Joe Biden Owns Island Next to Epstein’s Orgy Island, Submarine Bases on Both

James Munder – YouTube July 23, 2020


7 responses to “Joe Biden Owns Island Next to Epstein’s Orgy Island, Submarine Bases on Both”

    several girls including Jane Griffiths the ex prostitute told conspiracy news
    that girls who refused to comply with maxwells demands to satisfy her clients
    that every where was bugged for sound and film, the girls were taken to the temple an some while after smoke would issue from the chimney both girls there and passing fishermen said it smelt like burnt flesh
    Interestingly the amazing james randi trained asa rabbi, ( Randall Zwingli) he ran the same ting as epstein and maxwell but with boys
    James randi was unmasked last year as a prolific homosexual abuser
    and had to dash to israel where mossad met him at the airport and hid him
    PS the amazing james randi is now known as the disgusting james randi

  2. COULD….this be connected to the new practice of shipping illegal drugs into the USA?… home made submarines…?.
    Could this be part of the source of Epsteins money…maybe not….the FBI would be on to that surely?.

  3. why is it that everything the USA does including it’s Participation in the Olympics always fills me with suspicion, Not Only About their Motive’s, But Because of their Dishonesty, if they are not cheating with Drugs they are cheating with the DNA, by Inserting the DNA of Dolphins and Sharks into bloodline of Babies from Birth mainly Athletics, Swimmers and Gymnasts, I will not mention any names, but there is a couple of Gymnasts who flip just like a fish, and a few swimmers with Exceptionally Large Feet. It is also amazing how the rest of the World allowed a two time Drug Cheat to take Olympic gold for The Mens Hundred Metres in the last Games.

  4. Th USA cheats at everything when cassius clay later mohomed ali was to fight henry Cooper green grocer and part time boxer, Clay and his bunch laughed themselves silly and he said i will let it run a couple of rounds but Cooper knocked him out
    as he lay fat on the cavas his seconds dashed and said his glove had split and needed changing, this gave them time to wake him up.
    After that he kept hitting cooper above the left eye where cooper had an od injury just to make it bleed and got the fight stopped
    Clay was so scared to fight sonny liston, tht the gangsters said if liston hit him they would kill him. later they did kill liston
    But all clays fights were fixed he would let the cat out of the bag by saying ” he will take a dive in five ” etc
    I cant rememeb er his name but an old ex intell guy who used to write for truthseeker when i was at college said all this back then

  5. Well, just WHAT did you think the criminal Dementia Joe and his son did with all the money they extorted from Ukraine??

  6. These people are dedicated to evil, to pleasing their evil deity by sacrificing children.
    Suddenly the Old Testament becomes relative, when you realize that modern Rulers worship the same Babylonian idols that God commanded the Hebrews to destroy.
    We Christians fight the same battles in the spirit realm.
    All that call on the name of Jesus Christ need to pray daily against all Luciferian pedo rings

  7. Everyone who is awake knows about Trump connections to Epstein and Maxwell. Pictures of Clinton, Epstein, Trump, Maxwell, Melania, shmoozing together in pictures show it.

    This article implicates Biden also. Now it looks like one of the requirements for high political office is membership in the pedophile ring.

    Compromising blackmail material on political candidates for high office is no longer optional it appears.

    Bankster Jews seem to have made it mandatory for high office candidates to be child molesters with graphic evidence of it in bankster possession.