Nigel Farage: The UK is housing 48,000 illegal migrants in hotels

TalkRADIO – July 30, 2020

9 responses to “Nigel Farage: The UK is housing 48,000 illegal migrants in hotels”

  1. The agenda for this has long been in the planning, jews plan many years in advance
    George Orwell warned us Wiliam Joyce warned us Adolf Hitler warned us Oswald Mosely warned us ad so did Enoch Powell, Robin Cook was starting to
    So will we listen ?
    For the sake of our children and grandchildren we must.
    Sick English people and those denied social security and end up on the streets,
    our people do without, while our government gives what belongs to us to foreign imports
    This is racism at its absolute worst

  2. It is an elite conspiracy of course….a Jewish elite conspiracy…..there is no debate on this anymore…none.
    The British PM is a jew,the CEO of the Bank of England is a jew and the Director of the British Secret Police MI5 is a jew and the Director of the BBC is a jew….you dont need anything else to control a country.

    Britain is NOT a democracy…..any suggestion that it is… a complete farce.

    Currently in New Zealand an election is looming….and NZers are subject to the usual “we will control immigration” LIES from the scum in parliament….THE VERY MINUTE,THE DAY AFTER THE ELECTION,ALL THE TALK OF IMMIGRATION CONTROL CEASES AND WILL ONLY START AGAIN AT THE NEXT ELECTION AFTER THAT.
    AND YES…..NZ has a crypto Jewish Prime Minister,Jacinda Ardern,a former employee of Britains most hated man (estimated worth £70,000,000) BLAIR who SECRETLY,without consulting the public,opens Britains borders to millions of third world immigrants.
    And……YES….it most definitely a conspiracy and voting is a complete waste of time…..leaving only action taken directly against any MP who supports the invasion.
    If there is a viable alternative…what would it be?.

  3. yes David Lambert, if you are not right you are pretty Dammed Close, And most of all this is being done under cover or by Stealth, Those Powers that should not be do not want you to listen to those who talk Loudly with the Voice of truth, this Deceit also spills over onto to Local Councils that are now being controlled by Housing Agencies, who do not give the Urgent repairs that are Badly Needed most of it is wanted by the Elderly, I myself saw a property that had a single mother with two special needs children and her front door was not only in danger of Falling off it had very little original paint still left on it, also if immigrants come here they will get priority because they do not know the Rules, so they do their own repairs even if they do not meet the safety standards, so this is telling me that the surveyors are either paid to keep it quiet or they are Null and Void.

  4. That is the end of Nigel Farage for me – track and trace is Big Brother.

  5. Remember, Hitler offered the white british goyim an alliance to jointly rule the world, but they rejected his offer & then bombed Nazi Germany to rubble. So, the white goyim sided with their Jewish overlords & fought for them instead, because that’s what their Jewish religion (Christianity) endorsed. And now they’re wondering why millions of non-white migrant monkeys are being imported into their nation.

  6. The Powers that should not be do not want you to hear a loud voice like Nigel Farage because it is the Voice of Truth, they want to control you and keep you Ignorant, that is why there are Housing Organisations taking over from the local councils, and the Immigrants who come are given homes in preference to people who have been waiting many years because they are ignorant and do not know the Rules, when urgent repairs are needed the refugees have to do it Themselves even if they do not reach the Safety Standards, there are many homes in urgent need of repairs and Many of them are not getting done, and they will keep getting away with it if the Tennant is foreign and does not Know anything else, Like a woman in Edmonton who has two Special needs children she has a front door in very bad need of Repairs it hangs badly and has not been painted in Years, and there is many more Like her who Almost Have to jump through hoops Because they are ignorant about the rules. that’s why more People who don’t know too much about Council houses get them.

  7. Check the Daily Mail online today….hundreds of immigrant origin protestors walking in London.This lot want “compensation” for slavery which stopped 150 years ago.
    Was the demonstration a spontaneous reaction???…of course not.Many of the protestors were kitted out in black stab proof jackets….imagine if European descendants of coal miners in Britain whose children were sent down the mines took to the streets in uniforms…..demanding compensation.The MSM would describe them as “paramilitary neo nazis”.
    So WHO funded these demonstrators uniforms…it is very likely to be the same organisation which funded the huge rafts crossing from Nth Africa.
    The Elder of Zion….🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️……SOROS.


    So everything is going to plan….and unless people focus their attention on the elites…like Tony Blair etc etc etc….you’ll be witnessing street battles soon enough.
    Then a new world war will be cooked up….followed by martial law,followed by widespread death and destruction……..and ultimately the expansion of Israel’s borders into Lebanon and most of Syria.

    On a broader level things are pretty much following events leading up to WW2….so expect something like Hitler and Mussolini showing up.

  8. Breading the white race out. What better way to do it then massive immigration. simple job done and dusted for them. We never say no do we here we are moaning but at the end of the day we just let everyone walk right over us why because we always think we are untouchable well here we are on the edge of the cliff and about to be pushed right over and still we debate the rhyme and reasons for it instead of actually standing shoulder to shoulder and letting them know WE AINT HAVING NONE OF IT.

  9. Rixon some excellent comments here just one mistake
    Hitler did not want to rule the world, just to reunite the German speaking peoples, who aftr W W 1 were dispersed into other lands and now being treated very badly
    Hitler and Chamerberlian were a good aliance for a strong europe against communist russia, but the DLJ ( dirty little jewboys ) alowed rusia to come across europe lord boothby said thiswas churchills wish all along
    PS its has always been the jews wish to rule the world and now they do