The Government’s National Panic Service is being used to keep us in a condition of perpetual alarm about coronavirus

Peter Hitchens – Daily Mail Aug 2, 2020

Waiting for a second wave. One of the Florence Nightingale hospitals that were set to deal with an expected throng ofcoronavirus patients but which have remained almost empty. Click to enlarge

The most common symptom of Covid-19 is that you feel just fine. A huge number of those now being absurdly listed as ‘infected’ with this bogeyman disease are perfectly healthy.
If the trained hunters of the Government’s National Panic Service had not tracked them down, most of them would never have known they were supposed to be ill. Why do we take this seriously?
It is a fact, not a ‘conspiracy theory’, that the power of the state is now being used to keep us in a condition of perpetual alarm. We are ceaselessly threatened with a ‘second wave’ for which there is, in fact, no evidence.
As I began to write this, I received a ridiculous text message from my GP squawking urgently: ‘We have been made aware that the number of coronavirus cases in Oxfordshire is starting to rise.’
No doubt Oxford will be one of the next cities to undergo some sort of renewed shutdown, to keep us in our place. This fatuous propaganda is just preparing the way. The more scared we are, the more we obey.
It ended by intoning: ‘We must each do our bit to protect ourselves and others.’ The use of the phrase ‘do our bit’, of course, invokes the phoney Blitz spirit that is used against anyone who looks at the actual researched facts and says, as I do: ‘Don’t be silly.’
For daring to stay calm, I am then accused of being a collaborator with the wicked Nazi virus. The played-out, once-independent magazine Private Eye, now a boring mouthpiece of wokeness, actually did this to me last week.
The truth is that the number of deaths from Covid, even the fiddled and inflated version which the Government clings to, is falling closer and closer to zero.
So, even more significantly, are hospital admissions, which would be rising steeply if these ‘infection’ figures actually represented large numbers of seriously ill people.
These things are true both of Britain and of Spain, whose supposed spike in Covid was used to destroy the holiday plans of more than a million people last week in an arbitrary decision of astonishing uselessness.
At the peak of the epidemic in April, Spain at one point suffered 961 deaths in one day.
According to the Coronavirus Worldometer, the daily Covid deaths in Spain for the past few weeks have rarely risen above five a day, and have often been fewer than that.
And for this we destroy the happy innocent pleasures of hundreds of thousands, and deal another smashing blow to a travel industry already devastated by Government folly? Why do we put up with it? I have no idea.


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  1. Hitchens is of course correct,the wonder is he hasnt been targeted by the wokeomaniacs.

    He also correctly mentions Private Eye magazine.Hislop the sawn off editor for life has wrecked the magazine.How did this little shit worm his way into the magazine?.
    Best guess is he decided to trade off Private Eye in return for material benefit for himself.Thus the unctious little prick got a regular and high paid position on a BBC game show…..he was paid pots of money for doing bugger all except gurning in front of the camera once a week…(surely a knighthood is in the offing)
    Keep in mind it was Private Eye which exposed the “Bouncing Czech” Robert Maxwell….
    The worm Hislop wouldn’t dream of rocking the boat today….
    Cook must be turning in his grave!.
    The little c**t should be fired and replaced with new blood…..someone who can revive the magazine.

    The strange thing is Private Eye subscriptions have increased quite a bit……perhaps from people desperately searching for an alternative to MSM bullshit…..well they’re shit out of luck on that one.

  2. Hitchens is one of the very few well known people to speak out. Good on him. I think it is fair to say that what is going on in Britain has nothing whatsoever to do with a virus. There is an agenda, for which the virus is a smokescreen, which is designed to break the spirit and the collective will of the people into total submission. This fits in nicely with the objective of the Government’s Behavioural Insights Team otherwise known as the Nudge Unit. Their job is to advise the Government on how to get the public to react in a way they want through the use of behavioural change techniques. These are very subtle so that the public is unaware that there is manipulation going on. Once the masses are compliant, they will be hit with the next phase of the plan -likely mass vaccinations. Digital cash will follow, and then ID chips without which you will not be able to access your money, travel or go shopping. These people have no moral values, and they want global power over us all. They must be stopped.

  3. The “comment” option on the source article is conspicuous by its absence.

  4. I agree with both the above. I can only presume that Hitchens is allowed to comment in order to convince the DM readers that it offers fair and balanced views. What puzzles me, is why this stay in place agenda is being pushed so hard right now. My instincts tell me there is something much more serious is behind it. An imminent pole shift, deadly sun flare, asteroid strike? Passing of Planet X even. The global lockdown, suggests a global event is imminent. Would the government tell us if there was? Start worrying when our leaders disappear from public view.

  5. If an imminent mayor geological event were to take place what would be the best distraction to steer the attention of the public away?
    The same for a possible military confrontation?
    I really have been surprised the last months on the number of articles concerning this virus and the lack of articles on China. Let alone the very real possibility of a mayor upcoming geological event.

  6. This insanity has to be stopped.

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