Big Pharma, Big Tech and Big Media are waging an all-out WAR against humanity

Their goal is to mass murder as many human beings as possible before they are stopped

Mike Adams – Natural News July 29, 2020

Big Tech, Big Pharma and Big Media are now actively colluding to silence all doctors, websites, videos and online content that explains why hydroxychloroquine can save lives and end the coronavirus pandemic in mere weeks.

Over the last few days, Big Tech and Big Media conspired to censor all videos of “America’s Frontline Doctors” who revealed how hydroxychloroquine is saving thousands of lives in Emergency Rooms across America (and can even be used as a preventive medication).

The video presentation by the doctors has been deleted everywhere across Big Tech platforms in a desperate effort to make sure Americans don’t learn that we don’t have to keep suffering and dying while waiting for a vaccine that might be a failure anyway.

Yet the evil tech giants and media publishers have decided that Americans are not allowed to watch this video of doctors offering lifesaving, proven information that can end this pandemic. Instead, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and even Vimeo would rather see Americans suffer and die so that a vaccine narrative can be aggressively pushed that enriches Big Pharma.

In other words, Big Tech is now complicit in the mass murder of Americans in order to protect the profit interests of Big Pharma.

This is where we are now in America: A criminal conspiracy of powerful corporations is now blacklisting critical knowledge for human health. They are doing it on purpose. They know people will die because of their actions, and they don’t care

Just to confirm what Martenson is tweeting above, YouTube is happy to continue hosting videos promoting a “science” study that has long been retracted and exposed as a complete fraud, but YouTube won’t allow legitimate doctors with firsthand experience to talk about what they see working to save lives in the ER.

All medical and health speech will now be 100% controlled by Google, Facebook and Twitter, all evil corporations that know nothing about health or nutrition

Even in a world where we’re told it’s always a good idea to get a second opinion on anything related to health and medicine, Big Tech has now decided they will dictate what opinions are allowed to be expressed online.

This means that for every disease from this day forward, Big Tech will dictate the “allowable” opinion about treatments for that disease… even though tech giants obviously do not have a monopoly on facts, nor any special competency in the realm of human medicine.

Here’s the video Big Tech doesn’t want you to see. They’ve gone out of their way to remove it everywhere because it dismantled the entire narrative that’s pushing vaccine mandates in America

Here’s the link where you can find the video on Brighteon:

Note: Facebook and Twitter have banned the entire platform of in order to stop people from sharing videos like this. They not only ban individual videos, they ban entire platforms.

And here’s a follow-up video where these doctors speak out against the outrageous censorship that has been unleashed against them by Big Tech and Big Media

Big Tech, Big Pharma and Big Media are now enemy combatants waging a WAR against humanity

I’ve been warning humanity about the evils of Big Pharma for over a decade, and I was among the first to be 100% censored and blacklisted by Big Tech as I warned what was coming. Now, even doctors across America are waking up to exactly what I was warning about: If you don’t have the correct opinion that Big Tech says is the only allowable truth, you will be censored and de-platformed.

You will also be smeared on Wikipedia and relentlessly attacked by left-wing media.

This means that for every debate, every disease and every event that takes place in our world from this day forward, there is only one allowable point of view that can be expressed, and it’s the point of view that’s chosen by the insane, authoritarian lunatics who run Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, LinkedIn and other radical extremist tech giants.

Today we declare that all employees who work for Big Tech, Big Pharma or Big Media are, in fact, enemy combatants, terrorists and malicious bad faith actors who are engaged in a criminal conspiracy to mass murder millions of human beings.

Every person who works for Google is complicit in mass murder. Every fake news “journalist” who pushes propaganda for CNN is a treasonous criminal working against the interests of humanity. Every person who works for Big Pharma to push unsafe vaccines on billions of people is, in reality, working to destroy human lives and cause suffering and mass death, even if they have to see millions of people killed in the process of raking in their obscene profits.

It’s time we just said it straight out: There is a war being waged against humanity, and that war is being funded by at least 269 corporations such as Google, Netflix, Nike, Apple and Amazon. The goal is to achieve the mass slaughter of billions of human beings, whether through abortions, deadly vaccines, engineered famine or the deliberately provocation of social chaos and civil war.

We now live in a world where the gatekeepers of news and online information are actively, maliciously, deliberately suppressing medical information that could save millions of lives. This makes these corporations enemies against humanity and a clear and present danger to the future of human civilization on our planet

If humanity is to survive, Big Tech, Big Pharma and Big Media must be defeated and dismantled

If humanity is to survive, these evil corporate giants must be defeated and dismantled. We have now reached the point where the very future of human civilization is at risk of being obliterated by these evil corporate monsters who are conspiring to destroy our economies, our freedoms and our lives.

They don’t plan to end the lockdowns — ever! — because they are rolling out a global depopulation scheme to mass murder 90% of the human beings living today.

Humanity must rise up and defeat that corporate demons, or we will be destroyed by them.

How do we achieve the defeat and dismantling of these evil corporations that now represent an existential threat to humanity? For starters, we must demand that our political leaders take them down for their violations of anti-trust laws and civil rights legislation.

Today, President Trump tweeted that it’s time for him to take decisive action against Big Tech:

However, executive orders won’t be enough. It’s now clear that because Big Tech is at war with humanity, they will never voluntarily comply with any laws or rules that limit their power to control all online speech.

That’s why Trump needs to unleash the military against Big Tech by first declaring Big Tech to be engaged in an illegal insurrection against the United States of America, then dispatching military police to arrest all the corporate leaders and seize control of these treasonous corporations.

Trump must order to U.S. State Department to seize the domain names of all the tech giants:,,,,, and others. He must shut them down both online and offline, while the DOJ prosecutes the CEOs for treason.

The continued existence of Google, Facebook and other tech giants is flatly incompatible with free society. These evil corporations have proven they operate with zero respect for human rights, the rule of law or any sense of speech fairness. They operate with malicious contempt for U.S. laws and the United States Constitution. They abuse and exploit their power to rig elections, interfere with the First Amendment and silence their political opponents.

Now, they’re even silencing doctors because they don’t agree with their “second opinion.”

This has gone too far. Big Tech must be stopped.

And if Congress won’t act to dismantle Big Tech, We the People must defend ourselves against their acts of war against us.

The day is coming when We the People will have to dismantle the tech giants or be enslaved by techno-tyranny

The People must occupy and dismantle the tech giants. They must sever every fiber optic line that feeds the Big Tech beast, and they must converge on Big Tech office buildings across the country and peacefully dismantle them, server by server, brick by brick, until this unprecedented evil has been banished from our world.

The “demon” of techno-tyranny must be defeated, or none of us will ever be free again.

Many in Congress are finally starting to fight back, but it’s probably too late. Republicans sat around for four years doing nothing, unable to comprehend how the internet works and therefore having no clue what was being engineered against America. As is now reporting:

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) and a host of other House conservatives introduced legislation on Wednesday that would block big tech giants from censoring lawful political speech on the Internet. Reps. Doug Collins (R-GA), Ralph Norman (R-SC), Lance Gooden (R-TX), Steve King (R-IA), Jim Banks (R-IN), Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Ted Yoho (R-FL), Tom Tiffany (R-WI), Ron Wright (R-TX), and Gosar introduced the Stop the Censorship Act of 2020, which would revoke big tech companies’ Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act legal immunity if the tech platform were to remove lawful speech on their platform.

But it’s already too late. Google already rigged the 2018 mid-term elections, allowing Democrats to seize the House, so no legislation against Big Tech is currently possible.

That’s why any real solution must come from the President’s declaration of an open insurrection by Big Tech, followed by military action to take down every last corporation that’s actively waging war against America and humanity.

We are far beyond the point of a political solution here. Now, Google and other evil tech giants must be forced to stop their war against humanity.

Click to enlarge

They will not stop voluntarily. And they will ignore all laws. They are not acting in good faith, and they believe they are already more powerful than any government in the world.

Let’s see how they do against artillery if Trump finally invokes the 3D world layer for this conflict. Send in the tanks. Anything less will be pointless.

And for those of you who say the government should never exercise such power against corporations, ask yourself this question: What about the far more dangerous power over all speech that’s now being exploited by the corporations themselves? Bad ideas (like communism) are more dangerous than bullets, which is why Google and the tech tyrants want total control over all ideas, speech, videos, memes and content. That’s a far greater threat to your liberty than any government action, especially if the entire point of the government’s action is to restore a level playing field for online speech.

The greatest threat to your liberty today is not Big Government, it’s Big Tech and the fake news media.


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  1. One big mistake here.
    Adolf Hitler, there was rigid monitoring of German big Pharma
    and one of the reasons Churchill told the RAF on the 1000 bomber raids was told to leave the factories but bomb and burn the people, was that Rothschild and Rockefeller wanted to claim the factories after the war as Reparations, and the jews took everything
    The German s offered a new peoples car called the Folks waggon or volkswagen
    but British jews said no it will never sell, it wa still made in mexico until 3 years ago,
    the Morris Mnir renault 750 and small fiats were all based on the germ,an design.
    Hitler made health clubs and outdoor pursuits fashionable and almost cumpuslory
    He put rothschilds in prison, and took the money process away from the jews, and germany prosp[ered, one of the reasons why churchill had Neville Chamberian killed was that Hitler and Chamberlian were negotiating to bring UK banking into the hands of the British people as in germany
    Much of this was still in the restricted section of british intell until Tony Blair demanded it all go in the shredder only a small portion was smuggled out nd in 2016 came into the hands of the British Resistance

  2. Enemies of humanity?
    This is very Judeoanglosaxon perspective.
    Racist megalomaniacs believe that enemies of Judeoanglosaxons are enemies of humanity. Probably based on teachings of Jewish prophet Ezekiel (34:31 And /ONLY/ ye my flock, the flock of my pasture, are men, and I am your God, saith the Lord GOD).

    Don’t know why Mussolini is on the list. He was British agent and finally betrayed London. For sure enemy of Judeoanglosaxons. Automatically enemy of humanity?

    Stalin is on the list because his policy since early 1930ies (industrialization) saved Soviet Union. Judeoanglosaxons wanted a new India or new Australia after WW1 and after WW2. Northern Asia is minerals rich subcontinent Judeoanglosaxons believe belongs to them. They wanted to destroy the political power, decimate the population, turn remains into slaves and steal mineral wealth – basically turn Russian Empire and Soviet Union into India 2.0 or Australia 2.0. This is the reason they hate Stalin so much.

    Mike Adams from #CIA promotes traditional biased Judeoanglosaxon historiography.

  3. How can anyone say Adolf Hitler was an enemy of mankind ?He lifted Germany out of the depression and into prosperity at a time when people were starving to death in the USA and UK, the jews had to destroy germany, as other countries including the UK were about to follow suit.
    I am nota political person but i wish we had taken Hitlers advice as so many people here wanted, we would not be in this mess now

  4. Big Media is the root cause of the rise of Satanism and violence in America. The TRUTH is simply ignored or “spun” by Big Media. The TRUTH of WWI and WWII has NEVER been told in America. The HoloHoax and the 911 LIE live on because of Big Media. The fake shootings at the Sandy Hook school are believed because of Big Media. No one died at Sandy Hook. Most Americans are SO STUPID that they believe the info presented on TV news is actually the truth, when it is mostly LIES and DISTORTIONS coming from the Satanic Khazars who either own or control most major media outlets. From the NY Slimes
    to CNN to the Washington Compost, BIG Media is just a front for the destruction of America by Khazar Satanists. These Khazar Ashkenazi Satanists HATE America, and they HATE Christians. But, the truth is out there. It is available in the writings of Nesta Webster, or Juri Lina, or Fritz Springmeier, or William Guy Carr or Bollyn. Most Americans do not want to hear the truth. They just want to worship the Satanic Israelis who did 911, and NOT Jesus of Nazareth.

  5. Hitler and his party represented the legitimate defensive response to the judeo-marxist threat to Europe. The longer that some people take to do their own research into this fact, the longer the whole world will be plagued by the anti-human, materialist, death cult that still threatens and oppressed our world long decades after the Allies fought their war against communism and “The Most Naive Generation” turned over half the world over to the (((Mattoids))). When a disease has been allowed to progress and develop, the cure is not always pleasant, but it is still necessary.

    Wake up and look into the facts, so you can make up your own mind. The truth is out there and easily available.

  6. That should have been, “Allies fought their war to SAVE communism.”

  7. Judge people by their successes ….in which case why do these fools keep quoting Hitler.
    Why did Hitler launch a war against the USSR…by doing so he ensured Germany would lose the war.Why did he let the British escape at Dunkirk….why did he switch to bombing London when it made more sense to attack British military targets… airfields and factories producing planes.
    There are loads of questions like the above.

    “BOMBER HARRIS” was a crypto jew,like the actor Richard Harris,like Rolf Harris.

    Why do idiots CONTINUE to think Trump is on their side.Check his history.Check the photographs of him and the Clinton’s and his association with Jews like Epstein.
    You’ll notice that the utterly corrupt Hillary Clinton is no where near being “locked up”….
    The Jewish fiends are running BOTH sides….they are orchestrating the whole show…..INCLUDING THE LOOMING DEPRESSION…
    The objective of course is a third world war….note the gap between the 1929 stockmarket collapse and the start of WW2…..about ten years.
    First world war…..the Ottomans are removed from Palestine (The General in charge of Australian troops being MONASH…a crypto jew….see Monash University)
    World War 2…..1948…State of Israel established with massive funding by the Rothschilds…..expansion of the state 1967 (The Vietnam war may have been a distraction…keep in mind that Johnson was definitely a crypto jew)
    WW3….with the world in a state of economic collapse….Lebanon will be these fiends next logical step….and parts of Syria…..
    Expect internal disruption in Western countries perhaps leading to martial law….
    Unless opposition to the Jews is focussed entirely on their elites… will get nowhere…..NOWHERE.

    The SHTF moment is rapidly approaching….it is not going to be nice…..(see latest news on the US economy)…..
    Trump is a crypto jew… is about time people learned to recognise them.

  8. Why isn’t churchill on the faces of evil list ?

  9. Good & Evil are subjective terms, determined by one’s psychobiological constitution. The author of this article (probably some Christian, degenerate or Jew) labels Hitler & Mussolini as ‘evil’. Evil to who? To any normal white gentile Hitler & Mussolini were ‘good’ because they promoted the domination of Whites/Aryans on the planet. Now to Jews & non-whites they would be ‘evil’ because the Jews & bipedal apes would have no power or control over the planet if Nazism-Fascism was victorious.

  10. I submitted an academic paper today to a management journal. At the last minute I was told the submission would not be accepted unless it mentioned not only Covid but specifically the imminent “second wave”.

    So let’s get ready folks. We ain’t seen nothin’ yet. :-((

    This is all about destroying the economy, subjugating the citizens of the nations, and establishing the One World Government with its evil despotic ruler. It is also about killing off as much of the world population as is possible under this manufactured lie.

    I met a woman outside a bank this past week who was upset that the bank required an appointment to get inside. She wore a mask but said that she did not agree with wearing masks. She proceeded to tell me that a friend had gone to a clinic to get tested for Covid 19 recently. After waiting in the waiting room for a half hour, her friend walked out and left the clinic without being tested. Two weeks later her friend got mail from the clinic saying that he had tested positive for Covid 19. HE HAD NOT BEEN TESTED!

  12. Three words: blackrock. vanguard. statestreet. These are the fiddle funds those lackeys mentioned above dance to.

  13. The greatest threat to freedom is the people not standing up willing to die to save it. While big tech and big government are both major threats, they like all threats can and could be stopped if the people would only stand up. The first step to the people standing up does not even require a fight or bloodshed, it requires very little energy and cost, and that step is for the people to turn these sites off, and use alternative sources that are just as good and obviously better. If that does not work, then escalation should be used, until we reach the point of dragging out by their ears and executing the people behind the sites, and yes that would include high end employees. If tanks be needed to obtain this then so be it. The republic is only safe when you fight to maintain it. Most people are going about their daily business without any concerns or thoughts to its regard. The great quote of Edmund Burke applies here “evil prevails when good men do nothing.”

  14. Very hard now to say that Mike Adams is controlled opposition with a Declaration of War like in this article. Any sane and honest physician knows that HCQ works. They also know that any significant real risk to anyone not already at death’s door or anyone in the general public has been greatly exaggerated by our establishment-controlled governments, health officials, and the mainstream media.

    The drug is readily available in my province (BC) and the risk of death has been virtually extinguished with it. I am beginning to think that my provincial government (albeit socialist which I do not support) has a streak of honesty in it and does have a real a concern for ordinary people. Perhaps it also can smell the stink of all the establishment lies behind psyop, and does not want to participate in killing of innocent people for the sake of big pharma, the Great Resets, or any other totalitarian measures. Yet, it is still backing the non-sense brainwashing restrictions.

    Adams has given us pictures and names of various leading jackals enabling the plandemic, and a card should be made up for each one of them. However, to make up the rest of a first deck of 52 cards, it would be helpful to go higher and include the various inner circles behind the plandemic. The belief which I have expressed since early March is that only the international banking cartel could get so many opposing nations so unified on such a vast scale and obedient to all of the psyop hype and drill despite the lack of any reliable evidence and despite their mutual hostilities. I would suggest that someone make an effort to provide photos of those in the inner circles with brief write-ups on them. Withholding HCQ and lying about its effectiveness is outright murder, and there comes a time when self defense becomes paramount.

    This is a real lab-nurtured virus although not as lethal as obviously intended by Plandemic Control as I have repeatedly tried to demonstrate on this site and others. Our enemies have predicted a second wave. That to me at least is A REAL THREAT of yet a more lethal version of the virus to be released, and what is standing in their way to really put the fear into all of us with ER’s and wards actually becoming war zones, is waning credibility of the threat of their first wave. They no doubt think they now have to provide a more credible pretext than the foundering C-19 virus to save all of their precious Resets and for a global currency, and they will need a variation with more punch to it which they will have to try to pass off as a mutation of the present one. However, like the unpredictability of the first once released into the general populace, they do not really know what will happen, and they could get their wish for massive depopulation as well.

    If you realize the magnitude of UN-WEF-Agenda plans, and how long they have been working on them, how much money they have put into them, all with the consent of our very corrupt and dissembling puppet federal governments, and the fact that at least three the other deliberately manufactured major crises all coincidentally coming together and supporting one another at this hallowed moment in their lockstep calendar, you realize that without the linchpin at this moment with the climax of the pandemic, all of their plans may go up in smoke. Without the plandemic their beast only has three legs and it cannot really walk or bark as they want for world hegemony. The plandemic is their only viable pretext for decisively shutting down our systems with our compliance as cover for all of their announced Resets.

    The other three legs if you have been following my rag-tag comments are, the fake slow-moving CO2 climate crisis which really began in earnest after Agenda 21 in 1992; the false-flag terrorist crisis including 9/11 and alleged ISIS attacks in Europe “necessitating” increased surveillance measures over all of us in all of our nations; and what appears to be very much of a totally contrived economic crisis with the planning beginning in the early 1990’s leading to the deliberate and virtual abandonment of Glass Steagall in 1999 the US (the world reserve currency nation), despite very accurate warnings predictions of what would happen, i.e. the economic 2008 crash engineered by the central banks with easy money and little or no security, then to the repo market crash in the summer of 2019. What we have here is planning, planning, and planning by those who have a history of abusing their wealth and power.

    These deliberately manufactured alleged “crises” correspond to all of the recently WEF announced agendas and the very lockstep we have been subjected to, for”
    1. a WEF-UN “greener” world with complete control over of our consumption and production methods and habits (founded on the the long-term fake science, fake CO2, fake global warming, fake government, and fake media CLIMATE CRISIS);

    2. a WEF-UN-OWG “smarter” world (centralized high tech control (including 5G and the ID of everyone) to implement “greener” and fully empower the “surveillance state” (based on the fake TERRORIST CRISIS), and to implement another tier of taxes to pay for our virtual imprisonment all to the delight of our ass-kissing corrupt governments (justified mainly on the manufactured fear from 9/11 and on-going other false flags to terrorize the public and to confiscate guns);

    3. WEF-UN-OWG and One World Bank for a “fairer” world where people, wealth and resources will be more “equally” and more “fairly” distributed, all stemming from the deliberate crashing of the world economy and national currencies, which the megalomaniacs running things claim they have no control over, despite the fact that they have been controlling our finances, our governments, and the media for over 100 years now – i.e. the fake ECONOMIC CRISIS. (If one says the economic crash is not engineered then please explain why the same people who have been controlling the economy to make such a mess out of things, get to set up a more universal system to control virtually everything financial in the world. Why the same nincompoops?)

    The fact is that these three legs are incapable of enabling the beast to walk, run, bark, bite or obey any real commands over us, without this fourth leg of the very long-termed planned PANDEMIC CRISIS, necessary to ensure universal compliance to the sudden shutdowns and extreme government control measures and restrictions based on public good will, benign medical health and mutual concerns for public safety, all of which is necessary as cover and and major pretext for the urgent activation of the other three legs.

    When you realize all the planning and money which went into this, we are going to need likely hundreds if not thousands of decks of cards to see any real justice or protection from these sociopaths. However, what does anyone with a brain really think they are going to do now, to protect all of these sweeping universal plans as well as their own hides? Now that the Covid-19 virus is wearing so thin and they have to jack the numbers of alleged “infected victims” in places where the flu season is now long over, what do you really think these people who would release such a virus in the first place are about to do? These people with so much at stake and with everything else dependent on the “success” of the virus, what are they likely to do?

    No, they are very unlikely just to rely on media hype and fake government stats. They are having a great deal of difficulty suppressing common sense and reality through the internet and with honest physicians and experts rising up everywhere now. What do you think they will do now? They have already promised a second wave. Outside of the flu season in places like the US they are even claiming a second wave has begun. They are desperate to continue the restrictive measures through the summer and to have a real second wave they know they have to wait until the beginning of the flu season in late September or October. That is the real peril we now face, and it is not just more media hype. These people are determined and they will do anything as they have so often demonstrated over the past 100 years.

  15. COVID 19 is a scam and a very successful one because many are hypnotized by everything that they hear and read about this virus that doesn’t even exist. Example lots of people in the UK are being called back from their holidays by the government and they will do it without questioning and demanding the facts the proof of why. They then have to quarantine on return and be tested for COVID which you can be sure will be a positive result fixed and rigged just to make it all look more real and, again they will do it without question. Many business are closing and livelihoods lost and people are allowing it again to happen without question.
    The government puppets are playing cat and mouse with the human race and are being allowed to do it. They must be rubbing their hands in glee how easy it all is and this will happen again and again next year and the year after until the vaccine is wheeled out in all its glory and again they will line up in fact and I bet fight each other who will have it first and what will they get a massive toxic cosh of pure evil but again they will not question it so I want to know how on earth are we ever going to stop all this evil happening if no one will believe that they are being set up played and destroyed. How are we ever going to stop it if no one has the balls to ever question why this is happening. Writing about this is one thing but its the doing that needs to be done.

  16. @ Vespasian

    Hitler could have been involved into a war with Soviet Union.

    There is a theory he had plans to attack head of the snake, Britain:

  17. Adolf Hitler was a good man.
    1st law he inacted Stop the jewish slaughter of Animals.
    See how Jews and Islam Kill theyre animals its barbaric.
    Also Hitler wanted the Jews out.
    Not one historical document that outlines The final Outcome for the Jews.

    No gas Chambers, No 6 million deaths.
    Geroge Patton. We fought the wrong enemy.

    Albert Pike WW 3 Islam vs Zionist.
    Ill do my best to kill both these parasites.
    When Trump is re elected im going on a Remove the Jew crusade.
    No one will Knkw when, how, why.
    You will just see it on the News.
    Tik rok.

  18. Vespacian. Germany attacked USSR because Stalin was set to invade Europe with a huge mass of armored vehicles with rubber wheels suitable for paved roads such as those found in Europe. USSR had no such roads, thus those vehicles were not suitable for defence. Germany almost succeeded and would have, except for American communists helping British communists create D-Day. “D” stood for “Death for Europe” Day.

  19. “Let us be smart” is quite right about Adolph Hitler. Mike Adams and his ilk continue with the false comparison of Hitler to Stalin for example. Stalin WAS a monster. Evangelicals continue this comparison because they have to; simply because they are allied to Zionist power. Who was the leader of the 1930’s-40’s who advocated peace and submitted many peace proposals?….Adolph Hitler.