It’s Our Bloody Country – and We Want it Back

Vernon Coleman – via YouTube July 30, 2020

7 responses to “It’s Our Bloody Country – and We Want it Back”

  1. Fabulous and we must support him
    but i uderstand that poor mr rothschild is chewing the edge of th carpet in rage

  2. I reiterate, the Rothchilds are but one part of this thing that rules us. Believe it or not, they are relatively Johnny come lately’s They are the public face, although Mrs Gates’ little boy Bill might be usurping them?

  3. Bill Gates is the original “live in mommy’s basement” gamma-boi stuffed full with unearned glory enabled by the political and economic contacts of his parents. Bill wants to have things his way and if he doesn’t get his way he will hold his nose until YOU turn blue.

  4. Vernon, there is ongoing geoengineering of earth’s sky.

  5. Gates is simply one of Rothschild’s lieutenants, just like Soros, Epstein, Elon Musk & the rest of the Jewish mongrel subordinates. They’re the public representatives for Rothschild Enterprises.

  6. Never stop speaking Vernon. God bless.

  7. qhat we need is a political leader who will put his people first
    then put all these jews and jew enablers into work camps
    oh sorry we already did that