Useless Eaters! Prepare for the Worst – July 29, 2020

Connect the Dots:
When the government is complicit in faking an epidemic that destroys millions of livelihoods and spends billions on untested vaccines from companies protected from any liability;
When Bill Gates/WHO say there will be no return to normality without mandatory vaccinations;
When rioters, arsonists, and looters get the support of elected officials and CEO’s, cops and athletes “take a knee;” 
When criminals are released and police defunded;
When a student is suspended for wearing a MAGA cap;
When casinos and abortionists remain open but churches are shut;
When the media oozes bias and big tech blocks free speech;
When the Democrat Party platform replicates the Communist playbook;

Rachel Levine, PA Director of Public Health. Click to enlarge

When public officials are trannies you know that sick is healthy and the Satanists’ Great Reset has begun.
The fake pandemic is a pretext to cull/enslave the useless eaters and downsize society. 
When the President declares Antifa “domestic terrorists” and does not arrest the funders;
When he says he’ll stop tech bias, and fails to regulate them;
When the father of Attorney General William Barr gave Jeffrey Epstein his first job. 
You know they both belong to the same satanist cabal as the Communists, just another (Zionist) branch. 
Civilization has slipped its moorings; its defenders are strangely impotent.  
Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. 
We have allowed our worst enemies to control all the levers of power and now face the consequences. 
In a powerful article below, Eric Peters says people who reject the covidhoax (wear the mask) will be ostracized from society, like Jews in Nazi Europe: “We’ve been down this road several times before but have lost the ability to read the signs.”

The Sneeze Police and Worse to Come

by Eric Peters — (abridged by 

Armed government workers will do anything for money. Your money. They used to take it for “speeding.” Now it’s for sneezing.

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6 responses to “Useless Eaters! Prepare for the Worst”

  1. Jews were persecuted in Germany for very good reasons
    Jew declared war on their own government in 1933
    thy were such a menace they had to be taken out of many jobs
    not all jews, those that supported Germany and remember 150,000 fought for Germany against the international banking jews
    Hitler wanted these wreckers to go to madagaskar, as negotiated by Adolf Eichman who made generus offers for them to take the jews, but when war came the wreckers had to go into work camps, same a sthe USA did with the japese
    Plane exist for all those who do not support the NWO agenda to go into work camps very soon

  2. I was in Sam’s Club yesterday.

    I went in without a mask on and with my ‘Face Mask Exempt Card’ in my pocket.

    The greeters at the door told me I had to wear a mask. I told them I didn’t. The old man sitting there started to get up and I turned to face him (I’m an old man, too so no bullying or intimidation) and he sat back down.

    He told me that the governor had mandated masks and I told him that the governor was not my boss and that he had better read it a little closer as the governor had left it up to the discretion of the stores, at which point some masked customer decided to brace me with, “It is the store’s policy, you have to wear a mask.” to which I replied that he, too, should read the news a little closer and told him the Sam’s, Wal-Mart and Kroger had informed their stores that if anyone refused to wear a mask then they shouldn’t confront them further. I also asked him if he worked for the store and, if not, what was his authority to confront another citizen.

    No answer. No further confrontation. I did my shopping without further incident from anyone and without a mask. I did not have to produce my card. This was in the Sam’s Club in Elizabethtown, KY. I don’t know if they video any of these things, but, if so, everything I said can be verified. Oops, forgot I did pull out my card and flashed it to the civilian.

    One thing that I know is that if enough of us do this we can start to change some of this.

    Sadly, that will not alter what is coming but may slow it down enough for more people to actually wake up and smell the coffee.

  3. The protocols tell of Elders of Zion speaks of all this and jewish whistleblowers like Henry
    whom many of us see as a hero also tells us what is in store
    unless we band together get our own political party, we will be lost

  4. Since there are in fact Semitic Arab Jews, what is the definition of a “Jew”?

  5. I happen to agree with the premise that it is likely the anti-vaxxers will be ostracized and they are already doing that to the anit-maskers. But once again Makow twists reality 180 degrees.

    Hitler and the Nazis were for the people while our government is against us. I look forward to the new Hitler who once again puts the Jews in their place (6 feet under the social distanced from the rest of us). We need a new Hitler in the sense a leader who rights all the wrongs of a Jewish dominated society.

    Hitler fought against the system we are up against, he lost, he is vilified as the most evil man ever by every Jew, including Makow and his guest writers. Many of us commentors point out that these Jewish conspiracy writers love to bash Hitler, like that insane Bejerknes.

    Can you imagine the hysterical love for a new leader if he put Obama, Clinton, Trump in prison, along with all the Neocons, AIPAC, ADL, etc.? People would act exactly like the way the Germans acted when Hitler rescued the nation from Jewish insanity. Hitler was loved by his people, and that is something Makow can’t spin away.

  6. Exactly Henry, the people running things like the media they control do not the public, they program the public non stop making them the sleep waking automatons and sheeple that they now are. If there are any sane and decent people in all of the various hierarchies of power they must break ranks with the demonic controllers proper and decent order in those structures, because once the public see through the thin veneer covering the corruption all faith and trust will suddenly disappear and chaos and insanity will in fact be the new normal,and your are all gone. And no, the solution is not simply to give these structures a thicker covering and silence those who are saying your Emperor has no clothes. As the warning was given to leaders in my own Church some 40 years ago, you have to clean your own house and clean it thoroughly, from the top down, and you must do it now.