Syrian army forces find human organs intended for trafficking inside militant redoubt

PressTV – July 30, 2020

Syrian military forces have discovered a large number of human body organs persevered in chloroform and intended for trafficking while conducting clean-up operations in the country’s northwestern province of Idlib.

A local source, requesting anonymity, told Syria’s official news agency SANA that a doctor affiliated to foreign-sponsored Takfiri militants had transformed a house in the village of al-Ghadfa into a medical laboratory, where many packages of human organs, including eyes, hearts, lungs, livers and kidneys, were being kept in chloroform solution.

The report added that the packages were marked with male and female names, while there were records inside the house containing the names of people with descriptions of their general health conditions.

Human body organs, being kept in chloroform, are found inside a house at a former hideout of Takfiri militants in the village of al-Ghadfa, Idlib province, on July 29, 2020. (Photo by SANA)

Back in November 2019, Russian experts warned that members of the so-called civil defense group White Helmets are involved in forcible removal of organs from Syrians living in militant-controlled areas.

“They (White Helmets) were a key element in this illegal scheme of organ removal. We learned about those incidents from the people whom we interviewed. This information came as an unpleasant surprise to us,” the director of the Russian Foundation for the Study of Democracy, Maxim Grigoryev, said at the time as he presented a survey entitled “White Helmets: Terrorist Abettors and Sources of Disinformation” at the Russian Foreign Ministry in Moscow.

Human body organs, being kept in chloroform chemical compound, are found inside a house at a former hideout of Takfiri militants in the village of al-Ghadfa, Idlib province, northwestern Syria, on July 29, 2020. (Photo by SANA). Click to enlarge

He noted that Russian researchers made the discovery while interviewing residents of Syrian regions where White Helmets were most active.

Grigoryev and his colleagues conducted more than 100 interviews not only with residents of the major cities of Aleppo, Douma, Dayr al-Zawr and the southern town of Saqba, but also with over 40 members of White Helmets and some 20 former militants.

The reality behind the image popularised by the Western media: the Syrian White Helmets with their terrorist friends. Click to enlarge

According to eyewitnesses’ testimony, White Helmets were involved in extracting human organs from the bodies of ill-fated people whom they had promised medical assistance. After that, their relatives received bodies with some vital organs missing. This came to light when the bodies were examined and weighted, he pointed out.

US-backed SDF militants impose curfew across Hasakah

Meanwhile, Kurdish-led militants from the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have imposed a raft of new restrictions across Syria’s northeastern province of Hasakah.

Syria’s pro-government and Arabic-language al-Watan newspaper reported that the new restrictions came into force on Thursday, in addition to implementing an open-ended lockdown during Eid al-Adha (the Feast of Sacrifice), which marks the culmination of the annual Hajj pilgrimage.

Under the new measures, local residents have to stay at their homes and movement of individuals is prohibited. Moreover, all social gatherings and visits and intercity travels are banned during Eid al-Adha.

US-backed SDF officials allege that they have adopted the measures in response to an alarming increase in cases of coronavirus infection across Hasakah over the past few days.


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  1. These are the people funded and supported by Western Governments. The extent of evil in high places is being fully revealed as part of the Apocalypse. Humanity must set a different path or die out.

  2. Netenyahu will have his grubby little fingers all over this. I remember reading about how mass graves of around 2.000 bodies were found in a wood in Ukraine minus all of their vital organs, the victims were said to be Ukraine Army deserters and pow’s from Donhsk and Luhansk .The organs were flown into Zurich regularly, guess what? Netinyahu had his grubby little fingers all over these organs too.

  3. The problem for some poor people around the world (which may become a problem for all poor people around the world) is that most of them are worth more dead than alive. And as they are politically and economically powerless there are people who will kill them for the money their organs are worth, especially if they organise a trafficking ring with connections to powerful people.

    But it exposes the lie of those who think themselves superior. If they’ll gladly accept and even buy the organs of an “inferior” just to extend their own lives they can’t be that inferior to them, can they? They won’t look at poor people or talk to poor people, but give them the chance and they’ll have the heart of a poor person beating inside them.

  4. For what purpose would these organs be trafficked? It’s quite disturbing, if this article is true, that someone would hoard them like this but preserving them in chloroform renders them useless for transplant (if I’m wrong about this please correct me and provide links to reliable sources to prove it).
    Human organs for transplant must be used very quickly in order to be successful so I’m interested to know for what macabre purpose these might be harvested.
    This website is called Truthseeker but these days seems anything but. Just a growing platform for anti-semitism.

  5. This has crossed my mind often about those who have died of COVID here and elsewhere not all were elderly some in fact quiet young. There were no post mortems so we are told. Those that had died were taken and cremated without family present either at the hospital or allowed a proper funeral all this we were told was needed in the present climate because of this elusive virus the virus that really does not or ever has existed. Each and every person unfortunate enough to be taken to hospital and incubated were alone with no one to champion their cause because of COVID19 where anyone could do what they wanted.
    How do we know that some if not most of those unfortunate people’s Organs were not harvested after all there was a new recent government law that if we died in hospital then our organs could be taken. What was the real reason for denying families a last farewell to their loved ones after all this was not the bubonic plague but most families complied and did as they were told without question allowing the government once again to do as they wished. Lets just think for a moment about those who have perished we are told with COVID they will never have any redress because there is nothing left of them just taken after death from hospital and incinerated. This COVID journey is becoming darker and darker by the day and yet here we are watching football matches being played, being entertained by our TV sets shopping with our mask on in the new normal, and doing as we are told while we are being slowly and methodically annihilated.

  6. In palestine the IDF will be given the remit to look for a man or woman of what ever age height etc then they will go ouo shot them
    throw a knife down and say they tried to stab someone, the bodies are never returned to families as every part will be used to experiment.
    IThe inbreeding of the jew marrying ito the same families for generations means they all have problems so organ transplants are very very common
    Moshe solomons said he knew of over 70 cases of where palestinians men women and children were killed to order

  7. idiots like phlebas need a good kick in the nuts
    they see talking about jewish crimes as a bigger crime that the people doing it
    israelis are criminals, their crimes are legendary
    people are not anti semiic but anti the crimes they commit
    surely we can all see that

  8. yes its true Phlebas needs a good kick in the nuts it will help him a lot
    If he gives me his address, i would only be too happy to oblige him