Anti-Zionist Writer Alain Soral Jailed, Jewish Lobby Overjoyed

Guillaume Durocher – The Unz Review July 30, 2020

The French anti-Zionist and civic nationalist writer Alain Soral has finally been arrested. This has been a long time coming. Apparently he was simply taken in the street by three police officers in plainclothes.

According to his website Égalité & Réconciliation:

Alain Soral was taken into custody on Tuesday July 28, 2020 at the end of the afternoon.

The three individuals who arrested him were police officers.

His 24-hour police custody has been extended.

According to his lawyers, he was arrested as part of a preliminary investigation for a press offense: “incitement to commit a crime or offense violating the interests of the nation” (article 24 paragraph 4 of the law of July 29, 1881 ). The offenses in question include, for example, providing false information, conspiracy, insurrectionary movement, raising of armed forces, etc.

A sampling of Jewish reactions:

The International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism (effectively the French SPLC) quoting an old French film: “Justice is like the Virgin Mary. If she does not appear from time to time, doubt sets in.”

The Union of Jewish Student of France: “The old relic Alain Soral will not freely walk the streets of Paris this evening. Alain Soral goes to jail. This is end of the game for anti-Semites who think they can act freely.”

Dieudonné M’bala M’bala and Alain Soral (right). Click to enlarge

Meyer Habib, a rather dimwitted MP representing French citizens in Israel, suggested that the French justice system should follow the lead of California-based tech giants: “The anti-Semitic and holocaust-denying low-life Alain Soral once again arrested! Condemned by the courts 3 times in 2 years, it is high time that he rot in jail! With Dieudonné as his cell partner. Facebook and YouTube have finally started to clean shop, France must follow!”

It’s not clear what Soral has actually been arrested for. He had recently been sentenced to jail, if memory serves, for republishing a holocaust cartoon. A higher court softened the sentence to paying a €5000 fine.

I suspect this time Soral is being shut down because of his highly critical, to not say conspiratorial, takes on the coronavirus pandemic. Certainly, many tech giants have felt more confident about banning alt-media on grounds of public health – even if they had long wanted to ban these people before for ideological or ethnic crime-think.

Alain Soral has long known that one cannot be a genuine dissenter without passer par la case prison (“go to jail [do not pass-go]”) sooner or later, as did his his famed predecessors Marx and Maurras.



3 responses to “Anti-Zionist Writer Alain Soral Jailed, Jewish Lobby Overjoyed”

  1. The West is sleep walking toward totalitarian rule…..INFACT GORBACHEV PREDICTED THIS SOME YEARS AGO…..
    And like totalitarian rule in the USSR the very same ethnicity is calling the shots….THE JEWS……

    VERY POWERFUL AND VERY DANGEROUS….virtually the complete opposite of how they like to portray themselves….IN THE MEDIA WHICH THEY OWN….DUH!.

  2. He should thank the millions of white Allied morons who by obliterating Fascist Germany in WWII, saved the democratic ideals of western civilization & his right to ‘free speech’.

  3. Gorbachov is scumbag. He betrayed Soviet people and destroyed the country. This degenerate does not even live in Russia, he lives in Switzerland.