Group Of “America’s Frontline Doctors,” Calling Out “Massive Disinformation Campaign”

Undiscovered Truth – BitChute July 28, 2020


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  1. I watched the video before it was taken down. It is no surprise that the Cabal does not want the information that hydroxychloroquine cures early stage Covid 19 to get out. . One brave Doctor originally from Nigeria stated that she had personally treated 350 Covid patients with this drug, and had not lost one single patient. The public must accept that Utube, Twitter and Facebook are evil and working against humanity.

  2. The efforts the Control System is putting in to suppress this video is unprecedented! It’s all over Bitchute btw. Set the truth free! Power to these doctors!

  3. YouTube showing its true self again.

  4. Jewtube immediately removed this video. That suggested this video would shed lots of light on the Covid Scam. Unfortunately this vid misses the bigger point that the fake Covid Pandemic is just more zionist evil.

  5. Old Bill needs to make his billions and kill millions a cheap 100% effective alternative covid treament will not be tolerated.Hydroxychloriquin must be stopped at all costs before it saves millions of lives.Bill and WHO will make sure.

  6. This is so stagged i doubt these folks are even doctors. There isnt enough evidence to prove hcq actually works. 20 prople standing in front of this fake bullcrap stand up comic strip….lol….is that even a congressman? Im callin bullshite

  7. By the time I looked at the link sent from my wife the other day on “true pundit” when this event occurred, which was only two hours, the government agents controlling the site had supplanted the the video from the physicians’ exposure of the vaccination insanity to a pro-vaccination video.

    They have been banned on all of the MSM and on all of the fake independent sites and I hear a number of them have been fired. Their agenda calls for total exposure of the scam. The media oppression proves clearly what the “new normal” is all about. It is about total suppression of the truth and total oppression and exploitation of the people. The central banking cartel backing the scam and controlling our nations knows it would never get the approval and consent of the people for all of their Great Resets, including their most coveted one, which is the reset of our currencies into one they completely control and enforce on a global scale, and that is unquestionably the basic reason for the massive fear mongering and the fraud the scamdemic.

  8. How is it that such a cure (hydroxychloriquine @.65 a pill) has become so verboten because the President mentioned it, or if you prefer to believe, because BILLIONS have been allocated to big pharma. Far, far too many people now actually believe it can be fatal, there is a huge scramble to invent a vaccine when it takes 10-15 years for a normal vac,
    masks are now mandated (at least in my state), and the list of ineffective treatments
    grow daily.
    Where are the prominent democrats admitting that Trump was (again) correct?

  9. lol lol – if “Dr Hamilton” was not a real doctor he would soon be found out as he even gave his location – it wouldn’t be too difficult to check-out if he is a real doctor or not.

  10. My question is, if you know that these sites are censoring, how many of you are still using them and why? Would you not better serve the opposition and be part of the solution if you not only tuned them out, but deleted your accounts? There are alternatives, to help you in your withdraw symptoms.

  11. @Lol…lol…Anonymity does not, cannot cloak trolls, nor do vacuous comments (such as yours) fill a single neuron’s vault with even one viable datum. Nice post, BTW, worth two pence, I’d guess.

    Perhaps taking a page from the PlayBook of Bill & Melinda Gates, or perhaps a direct order from superiors in the hierarchy of their prominently touted Clan’s Destiny community, Veterans Today’s Senior Editor Gordon & wife Carol Duff — the latter an RN — have also hyped COVID and dissed hydroxychloroquine up the Wazoo from the start of the scamdemic. If anyone picks up on a mea culpa uttered by the Duff’s in light of the presentation of Frontline Doctors, do let us know!

  12. These doctors risked their careers to get the truth out upholding their oath, I feel sorry for them they could have saved thousands but will now join the line for unemployment handouts same with police,politicians,medical workers,engineers, millitary personel etc. speaking out against the regimes status quo.Anybody taking a stand against the system gets cut off from the system.This is happening all over the world.Look at 911, they got away with it nothing has changed.This global power cartel spend millions to silence but one.
    They spend millions spreading false information.If u have the power to create money from thin air u can do what u want and totally subjugate the whole of humanity.We give them this power.We are just as much part of their conspiracy as we are willfull coconspirators.We need to move away from their monatary system completely if we don’t want to be enslaved.The only power they have is money, I say let’s burn it.That will end their control.Or take their mark and become enslaved and carry on living as a totally controlled slave hybrid sheep.Each person will eventually have to choose.Hope u make the right choice.We are up against an adversary who wants to destroy us and subject is to the worst tyrannical global control system ever.We are moving in lockstep closer to this every day.Gates and WHO is totally satanicly possessed.They want to vaccinate everyone with a dangerous vaccine.Proper protocols are being bypassed and ignored.They do not want you useless eater on this planet anymore.They want a small portion of us that survives their vaccinations to cater to their every wim be it controlled workers or preteen sex slaves.That is their New World Order.Bill can’t wait he is so very exited about bringing this plan to fruition.The satanic insect, may he burn in hell.

  13. Files a trillion dollar law suit and the establishment will fall apart. Science WILL prove them wrong. There should be civil war in the street already for this FRAUD AND HOAX. You have a birthright to bring down this government, it is plain EVIL. Asking a person to breathe in their CARBONIC ACID gas back into their lungs eventually an organ(S) will fail or a DISEASE WILL INCURRED OR DEATH. Mystic and Yogi !!!

  14. Hydroxichloriquin shot to pieces by the UN WHO today no surprise there Bill had some heart pullpitations, doctors of Earth your enemy is not the virus it’s those that deny the cure. Who’s side are you on. Great hero’s those of u who stand up for truth ..disgrace to those that don’t, you have our lives in your hands. May your conscience guide you in through these difficult times.

  15. Trillions spent on roads globally.If it was not for roads the system wouldn’t last.Cut off all roads globally.Oil works well.We win.Lets rise up and win this war.

  16. skipNclair, I agree.
    Regularly I am wondering when I read all these comments about the filtering/censuring by Jewtube, FairyBook, TwitTwit and all the other Bolshevik filter-programs why people while moaning about these filtering actions, still using these censuring corporations?
    Mr Zuckerberg was quite economically with the Truth before the Senate Hearing a while ago. The same trick he did in EU Hearing.

    And, lucky us, there are growing more and more alternative service providers.

  17. Donald J Trump could announce that a Cure for Cancer hss been discovered.
    The left with the help of the media would say.
    Trump just put 1,000,000 Cancer Doctors out of a Job.
    The Elite have chosen a flu to scare people into doing some crazy stuff.

  18. Just another fake propaganda video to keep the masses believing this “corona virus” is real.

  19. The problem I have with promoting false science is it’s not much different from magic. Take 9/11. If buildings do not collapse at free-fall speed then either the science is wrong, or somebody managed to defy physics that day by performing magic. There are no two ways about it–either the science is right and floors and beams must have been destroyed by explosives to facilitate collapse; or explosives weren’t used and we witnessed magic that day. Only on that day, though. Never before, never since.

    They expect us to believe Covid can do magic now, as it returns with a vengeance while it’s still pretty much summer.

  20. This is not complicated. If you Google, or Twitter, or You Tube, or FaceFa*t, you are a simple minded IDIOT! Turn the Jew TV OFF, get off “social media”, and get a life.