My Cancel Culture Hit List

Brother Nathanael – Real Jew News July 28, 2020

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Jewish born convert to Christianity and outspoken critic of zionism

2 responses to “My Cancel Culture Hit List”

  1. written 11 years back
    As my spirit flew high above the earth in the night i saw a spiritual darkness
    gradually enveloping the earth, i have been seeing this for some considerable time
    but its now speeding up so much, the thick darkness is as a foul smelling fog
    and in that fog hide the legions of evil spirits come for the final fight, and a deep sadness crept over me as i saw the peoples of the earth slide into a captivity.
    Names were abolished just numbers and bar codes as in a supermarket,
    people were not allowed to meet or to mix, all had to wear muzzles.
    The 4 angels of the apocalypse were busy bringing their famines disease wars and conquests to trample all peoples, to crush the light from their souls as my heart hung heavy in my breast,
    But then a glimmer of light began burning bright and caught the brush of small countries to a fire which burned in every mans soul, the last hope to avert destruction and stop the advance of the horsemen had already begun.
    America is on the brink of being lost, as i speak, they owe the jewbankers $27 trillion,
    and they want their pound of flesh.
    “the finest sword blades are those which have been most through the fire”
    The Russian people who have suffered most under Humiliation Atheism Communism and Satanism,
    just other gifts loosed from hell by the evil horsemen, are the people whose growing light may yet save us all, a recent poll in the UK gave the shocking news that the most popular politician was not one of their own but Vladimir Putin, he has rebuilt all the Christian Churches and their Muslim brothers can now worship as they please, homosexual perversion is not allowed to be taught in schools or propagated, people can travel without permits, Russia saved the Syrian people from genocide, and the Russian jewish mafia thrown out of Russia,
    and Tony Blair allowed them into the UK.
    As the glowing embers grow into a blazing fire, we must throw on a few sticks, this glow must dissipate the darkness the 4 horsemen must not be allowed to succeed
    in these the End Times.
    Thankyou Russia.

  2. I would like to comment, but i cannot because i live in the eu.