freedom Day”. Photo: Christoph Soeder / dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk. Click to enlarge

The organizer even speaks of 1.3 million. In any case, the largest demo against a German government since November 1989.
It is probably one of the most grotesque lies since the lie press existed: the media unanimously give the number of demonstrators between 17,000 and 20,000. Also in the Tagesschau, the current camera of the regime.
Dear people, I was there. The Straße des 17. Juni was full from the Brandenburg Gate to almost the Great Star! In any case, that’s more than 500,000, maybe even a million. The organizers spoke of 1.3 million.
This aerial photo, published by Bild-Online, gives you an impression (free media had no aerial photo access …). Everything crowded. And then the lie of picture: The picture is cut off at the lower end. Every Berliner knows what the Straße des 17. Juni looks like: the Soviet War Memorial is halfway there. That is not on the aerial picture of picture at all. But the crowd not only extended to the Soviet War Memorial, but the full distance to the police line in front of the Great Star. The picture shows just a quarter to a third of the route. So we are lied to …
The police wanted to break up the demo. A madness, a provocation. But the organizer, Michael Ballweg and the initiative Querenken-711 from Stuttgart, did not give in. Hats off! Brave people! The police then occupied the stage at around 5 p.m., turned off the electricity, and threatened with eviction. People from the demo line were carried away by the police. The showdown lasted 90 minutes. Hundreds of thousands chanted: “Resistance!” And “We are the people”. It was a fighting mood that I have never experienced in this country. This people is not lost yet!
The crowd behaved skilfully: some made a pilgrimage to the nearby Reichstag and tried a chain of people around the Federal Chancellery. The majority stayed on Straße des 17. Juni. There they are now. The police surrendered, but missed a report to the courageous organizer. Certainly the movement will quickly pay the fine.
Today is a historic event, beyond the borders of our country. The people rise. The numbers are stunning. Nobody would have thought that possible until today. It is the biggest defeat of the Merkel regime – and the lying press. Pegida’s 40,000 in January 2015 were impressive – but today’s 500,000+ are stunning. No regime can endure this in the long run. Now it’s time to stay tuned!

For comparison: Coronavirus lockdown protest march and the 2001 Loveparade, which saw an estimated one million take part. Click to enlarge


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  1. Looks German people have far more guts and are still in possession of a substantial part of their brains, alas I wish it were the same here in the US.

  2. Butch and here in the UK
    we watched in aw as day after day the people of France demonstrated against government people trafficking, while our own did nothing
    Some years backa group of ex servicemen started an anti racist movement called the National FRont
    but the media destroyed it with hate publicity and lies.
    But we the people needa polical movement now which is anti NWO and anti rothschild

  3. I pray for my German Brothers and Sisters, keep the faith. Truth and Justice will prevail, no matter how much the PTB try to suppress it. You can not keep a people on their knee’s through fear and intimidation indefinitely, eventually they will rise. Remember the song: “Die Gedanken sind Frei, wer kann sie erraten”, (My Thoughts are free, who can guess them?).

  4. Nothing on the Canadian lie media about this. In protesting for pro-life and pro-family issues for many years now, I have witnessed the media constantly misrepresenting huge crowds grossly diminishing their numbers at least ten fold. What we came to expect was a small counter protest likely called out by the establishment or from the local Marxist rent-a-mob group, to which the media would give usually more than equal time in their coverage.

    I can remember on one occasion about 15 years ago when the courts were legalizing gay marriage, where about at least ten thousands of people paraded around the Vancouver court house, and then rallied for speeches in front of the steps of the old court house. The media represented the protesters as “a crowd gathered” but never panned it to show the huge numbers.The people were mostly Chinese which was a story in itself, but that was carefully covered up.

    During the speeches, the media from numerous stations set up with a phalanx of about 8 TV cameras and sound equipment about 80 meters away on a higher level facing the step on the opposite side of the narrow road. There were some very good speakers for the protesters, and whenever a good point was made where the crowd would cheer the cameras would come down in unison. What many obviously thought was the best speech as indicated by their applause, came from a Sikh gentleman who essentially said that he could not believe what we were doing in this county to our family system and in not having children. He received wide applause but when he started to speak, and score points, the media cameras like with the other speakers came down in unison.

    There was also a small group of about 30 counter protesters off to the side of the media. In viewing the TV coverage that evening, it was hard to believe I was at the same event. The counter protesters with their slogans received just as much media attention. The entire demonstration was made to look small, red-neck and incidental, and the key messages of the key speakers received no coverage, plus there was no coverage of the Sikh gentleman.

    That is the Canadian media for you. They are like that on everything. Total whores. The local newspaper, radio, and TV stations on the Covid thing are total psyop generators in lockstep with the government. A group of radio hosts on the most popular local station were chatting on air the other day and pouring as much derision as they could on the medical-scientific studies which show that HCQ is highly effective in treating the very few with severe Covid symptoms. They never mentioned the names of the medical scientists or the reputable institutions they came from but said in their typical know-it-all, big-brother condescending fashion that it was all conspiracy theory.

  5. this a struggle against tyrannical rule all over the planet. god bless Germany !

  6. Yes, kudos to the German people who where there. Judging just by the picture, there were closer to a million than 20,000.

  7. We should probably expect COVID-19 outbreak in Berlin in coming weeks.


  8. Wonderful. Let this spread from nation to nation to send a clear message to the elite who are behind these “corona control agenda” that we have had enough of their lies and diabolical actions.

  9. What has happened to the British spirit? It seems the average person would prefer to sit back and watch as their way of life is destroyed forever. The amount of fear particularly among young people who have been completely brainwashed by the education system is depressing to behold. The level of propaganda in our schools has almost eradicated all critical thinking. There is little questioning of authority going on, despite the plethora of informed articles debunking the entire Corona hoax. It is hard to see just what amount evidence has to be provided to get the compliant to react to what is happening right in front of their eyes.

  10. I hope such crowds will also demonstrate when the authorities try to force vaccinations on us. Bill Gates will not sleep peacefully!

  11. Absolutely fantastic news! This gives me so much hope!

  12. The main goal for this demo (not so obvious for many) was to show resistance against the rule of anglo-saxons. Every Kanzler must declare obedience to the occupiers of the german land which contadicts the german law. So, in the essence, every german leader must commit treason.

  13. Great stuff from the Germans.

  14. I am British and i do not want to sit back and watch my country or anyone else’s country destroyed by lies and opportunist traitors in government. We have had enough of the lies that the government and WHO feed us every day.
    I am shocked at the way most of the Brits just lay down and let these puppets who call themselves a government walk all over them with their lies. I am embarrassed by the Brits who squirm and plead save me , save me lock me down don’t let the virus get me. I am incensed the way that they watch their neighbors and tell on them all the time.
    It is as if we are living through a new inquisition. We are tearing each other apart and yet how do we get all our lives back on track after the fear that has been driven into so many by a constant barrage of fear from thee media day in day out.
    At sometime or other their will have to be a political movement to save us from this craziness as for the Germans i take my hat off to them and wish that we had the same state of mind here in the UK. Their are a lot of people who need teaching a lesson not to play around with our lives and country and we must do it soon

  15. The MSM slant and outright lying has been going on for years. It was obvious in the Music/Entertainment business when I attended concerts that were written up the following day in the local newspaper – and it was like the music writer had been at a completely different event. It’s all in the words they use. As a former CIA Director once commented, “I can buy a Journalist for less than I pay for a Hooker.”
    Looking at the crowd – a conservative estimate would be half a million. Would that the Brits, Canadians and Aussies learn from this. Good for the Germans.
    As COVID-19 is a Bio-weapon, we can expect it to be released in Berlin soon. They hate it when we start to act up.

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