Thousands March in Berlin Against Coronavirus Clampdown

  • A dense crowd marched through downtown Berlin from the Bradenburg Gate ahead of a wide boulevard rally 
  • Protesters defied social distancing measures and thousands were seen without masks as they waved banners
  • Officials have been easing lockdown late April there are fears of a second wave amid rising infections

Alice Cachia for Mail Online and Associated Press – Aug 1, 2020

Thousands of demonstrators marched to protest the coronavirus clampdown. Click to enlarge

Thousands of people protested Germany‘s coronavirus restrictions Saturday in a Berlin demonstration that insisted ‘the end of the pandemic’ has arrived.

The declaration comes as authorities voice increasing concerns about an uptick in new infections.

With few masks in sight, a dense crowd marched through downtown Berlin from the Brandenburg Gate ahead of a rally on a wide boulevard that runs through the city’s Tiergarten park.

Protesters who came from across the country held up homemade signs with slogans like ‘Corona, false alarm,’ ‘We are being forced to wear a muzzle,’ ‘Natural defense instead of vaccination’ and ‘We are the second wave.’

They chanted, ‘We’re here and we’re loud, because we are being robbed of our freedom!’

Police used bullhorns to chide participants to adhere to social distancing rules and to wear masks, apparently with little success. 

They tweeted that they were preparing a criminal complaint against the rally’s organizers for failing to enforce hygiene rules.

Police estimated that about 17,000 people turned up to the march, and demonstrators were kept apart from counterprotesters, some chanting ‘Nazis out!’

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8 responses to “Thousands March in Berlin Against Coronavirus Clampdown”

  1. Germans understand (more than the rest of us) that failing to resist tyranny inevitably leads to disaster.

  2. As more and more people become aware that the covid pandemic is fake, more people resist it.

    The corona family of viruses cause about one third of common colds. It’s just a cold bug. It’s less deadly than the flu. The second wave planned for release this fall will be more serious according to Bill Gates.

    After lots of jew-wise websites published evidence showing the covid pandemic was fake I started watching to see whether people were coughing, blowing their nose, whether many people had colds. The last time I saw anyone coughing and showing symptoms of a cold or flu was in April.

    The covid scam is so clearly fake that the Jews Media pushes covid lies 24/7 in trying to make people believe it’s real.

  3. There isn’t any virus in this it just
    serves the purpose of deviating the
    real culprit : 5G

  4. “Thousands”??? You mean about a half million.

  5. It was actually more than 250.000.

  6. The pandemic fake, only in the sense the implications are exaggerated.
    There are dozens of corona-viruses that cause seasonal flu, with diffirent virus variants, and each is causing varying degree of hospitalization among the elderly. Covid 19 is one of many corona viruses, and we dont even know what makes it diffirent from the others. It could simply be just another coronavirus variant with slightly modified properties

  7. So bored with hearing people talk about ‘fascism’ when it comes to these lockdowns and BS about a fantasy flu. Do they really think that a strong leader of a nationalist country with the people backing him would allow this globalist scam on behalf of Big Pharma take hold and be tolerated in their country? No way.

  8. The German people as it seems are waking up!
    There is hope for Germany and then Europe.
    Well done, Germany.

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