It’s Gonna Blow

Fred Reed – The Unz Review July 30, 2020

Black militia at Stone Mountain. Cocky, heavily armed, outgunning the police. White militias have similar firepower. A fight is entirely possible. In downtown America. Click to enlarge. Click to enlarge

Hoo-boy. She’s ready to explode, go high order. Smoking ruins, dead bodies, seething hatreds, and a country that can’t be put back together. It may not happen, but she looks ready.
No one is in charge in this collapsing shell game of a country. In Louisville hundreds of armed blacks threaten to “burn the motherfucker down,” meaning Louisville, if they don’t get their way. All cringe before them, with reason. They have guns. Larger numbers marched in Georgia, armed, ready to rock and roll. BLM says it will “go into the suburbs” to get Whitey. Who will stop them? Not the government. It fears them. Weimar Kentucky. An American Freikorps.
America today in video. Scroll down to the New York footage. It’s Planet of the Apes.
Gun sales are way up. A friend in Rhode Island went to a gun shop and found a long line outside. A columnist in Virginia was told that the other stores report long waitlists for prize arms, notably the AR 15. People are afraid, or fed up. They are arming. The spring winds.
There is no leadership, no one in charge. In Trump we have perhaps the weakest President in history, mouthy, preening, ineffectual, much talk and no action. He did nothing while the rioters looted, burned, and vandalized, then disengaged himself from the pandemic, leaving decisions to the states. Much cawing and gaudy feathers, but no bird inside.
Congress does nothing, one parry neutering the other and all bought and paid for by special interests, by Wall Street and the arms makers and the big corporations. Local governments submit to the rioters or stand aside as the burning goes on. This is not society. It is chaos.
To collapsing countries these usually comes a man on a horse. A man with a big stick. You know, 1789, 1917, 1933. That kind of thing.
The media encourage the rioters, inflame passions either deliberately or through partisanship. They have little idea what they are encouraging. It may seem strange to say that the media do not know what is going on—it is their business to know–but they don’t. They were blindsided by the Trump because they had no idea of conditions in the country, in Flint and Gary, in Wheeling. Today they do not know what is brewing out there, or of how much they contribute to it.
After all, nothing out in the great mysterious middle land affects them. Journalists in the Beltway Isolation Cage are rich compared to deplorables in Gary, live in a city proof against recession. Their decisions are whether to go out for Turkish or Vietnamese, not how to pay the rent. They censor news they don’t like, suppress the seismic rumblings out there in a country they don’t really know. In censoring others they censor themselves. They cannot read stories they cannot write. For example, sickening racial attacks on whites. That would be racism. Perish forfend.
But race is just the most explosive part of an unfunctioning polity. Other things ratchet up the fury. Add economic decay and you get more anger, more pressure. People live paycheck to paycheck, maxed out on credit cards. They don’t have a thousand dollars, or five hundred, for an emergency. The young live in their parents’ basements because they can’t get jobs to buy houses and start families. People don’t see doctors because medical care is both costly and wretched. Student loans crush the young. Grade schools are propaganda mills; parents know it, but can do nothing. Retirement programs vanish as employers turn employees into independent contractors, avoiding the expense of benefits. People see no hope. This makes them dangerous. Watch.
And BLM wants to go into the suburbs to get Whitey. God help us. Then it will well and truly blow. BLM doesn’t know how many white men are sick of the chaos and destruction, sick of BLM. They quietly say, “Bring it on. Let’s settle it.” Laden words.
While these undercurrents grow, the media will chirp and lecture and say virtuous things. Then, boom.
No one is in charge. No one will tell the rioters “No” and make it stick. No one, yet. It can blow.
BLM is cocky, aware of its power, made overconfident by easy victory. It, and Antifa, have never met resistance. If things get really wild, though, they will. They will also find that food does not really grow in Safeway, and that a Safeway burned out does not necessarily return to be burned out again.
A country gets what it asks for, and deserves what it tolerates. Most of the social problems engendering chaos result from the failure or collusion of government. Other countries have good national medical care. America does not. Student loans are a calculated scam, just as credit card companies deliberately entice people to buy what they cannot afford and then charge them usurious interest. Retirement plans exist elsewhere. European countries have them. But the Pentagon and Wall Street get America’s money.
It’s gonna blow. Short of a miracle.
The deadliest question is how to accommodate blacks. One mustn’t say what everyone knows, that blacks are the least educable, least productive, most criminal, most violent, most dependent, and least assimilable of the population. If anything can be done about any of these, it won’t be, because no one is permitted to name the problem. No one is in charge.
As whites lose economic ground they will be less willing to pay for welfare, food stamps, free housing, and other charity. When a pie shrinks, someone will get less pie and, if the pie shrinks a great deal, some will get almost no pie. Meanwhile, gun sales are way up.
At least six cities had serious riots last night with the mob throwing bricks at the police. A thrown brick is a lethal weapon. It would be met with equally lethal force. Yet governments, mayors, city councils back away, back away, back away. If they stop, it is going to be ugly.
America does not control its streets. The mob does. Everywhere. Name another country that permits this.
If confronted by force, the white rioters, mostly young, will melt away. They are Snowflakes, Millennials, young, stupid, ignorant, having the most exalted time of a life boring before and soon to be again, Blacks, more virile, will not. If they do not, the resultant mayhem will make our starter riots like like a PTA meeting at Lake Woebegone. Then what?
Here we come to the joys of diversity. Cultures can be too different to live together. Whites and blacks have almost no common ground, little common history. Whites trace their history back to well before the ancient Greeks, through Rome, the Renaissance, Europe. Blacks had no part in this and, it seems, have no interest in it. Aristotle? Thomas Jefferson? Einstein? Madame Butterfly? Galois? FORTRAN? These might all have come from some remote galactic civilization.
There is no agreement, anywhere, at any level, over anything. Hardcore conservatives insist that the coronavirus is no worse than the common flu as hospitals report overwhelmed ICUs and epidemiologists cry the alarm. Blue states favor lockdown while red states open up. Libertarians peddle cockamamie conspiracy theories. Mask laws are ignored or fought over. China, South Korea, Singapore shut down, control the virus, go back to work. Not America. Nobody is in charge.
Nothing holds the country together. There is no social glue, no dominant culture. We have no shared history, language, dialect, ethnicity, or religion. Diversity turns the country into rubble.
Diversity? It is the end of America. The country once was overwhelmingly white, European, Anglophone, and Christian. It worked, as approximate monocultures usually do. No longer. The North hates—the word is not too strong—the South and seeks to erase its culture and uniqueness. The Bible Belt is intensely Christian while the northern elites, heavily Jewish, seek to suppress Christianity. The coastal elites hold the central deplorables in contempt. Blacks hate whites. Feminists hate men.
Hispanics float in indeterminate limbo, not having jumped either way. Amerindians maintain a demanding apartness. Jews, neither Christian nor, in the minds of many, neither quite European or quite American, control the media and finance, generating perennial hostility. Bulk lot Somalis, having nothing in common with Minnesota, are in Minnesota. On and on.
It is going to blow. If it doesn’t, a miracle will have happened.
Currently, if weirdly, blacks hold the whip hand in the country, but it will not last and won’t improve racial relations. it is lighting a fuse, fertilizing hatreds that cannot be expressed but, if ever they are, Katie bar the door.
Statues come down if blacks don’t like them. Universities abandon teaching English grammar because blacks can’t understand it. Whites are fired for saying, “All lives matter.” The country lowers standards for blacks in medical schools, lowers required scores on the bar exam for them. High schools give diplomas to blacks who can barely read.
Gonna blow, boys and girls. At least that’s the way to bet.
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23 responses to “It’s Gonna Blow”

  1. Trump should be put on trial for human right abuses togeter with his beloved comarde Merkel

  2. They remind me so much of ISIS. I used to think America’s enemies–the ones it chose for itself ie. Iran, Russia and China–should do what America does and place Islamic terrorists inside the US mainland to fight their way to Washington DC. But I never imagined they’d be so devious nor so foolish as to put them there themselves. We’ll soon find out, after the militias take them on and leave a few corpses for examination.

    As far as I know no able general in history created and armed an enemy legion and for good reason. Lose control of it and you’ve created a dangerous opponent. It appears to be a modern concept, one devised by a moron. You just don’t create enemy armies to oppose you. It could lead to your own undoing.

  3. As I’ve said in previous comments, the blacks are being set up for slaughter. Who controls the military? Who controls the intelligence and who controls the USAF? A: the mainly white Christian elite, & even if you want to call them Jews or Zionists, the result will be the same.

    Go back to hurricane Katrina. The entire area of devastation (about the size of Wales) was locked down (sound familiar). Not even aid or medics could enter & president Bush slipped away (mush as Boris Johnson does) for an entire week. One report from a medic involved in autopsies said: “Twenty thousand body bags were used and many had two bodies in one body bag.” So one aspect of Katrina was the black/ethnic turkey shoot (ethnic cleansing/genocide).

    The initial aid requested by Bush was $10.5 billion & he requested a further $51.8 billion which was granted…. all of this aid was DEBT and Bush handed out many fat contracts to his big corporation chums. I was actually working (in the UK) for one of the US corporations who picked up one of these big fat brown envelopes.

    If they do call in USAF airstrikes on black (& white) militias, there will be even more DEBT raised.

  4. I congratulate TRUTHSEEKER for providing this article. America has a terminal illness.
    Better hope you are in the right part of the USA when the coking and joking times end, and the crying and the dying times start.

  5. Carl Jones,

    You really take the biscuit don’t you? Sorry Rixon, but this really needs to be stated to Carl Jones, who’s been commenting his nonsense on here for some time now.

    “…….the blacks are being set up for slaughter.”

    You, Carl, are the epitome of the left wing fool. Really? They are are they? Not the whites by any chance?
    The black population makes up 1/6th of the white population in the US. Here are some facts you are oblivious to:

    1. You are 44 times more likely to be a victim violent assault and theft from a black compared to a white individual.
    2. You are 8 times more likely to be murdered by a black, compared to a white individual.
    3. FBI figures showed that in 2015 blacks raped 30,000+ white women. White men, raped 8 black women.
    4. In the USA they have affirmative action. In the UK it’s called positive discrimination. It means that blacks get jobs far less qualified and with the skills to do over whites. It means that blacks get into universities over whites with lower grades. It’s called privilege that blacks state only whites have.

    Certainly, they are instigating a race war, that’s obvious. Any idiot can see that. But to say that this is because they’re doing it to get rid of blacks in the USA shows what a twit you are! And who else would be controlling the US air force, army and marines, considering that the US is predominantly a WHITE country? If you care to look, you know research, something you are incapable of doing, you will find that blacks, not only are over represented in the film, music, sporting and entertainment industries, BUT ALSO in the armed forces as well. If the blacks were being lined up for execution they wouldn’t be given all the prominent positions in all walks of life.

    Blacks have ALWAYS been the tool of the JEW. From the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, to the Jewish civil rights movement of the 60’s, which laid the foundations to all militant black organisations, the blacks have CONTINUALLY been used by the Jews, against whites.
    But you don’t see this do you?
    Of the poor, poor, poor black people. What a pity. What a real pity. And in your stupidity you are now implying that Hurricane Katrina deliberately targeted blacks. ROTFLMFAO!!!!! Here’s a question, if the hurricane had hit California, San Anselmo, would more blacks, than whites have died? New Orleans has almost twice as many blacks than whites. Did you know that? No, of course you didn’t. Hurricane Katrina was just a wickedly racist hurricane that deliberately sought out blacks over whites to kill.

    You’re an idiot!

  6. Bring it.

    But when you return fire, remember the benefits of cells. No one knows who is in the other cells nor what they are doing. Kind of chaos until a communication (not direct) network is set up.

    Some cells will be the ones who have the most expertise at taking down (((those))) at the head of the snake, others will have the ability to strike the belly of the beast. Just remember this; no politician is honest, no matter what level, local, regional or Federal. They are more culpable for dancing to the tune of the (((chosen))) and causing this explosion. They must be targets. Of course this is all theoretical…could never happen.

    Just fiction…right?

    But, even in good fiction, as much as I hate to say it because I’m a born and bred Southern White man, Sherman’s tactics are the ones to emulate. Scorched Earth policy. No criminal element may be left alive to fertilize future grounds.

    But the blacks in this work of fiction will be the initiators so make the response massively deadly.

    Just sayin’ hypothetically.

  7. Now Predicting: Someone will feign righteous anger right before they drop a hammer.

  8. This is the way to go. Whites will have their own country again if they can get off their backsides and fight for it; and so will the blacks but who’ll feed them, pay their welfare cheques keep the infrastructure afloat? wont be whitey! HaHaHa can’t wait to be honest. We can pay some of them them by the jew head of course that’ll soon get rid of that shit anyhow. But then again the jew has always got the samson option so maybe we are at the end of the Kali Yuga after all and a new beginning is just around the corner. SEE YOU IN VALHALLA lol.

  9. Few weeks ago I compared situation of US Army occupying forces abroad to German/Austro-Hungarian armies in 1918. These empires simply imploded and soldiers were reported to abandon weapons and escape home.
    We know that the fall of German and Austro-Hungarian Empire was a Jewish op. Communist revolutions everywhere, in Vienna, Munich or Budapest very successful.
    History repeats itself. We observe the fall of the American Empire, this is also Jewish op.
    Communism was based on weaponisation of anger of exploited lower classes. Lower classes were exploited in Jewish capitalism. Now George Soros uses anger of expoited lower races in racist regime Jews had built in the US.

    Lords of Money want to destroy the US empire, they want to transform US into normal country. This transformation experienced Greece, Turkey, Netherlands and other countries. For many people living in the US this transformation may be very traumatic. US dollar is a global currency and will lose this status. River of goods flowing to the US in exchange for federal T-bonds and other magic papers will probably change direction or even disappear. There is no society in the US, just several groups hating each other. Coming few years may be very painful.

  10. The billions of bipedal apes are everywhere now & will hunt down the white goyim over the coming decades until they’re all enslaved & ultimately exterminated. Just watch the movie ‘Zulu’ (1964) or ‘Planet of the Apes’ (1968) to see your future. All multiracial societies always end in white extinction from two fundamental factors: 1) Miscegenation or bestiality. Whites mating with simian hominids or non-whites. 2) Extermination or murder. As the nonwhite population increases, white society begins to fragment & collapse into bipedal ape anarchy & mongrel mayhem as the non-whites start intentionally targeting & killing off the white herd. These two catalysts combined bring upon the racial demise of the Whites. It’s that simple, and all one needs to know.

  11. Fred; there’s an old saying that when you are getting inordinate amounts of flak, then you are over the target. If Trump is such a weak, ineffectual leader, then why is he getting so much?
    Also, you seem to think that the MSM is just blindly blundering along from pillar to post. You are unable to detect a definite agenda here? You are being a tad disingenuous.

  12. Wow. The majority of blacks have no intentions of exterminating or rising up violently against whites. Ashkanazi jews/whites are the most violent people on earth. They kill muslims, whites, jews, blacks, hispanics, virtually any race on the planet through the most insidious means and you buy it hook line and sinker just like the moronic BLM protesters and Antifa thugs who, the majority are white by the way. Blacks aren’t arresting white business owners opening up because it is their constitutional rights, whites are doing that on the behalf of their jewish slave owners. Ashkanazi/whites are appointing traitor blacks and whites in positions of power but somehow it’s my fault?

    “A country gets what it asks for, and deserves what it tolerates. Most of the social
    problems engendering chaos result from the failure or collusion of government.”

    You brought this upon yourself. What you should of done is boycott the voting process since it it’s obvious it is corrupted but what did you do? You celebrated every time your fictional side “won” an election. Fools! Keep pretending Trump is your savior. Keep pretending out of shape white militia will somehow rise up and overthrow this corrupt government. Laughable.

    As a black man I refuse to support BLM jewish run organization. I also refuse to support a jewish run voting system. I find it absolutely comical that blacks are the reason for america’s downfall when whites who were put in power by jewish bankers have been in charge the majority of america’s existence. Before the colonizers arrived you could drink out of streams and live off the land. Jewish rulers made living off the land illegal, polluted streams, rivers, and lakes and now neither them (jews) or whites or anyone else can use them freely without getting a jewish permit.
    Funny every time blacks built their own communities and whites, directed by impotent jews, went and burned them to the ground….but it’s the blacks fault. Jews purposely dumb down all demographics, blacks taking the biggest blow by intentionally destroying the black family unit, whites by indoctrination through academia to where they use circular logic and entrapped by the two party paradigm of which there is no escape since they know of nothing else and thus remain in arrested development and blame the smallest demographic (outside of the jews) who have no power up until recently when it wouldn’t have mattered who you put in charge as long as it is a “yes” man/woman. Let me know when you’re ready to start brainstorming on how to stop this madness instead of shifting responsibility. I’m in shape and also trained with weaponry. I am ready to stand with my fellow humans regardless of race and take back my country, hope you are man enough and adult enough to stand and fight with me.

  13. Harbinger above has certainly got the idiot moron Carl Jones sussed…..
    The corrupt Jewish DOMINATED govt should pass laws against racist hurricanes.
    Focus ALL your attention on the enemies elite…..job done.
    Keeping in mind that Trump,Johnson,Trudeau,Merkel are ALL crypto Jews….
    Watch out for “imposters”… Drake the hiphopperist….although sold to the public as a “black”….he is actually a crypto jew.

  14. @ Harbinger 

    //And who else would be controlling the US air force, army and marines, considering that the US is predominantly a WHITE country?//

    Lizard people want to destroy the US empire. They don’t need imperial air force, marines, etc. They need a police force which will probably be trained in Palestine and supervised by MoSSad agents.

    //Blacks have ALWAYS been the tool of the JEW.//

    And what about whites?

    Who was in charge of genocide in North America or Australia? Local people were useless from Jewish point of view because they could not be controlled with MONEY. So Jews hired (not only) Anglosaxons to cleanse the land.

  15. Vespasian,

    I’ve just had enough of the rhetoric from Carl Jones. He really hasn’t a clue, but is your classic example of a left wing fool, who’s beginning to smell something awry, but still, totally blue pilled to reality.

    There are about 40% more blacks, than whites on this earth, if we believe the figures of blacks, in Africa, to be around 1.1billion. I don’t believe that. I think it’s much more but we are deliberately lied to, fooled into believing that blacks are dying out and so we need to have them come into our lands. Absolute rubbish!
    But more so, to continue with the stupidity of Carl Jones, what about South Africa? What about former Rhodesia, Zimbabwe?
    Joe Slovo, the politician who was instrumental in bringing about the downfall of white South Africa, was of course a Jew and sang with Mandela about killing whites.
    They estimate the European population of Africa to be around 5 million. The overall population of Africa, as stated, is around 1.1billion. Therefore whites make up
    around 0.05% of the African total population. And the west? Well, 13% of the US population is black at around 40 million. They say 3% in the UK and it’s a similar pattern throughout Europe. So on average, in Europe there are, AT LEAST, sixty times more blacks here compared to whites throughout Africa. In the US it’s even more staggering at 780 times!
    And Carl Jones says blacks are being set up for a slaughter?

    When whites invade other lands, such as Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan etc, although we all know those behind it are Jews, stealing land for the creation of Greater Israel (as well as plunder resources and sacrifice people to their demiurge), the Europeans are under the impressions it’s to help people (evil terrorist Bin Laden who murdered Americans. Dictators like Hussein and Gaddafi etc.). However, Africans, well, they go to war because they hate. Take Rwanda as a classic example of inter tribal butchery.

    As long as there are people like Carl Jones in this world, the NWO’s agenda will come to fruition far sooner.

  16. @Patrick;
    Thanks for bringing some common sense perspective to the conversation. They say that in History, nothing moves without the Jews. There has to be good reason why they’ve been expelled from so many countries over the centuries, and not just because of the shape of their noses. The western education system is a Zionist construct. It didn’t take me long to notice that most of my university department staff were Jewish (and Marxist) right up to and including the department head. The underlying education agenda was that you are superior, and therefore had the right to dictate how the rest of the masses should live. Once this attitude has taken hold, it’s only a small step to Genocide. The next step is to get us to willingly participate by making us think along tribal, national or religious lines – not just divide and rule, but divide and kill.

    What we are witnessing is the breakdown of their control grid, and nowhere is this more obvious than the fact that a Gentile has been made head of the Federal Reserve. People are waking up to their con game, which is why they are censoring public forums like FB, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube etc. They don’t want the official story being picked apart. The latest public forum to be closed down is Yahoo, owned by Verizon. You can no longer post comments on any of their articles – to “help improve” things of course. The hot button items that will get you shut down everywhere are 5G and Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). Any rational discussion of COVID-19 will also get you shut down.

    Lockdown and Social Distancing hinder us from discussing any of this, and the implicit message behind the Mask is – Shut yo’ mouth and do as we tell you.

    Don’t buy into any of it. Like the song says,
    “There is no Black, there is no White, We’re all eternal points of Light.”

  17. @ Robert Newton

    Great pity you don’t speak Russian (my assumption).

    Soviet/Russian academics had developed a philosophical doctrine called „Concept of Public Security” (Концепция общественной безопасности, КОБ).
    We are ruled by the hidden Babylonian/Egyptian knowledge. The name КОБ means nothing, but they want to disclose to the public all this hidden knowledge, empower the nation amd liquidate the advantage enjoyed by the hidden elite.

    You (and me) did not know who was behind the events in history because official education is a waste of time. Here pyramid of power and pyramid of knowledge developed in КОБ:

    КОБ in English:

    Professor Efimov lecture:

    Once Kevin Boyle was talking about these people:

    The leader of this group was general Konstantin Pavlovich Petrov, deputy director of Cosmodrome Baikonur (=Soviet Cape Canaveral). Died (assassinated?) in 2009.

    Here playlist with over 30 hours of his lectures:
    Mind number of views. And this is only a beginning.


    I am not so optimistic. People may wake up but have very short memory and attention spam even shorter. And group at the top – lizard people – have millenial experience in manipulating the crowd.

    I would rather compare 2020 to 1918-20 or 1812-15. Worldwide wars & revolutions and real chances for the arrival of the Messiah. Messiah already behind the curtain 🙂

    We are witnessing fall of capitalist system. Capitalism – with always growing money supply – lost stability, must die. Example:

    Lizard people want to destroy capitalism and introduce digital feudalism. Have chances to attain this goal. They control the world. This is how COVID in September-October may look like:

  18. If it is from the US then you must know that nothing is really as it seems. They have so much money for the layers on layers of intelligence organizations and operations that they have a hard time keeping track of them. Like with major airports in the old normal, there are so many psyops going on at the same time that they need a special agency and job classification to make sure they do not crash into one another. It is probably called Psyop Traffic Control Agency.

    Notice where the fake rent-a-mob terror groups dressed in wannabe ISIS merc outfits, are doing their best. Places where there is a swing vote with the purpose to polarize every compliant Covid dummy plugged into the MSM towards Trump and not away from him. Trump made the US military supreme and their key agencies will ensure he wins in November. Mass mind control is the way the US does business everywhere now.

    What do you expect after:
    – the fake Oswald assassination & psyop, with continuous mockingbird media propaganda & brainwashing;
    – the fake Gulf of Tonkin incident & psyop, with continuous mockingbird media propaganda & brainwashing throughout the Viet Nam war;
    – the fake moon landings & psyop, with continuous mockingbird media propaganda & brainwashing;
    – the fake 30-year global warming crisis & psyop, with continuous fake science and mockingbird media propaganda & brainwashing;
    – the fake terrorist crisis with the 9/11 false flag & psyop, with continuous mockingbird media propaganda & brainwashing;
    – the fake WMD threat to invade Iraq & psyop, with continuous mockingbird media propaganda & brainwashing;
    – the fake Al Qaeda and ISIS threats and false flags and psyops in Europe and US, plus directed insurgencies in Iraq and Syria, with continuous mockingbird media propaganda & brainwashing;
    – the fake, long-engineered, mother-of-all, debt-bubble crises & psyop with continuous mockingbird media propaganda & brainwashing, the purpose being to transfer the remaining major equities into the hands of the financial potentates who run the US and to ensure they have hegemony over global finances;
    – the fake plandemic & psyop, with continuous mockingbird media propaganda & brainwashing, to assist the financial potentates in further crashing the economy for their great wealth transfer of the remaining major equities of the world into their overstuffed portfolios, and as a pretext in rolling out the UN humanitarian-carrot Agendas, all of which are a further pretext for a OWG to back the planned One World Bank for the banking cartel owners of the US, and to enforce trade in their proposed global currency -two years hence.

    The owners of the US,the US military, and the Trump administration, are completely behind the Covid psyop, and already it is absolutely clear that Trump and the US deep state are on the opposite side of the truth. He is just one more psyop puppet backing all of the BS.

  19. quote “There is no leadership, no one in charge. In Trump we have perhaps the weakest President in history, mouthy, preening, ineffectual, much talk and no action. He did nothing while the rioters looted, burned, and vandalized, then disengaged himself from the pandemic, leaving decisions to the states. Much cawing and gaudy feathers, but no bird inside.”

    This sounds like something I wrote on darkmoon:
    Zionist Puppet Trump Gives Israel a Free Hand in Genocide of Palestinian People
    Admin August 1, 2019

    *** Star Opening Comment by Yukon Jack ***

    While engaged in the process of “saving” Israel, Donald Trump is going to destroy the United States.

    Israel is a demonic evil entity. It has Amerika by the throat. Israel is in the process of destroying the United States because it is a parasite, a vampire. Trump is their man. Trump’s job is to serve Israel.

    All the ‘Q’ talk about Trump playing 4d chess is utter garbage. That is the psyop they are using to fool the goyim into believing that Trump is somehow working for the American voter. He is not, he is working for Israel.

    You cannot make Amerika great again by giving Israel everything it wants — and more.

    Israel is 100% opposed to all sovereign states. The Talmudics plan to destroy national sovereignty of all other nation states, leaving Israel as the sole dominant nation and all other countries as vassal states. This plan is well on its way to being achieved. Already Israel has manipulated the USA into smashing all the Muslim states around Israel, and already the Jews are flooding white nations with blacks.

    When Israel is done using the United States like toilet paper, Israel will then manipulate the USA into a war with Russia and/or China, bringing them down. They are masters at this game, so you can expect them to be successful. Look at how much damage they have done to the United States. See for yourself how little resistance there is, if any, to the Israel lobby in D.C. There is none. Zero. Zip.

    Amerika is finished and doesn’t even know it yet.

    Since Donald Trump favors Israel over the United States, you can be sure he doesn’t stand a chance of making Amerika great again. Not that he ever intended to do so. Trump is grossly incompetent. Just read the remarks made about him by the British Ambassador to the US, Kim Darroch. Ambassador Darroch slammed Trump in the harshest diplomatic language – just go read the articles about Trump’s competence. Trump has no idea what he is doing. He is a stooge of Jewish power. In my opinion, he is unfit to run a fast food joint let alone a country.

    The only way to save the United States is to destroy Israel and remove all dual citizens from inside the government. Israel and the United States cannot exist in harmony with each other. All these Evangelicals who love Israel, the 70 million Christian Zionists who form Trump’s support base, are guilty of treason — given that Israel definitely had a hand in 911.

    There is such a huge support base for Jews and Israel inside the United States that things, I fear, can only get worse for Amerika. As long as Big Jewry continues to hang around Amerika’s neck like an albatross, there’s no hope for Amerika. If you think otherwise, you are misinformed, delusional, and out of touch with reality.

  20. I want to thank all of you for using well-chosen words to make up concise arguments, this forum shows hope for humanity, out of an apparent mutual desire to see beyond our large differences, see our common enemy, which is perhaps not Jewishness perse, any more than fascist-buddhism, but zionism, from which all major religions seem to spring when one looks deep enough, and behind that is luciferianism and black sun worship in multifarious forms that reach deeply into many aspects of organized culture (a word used for petri-dishes). I recommend a newer history series called “From Russia With Love” on utoob anf spreekr for a sharpening of pencils on all of the topics above. It may not be absolute, and it may be flawed, but it is also decently accurate and refreshing, and is based on the work of Levashov, and pretty much guaranteed to offend everyone, regardless of race and status. Thank you all for educating yourselves and continuing to use your hearts, minds, voices to good effect.

  21. Yukon Jack blames so many things on the Jews that you begin to wonder if he is some kind of controlled opposition for the Zionist to stir up prejudice so that they can exercise censorship over that part of the media they don’t control.

  22. A lot of good articles in response to Fred’s essay , most of them spot on. I would like to reply to Fred’s comment on where Hispanics factor in all this. First I would like to define Hispanic . Hispanics in the southwest USA have been here since the country was considered new Spain 1600 s . We considered ourselves of Spanish origin, European descent and white. Check our birth certificates for people born here. It wasn’t till Marxist University professor’s and our new overlords decided to give Us a new identity ( Chicano) whatever that means. The last thing the new masters want is European people uniting, it’s spelled expulsion 109 times. Most People born here generationally Have Anglo relatives since intermarriage is still very common here. Due to our communist school curriculum, real history has not been taught for 40 or so years , replaced by obfuscation and out right lies. Since the early 70s when our masters flung open the border gates, everyone assumes that anyone with a tan or Spanish surname is automatically an immigrant, liberal, welfare recipient or criminal. Nothing is further from the truth , a lot of Hispanics are conservative though much like Blacks they tend to vote Democrat even though it’s kept them in poverty.
    I do believe that most real Hispanics are patriots and will support real Americans. As for the “other Hispanics “ brought in to muddy the water, my guess is that they will do the opposite since that’s what they were brought here for

  23. @Fred B

    “Yukon Jack blames so many things on the Jews that you begin to wonder if he is some kind of controlled opposition for the Zionist to stir up prejudice so that they can exercise censorship over that part of the media they don’t control.”

    Let’s see, the reason I mention the Jews is that they are 100% guilty and the primary player in the destruction of the world. Jews control the Congress, they control the Presidency, they control both political parties. But their biggest crime is their holy books.

    I am not unfairly accusing them, so why are you defending them?