The Satanic Wars Have Started

Vernon Coleman — July 26, 2020

8 responses to “The Satanic Wars Have Started”

  1. Fabulous Fabulous, we all love this guy, he speaks for us all
    and he needs our support
    like Darkmoon David Irving Paul Joseph watson and others
    they risk the wrath of the NWO to bring us truth

  2. Very humorous summary of our current situation. I share Dr Coleman’s condition. My search for a rational explanation for all this nonsense, has led me to realise that a global catastrophe is imminent. They cannot save us all, so they want us voluntarily kept in place. Sadly, the lockdown that many are railing against is in reality time to spend our final months at home with our loved ones. World governments have all been told to prepare. From September onwards things are predicted to change. Sorry folks!

  3. Vernon. A breath of fresh air within all this insanity. Amusing yet full of Wisdom and common sense in these crazy times. Keep the videos coming. Please.

  4. I always love listening to you. You are spot on and so humorous too!

  5. I really enjoy listening to Vernon. I find all he says 100% credible.

  6. You speak for all the sane people who can see the reality of this madness, I fear the evil perpetraitors of this lie have much worse in store for us and it’s only a matter of time before any sort of criticism or rule breaking will be crushed by our increasingly totalitarian government..

  7. Vernon is inimitable and funny as well as scrupulously honest and sapient. Love his videos.

    What a bad influence?

  8. Humorous and honest. Keep it up Vernon People like you are in short supply.