Bias, Corruption & Coercion: Why The BBC Must Be Denationalised

On the Offensive – Nov 2017

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  1. The BBC is not Owned by the People Anymore as it should be because they pay a license for it, and Just look at the Creatures that have Appeared on it besides Jimmy Saville, where they should be showing an Impartial Attitude, They seemed to be closely in line with whoever is in power at the Time.

  2. Remember the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7, the Solomon Bldg on 11 Sept 2001??? A BBC news anchor woman announced the collapse of WTC 7 in a live shot that showed the building still standing! The BBC Satanists announced the collapse of WTC 7 about 20 minutes before it happened. Just HOW did the Satanists of BBC know of the coming collapse of this building?? They knew because the Satanic Jews who actually did 911 told them! BBC is just a collection of Jews, Jew worshipping fools, and pedophiles. The Brits should run BBC out of the UK. After Saville, one would think the British people would WAKE UP! Instead, pedophiles like Janner continue their crimes.

  3. Their contract says the BBC should be impartial. They thought it said imperial.

  4. “The BBC is a corrupt, biased, morally bankrupt institution…” …just like the rest of the Jews Media.

    Every mass media outlet in every country is run by Jews. I haven’t been able to find any exceptions.

    Even Arab news sources like Press TV Iran and Al Jazeera promote the covid scam. These outlets mix in a bit of “anti-semitism” to appear credible, but its just a trick. Chinese and Russian mass media also push covid lies.

    Prior to 1900, bankster jews documented their absolute control over mass media, how crucial it was in their plans to rule the world, in their Protocols of the Elders of Zion –

  5. Since the 1930s the BBC has been a rothschild mouthpiece
    its pro jew pro homosexual and pro foreign migrant
    it should noit call itself British, we get fined for not paying fora BBC license
    yet people abroad get propaganda and homosexual shit beemed into thier homes for free
    time we burnt it down along with the winston churchill statues

  6. Yes the BBC is essentially a Jewish organisation…most of whom are non religious crypto Jews like Jerhymie Paxman.
    There are not many Anglo Saxons employed there and those that are have been strongly vetted for their wokeness….meaning ideological safety.
    Plus the Jews there are now going all out for employing “minorities”….they’re actually a good “shield” drawing attention away from the pivotal role of the Chosen People.
    By all accounts….the popularity of shows like Dr Who has dropped like a stone since the introduction of extreme political correctness. The huge money earner for the BBC…Top Gear was sacrificed on the altar of PC…..and the presenters banished.
    No organisation could afford to lose so much profit by dumping its star attraction….UNLESS said organisation was subsidized by aging pensioners whose only connection to the outside world is often via their television sets.
    Meantime the top BBC executives are paid extraordinary salaries and expenses.

  7. Andrew Marr is of course a jew….if he wasnt he would never have been employed to front the “news”.

    Marr is COMPLETELY WEIRD….you can bet there is a whole different back story on him….like Saville…

    Mark Thompson referred to on the video (former chairman) is 100% a crypto jew….as is David Levi Attsteinborough.
    John Cleese is not a jew…..perhaps that explains why he was absolutely taken to the cleaners when divorcing his American jewish wife…..the judge presiding was a jew of course (USA).The amount awarded to this jewess was way and above what was to be expected in this particular case… was pure Jewish networking criminality relying on the goyim ignorance….of course in old Europe they have had centuries of living alongside these fiends…..that’s why in Spain there are numerous different Spanish words for crypto Jews.

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