Masks Mark Start of Civil War – July 31, 2020

Masks are the hallmark of Satanism. Occult means “hidden.”)

When healthy people are treated like we have a deadly contagion, the real message is, in the eyes of the Illuminati, we are the deadly disease.
The civil war is between the Illuminati/ people who go along with this treatment, and those who do not.

by Henry Makow PhD

When I arrived at the dentist’s office yesterday, the receptionist motioned me over to a table where she ritualistically administered a hand sanitizer.
Then, a questionnaire where I attested that I was not showing symptoms of a deadly virus; had not been out of province for 14 days, and had not had contact with COVID cases.
Then, she took my temperature and administered a blood test.
After determining I was not sick, she handed me a facemask to wear in the waiting room.
When I took it off, she insisted I put it back on.
I refused, saying there is no mandatory mask order in Manitoba.
She said it was for the safety of the people working there. If I wouldn’t wear it, I’d have to leave.
The absurdity of this situation was mind-boggling. She had just determined that I am healthy yet I still must wear a mask.
I left. I do not want to engage with people who have zero respect for their clients.
They didn’t mention that face masks are mandatory when they called Thursday to remind me of my appointment. They just assumed they could force one on me.
Obviously this is not about health. This is about control and conformity. A medical hoax has been used to justify a political tyranny.
You quarantine the sick, not the healthy. Why don’t more people question this?
When healthy people must act like they have a deadly contagion, the message is clear. In the eyes of the Illuminati, we are the disease. 

“We own the planet. You’re being evicted.”

Although these Satanists and perverts own 90% of everything, we are “useless eaters” using up too many of their resources (i.e. “climate change.”) They have grown weary with wealth. Now they want power. They want it all and only enough of us left to serve their needs.
Vaccines are a misnomer. They are pesticides.  Have you had your COVID pesticide yet?
Bill Gates says we may need a schedule of pesticides to finally eradicate the “disease.”
So instead of having my teeth fixed, I went to the mall.
Society is already cleaving in two. Fifty percent of the faces coming toward me were covered and 50% were not. The coming civil war will be played out over the issue of vaccines: are they panacea or pesticide?
The coming Civil War will be conformists versus non-conformists. The satanic cult that controls the world plans to exclude non-conformists. This is clear from the fact that corporations are rejecting half their potential customers and passively accepted a pandemic hoax that has destroyed many sectors of the economy.
Are they starting a cull? Come flue season, are they going to unleash a stronger second wave?

A Satanic Cult is all about Controlling People


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  1. This past week myself and two freinds stood in central Cambridge and asked passers by
    to answer a few questions.
    Very few people inded believed the governments official line on the Covid story
    possibly 7% did believe.
    Most people did not want to wear masks, this was almost unanimous
    But surprisingly the majority did think the government would spread disease if it served their purposes.
    All 3 of us who asks the questions were treated with politeness and courtesy, a similar study done in east london 2 weeks ago got abuse from several back people
    who said it was a ” white mans disease”

  2. I see that Boris Johnson is not Afraid to be seen in Public with these Reptile Rothschilds, and these are the Slimiest Creatures on the Planet, All the problems of the world Begins with these Dung Beetles and Ends at the Their Door.

  3. This is a brilliant article and Henry is quite right! BUT….I live in South Africa, and we are still under one of the most heavy lockdowns on earth! The sale of alcohol and tobacco products has been banned since March. We can not use public transport, enter any public space ( Malls, supermarkets, doctor’s rooms, any kind of shop) without wearing a mask. Many of us are against it…but if I don’t wear my mask while doing our necessary shopping, I won’t be allowed into the stores. And if you want to see a dentist… you have to have a “plague” test and be negative. And the dentist wears a a full bio hazard hazmat suit when working on a patient. The same holds true for any kind of hospital admission. One is left in ER until your test is negative. This whole scamdemic is driving us all nuts with many legal battles from the Tobacco Industry and Alcohol Industries trying to get the bans declared unconstitutional.
    But it’s an unwinnable battle. So for us it is wear the mask or starve. We seem to be the world’s test laboratory to see how much TPTB can get away with. I’m so tired of sanitiser at every turn I now wear gloves so the crap stays on the gloves.
    When this “pesticide” is ready I suppose I’m done for because I will refuse to have it. I will go to the grave victorious over the NWO.

  4. If a division in society is forced between those who believe in the pandemic and those who don’t then it’s a division between those who are easily fooled and those who aren’t. That’s a big advantage to those who call it BS, because people who are easily frightened over this “outbreak” can be divided against themselves again and again over other outbreaks that aren’t real–some made to believe in an outbreak of typhus from lice and others not so sure. Others made to believe rats are spreading plague while others don’t believe that one etc. The list is long! TB, polio, scarlet fever, diphtheria, various poxes.

    In the end they won’t want to leave the house at all, and if they must they won’t want to mingle. That’s an opposing force not too difficult to get the better of, surely? Not if they can’t organise because they’re too afraid to meet.

  5. There is a theory that when Horse manure is smeared inside the face mask that it creates
    extra immunity. A reaction of the mix acts as a stimulus against Coid 19.
    Some Indian Doctor came up with this idea and the quick fix stimulates antibodies.

  6. Satan pulled his trigger on this one. As it is written, ” he knows he hath but a short time ”
    I often ask myself, why do his human cohorts assist him so strenuously, when they know they face eternal hell at the final victory? The answer comes back to me very clearly. Their very essences are of Satan. He has total control of them. In that sense they are no longer human as we know it. A human conscience is God’s gift to His children, as a barometer to register sinful actions. Satan’s minions do not have this conscience, and therefore will do his every bidding.

  7. Bad Boris salutes his mater almost as much a s that grinning monkey Tony Blair
    we wat none of these reptiles in OUR country

  8. God loves us but leaves us to our own devices and vices until we either die in them or to turn our heads around and look his way. The grace is always despite the resistance and war going on in each one of us everyday, regardless of whether or not we think we are converted or saved. A war against all of those in lockstep to the money-chain of command will not eradicate their evils, but to resist all their deceptions and lies, and to refuse to comply like Henry did, that we all can do. Also, we will have to get ready to do whatever is necessary to protect the option in each one of us to turn back to God. We should not fear those who kill the body but rather, those who kill the soul. That is the essential purpose of liberty, because without the power and opportunity to choose the ultimate things in life all other liberties, and all the money in the world are totally meaningless.

  9. Hello Broken Safrican
    I went today to a restaurant on the south coast from Swellendam. We walked along the beach in glorious weather, saw some whales and had lunch with local wine and Namibian beer. Lovely day.

  10. @ Broken Safrican I am truly sorry you and your people are being ground down and oppressed by such wicked tyranny. You can’t allow it to go on, you know. Choosing to die rather than being injected with the toxic sludge is not really victory. You need to start gathering some like-minded people and literally fight for your freedom and your lives.

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