‘The second wave of coronavirus is already in Germany’, says Merkel ally

Introduction – July 27, 2020

Michael Kretschmer, premier of the eastern German state of Saxony, talks about a “second-wave” of coronavirus as if it were a foregone conclusion. He’s not alone in talking like this either.
Warnings of a second wave are being sounded far and wide, from Dorset to Belgium and, of course, that mouthpiece of global governance the BBC also adds to the clamour of concern over a possible second wave.
But how real is the prospect of a another wave of Covid-19? Or is there is an element of predictive programming in all this apparent concern and speculation?
After all we were initially warned of the grim possibility that coronavirus could kill as many as 500,000. Even with the highly questionable number of death from Covid-19 – where we’ve had numerous deaths being wrongly attributed to Covid-19 – the number of actual deaths is still a fraction of that grim initial estimate
So how real is the prospect of a second wave of Covid-19? Or are we just being softened-up psychologically for phase II of a carefully contrived “pandemic”? Ed.

‘The second wave of coronavirus is already in Germany’, senior Merkel ally says, as he admits ‘we have new clusters of infections every day’

Amelia Wynne — Mail Online July 27, 2020

Waiting for a second wave. One of the Florence Nightingale hospitals that were set up in the UK to deal with an expected throng of coronavirus patients but which have remained almost empty. Click to enlarge

A senior ally of Angela Merkel has said that a second wave of coronavirus has already hit Germany and that they are seeing new clusters of infections every day.

Politician Michael Kretschmer, premier of the eastern German state of Saxony, gave the warning this weekend as daily infections rose to 800 on Friday and Saturday.

The country’s R rate, which measures the number of infections caused by an individual, also rose above 1 to 1.08 on Saturday, up from 0.93 on Thursday

Kretschmer – a member of Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats – told the Rheinische Post newspaper: ‘The second wave of coronavirus is already here.

‘It is already taking place every day. We have new clusters of infections every day which could become very high numbers.’

The number of cases fell to 300 on Sunday but weekend figures are often lower than those during the week due to delays in reporting.

Health authorities have said the new cases have been caused by large celebrations or gatherings as well as returning travellers.

In addition, some 500 workers were sent into quarantine on a large Bavarian farm at the weekend in order to contain a mass coronavirus outbreak.

At least 174 seasonal workers have tested positive for the virus on the farm in the municipality of Mamming, most of them from Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine.

It comes as anyone coming back into Germany will be offered a free coronavirus test as they pass through the airport. The measure was introduced on Friday.

Berlin’s health minister Dilek Kalayci said that those coming back from high-risk countries should be tested and those returning from non-risk countries will also have the option.

She said the tests would initially be non-mandatory and the cost would be covered by the state in all cases in the new measure that was agreed by the health ministers of Germany’s 16 states.

A spokeswoman from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), told the German Press Agency the institute was concerned with the increase in the country’s R-rate.

She said: ‘This development is very worrying and will continue to be monitored very closely by the RKI.’

‘A further exacerbation of the situation must be avoided.’

Despite the rise in cases, Germany has seen a relatively low mortality rate compared with its European neighbours, recording a total of 9,118 deaths so far. They have recorded a total of 205,609 infections.

However, the economy has still been battered, with 640,000 becoming unemployed due to the pandemic.

The country has also been hit by repeated coronavirus outbreaks at slaughterhouses, keeping authorities on high alert.


5 responses to “‘The second wave of coronavirus is already in Germany’, says Merkel ally”

  1. The second wave is already in the works for later this year. It will be followed by waves 3 and 4. Permanent lockdowns will be imposed, until the public in desperation call for the vaccine which they hope will allow life to back to normal. There is no going back to normal.
    The vaccine will not be mandatory, but those who do not have it will find themselves locked out of the cashless system as id chips monitor the health status of individuals. Those who do not match up, will find their access to bank accounts, foreign travel etc curtailed. The compliant sheep will then turn on those who have resisted believing them to be carriers of the deadly plague. If this plan fails, the Cabal has even worse in store -a deadly strain will be released on the public killing millions. This is the future the psychopaths have in store for humanity. Resist or die.

  2. The virus where the elderly were dying and which triggers the same adverse immune reaction in a few younger people who get a huge initial infectious dose is real, and the preponderance of evidence is that it was likely enhanced in a lab before it was released. Saying it does not exist and thinking you are being clever to get the planners to prove it exists only loses credibility for the opposition where the symptoms diagnosed by many treating physicians have been observed repeatedly.

    There are four very highly unusual inserts “in a row” in the RNA of the virus, which has never before been observed in any other Corona virus, and which do enhance its infectiousness, or “spiking” ability. Also, there is residual molecular content indicating it has been nurtured in a lab. This information is highly important in case the second wave virus is different and more lethal, as two accidental “escapes” would not be believed.

    Based on the poor performance of the C-19 virus, where virtually all of the nations participating in the Agenda 2030 plandemic were forced to grossly exaggerate the death numbers and to pretend hospital wards were war zones, all to maintain all of the draconian people control measures, the planners may be planning to release a more lethal version, in light of the deemed necessity to radically change our living habits. There have been years of planning in all of this with likely hundreds of billions invested. The planners could not predict how their littleC-19 virus would operate outside of lab conditions in the general public, but they would certainly not have let all of their planning and Great Resets of virtually everything depend on media and government lies and hype alone with so much at stake. They needed a real and substantial basis for their fear mongering to give their psyop substance and they being that diabolical will likely give it a lot more, in the months to come.

  3. If the second wave is being staged by manipulating statistics then broadcasting these fake numbers to the masses over the television making everyone believe – then everyone should consider the first wave was also fake.

    Fact: no one has isolated the covid-19 virus, thus it is very much in doubt that this bug is real. What they are doing is reclassifying flu virus as the covid for this psyop.

    This is literally spell casting. If people believe these lies they are under a spell, and since this spell is detrimental then it is a black magic spell.

    Some of you might be wondering if they can pull this fakery off? YES THEY CAN. And they are very good at it. For instance look how they fooled the entire population with global warming, then when it didn’t happen because it was fake science, they doubled down and called it climate change, then when the water leaked out they brought in little Greta who said “how dare you” and condemn you all for not believing in it.

    Note also they used computer models to sell the agenda. With global warming there were dozens of models – funded by billions of public largesse – to prove this fake ass warming. Every god damned model failed horribly. So what did they do, admit the hoax? NO! They just change the narrative and keep running with it.

    The imperial college of London computer model was used to justify the lockdown. It was completely wrong (just like those global warming models). It was a failed prediction, but has the hoax stopped? No, they just come up with some new excuse to keep the false narrative alive. Now everyone is wearing a mask in the summertime!

    They even roll out heavy weights like David Attenborough who claims walruses are jumping off of cliffs because of warming. They got caught – they had the crew behind the mountain cliffs scaring the poor walruses to jump top their deaths. These slimeballs actually illegally killed walrus just to keep the narrative going.

    This is exactly the same shit Walt Disney pulled off with lemmings. They made the whole world believe that lemmings commit mass suicide when in fact they staged the whole thing so they could have some wildlife “drama”. Everyone told each other lemmings jump to death, lemming like became part of the vernacular to describe mass hypnotic suicide behavior – and it was all fake.

    So with the Covid-19 hoax the rounded up senior citizens and put them on ventilators. When they croaked, they said – see, see, the virus is real I tell you! And not seen was the 39,000 Medicare payment coming into their backdoor coffers.

    Yes Virginia, the murderous pricks running this hoax literally put the most vulnerable people to death to hoax the public and make a few shekels.

    That is how sick our culture is. Some of you even (still) think some Jew in the sky is coming back to save us. Look at how long that savior hoax has worked. Look at how much money they have swindled from the gullible selling hope of a heavenly afterlife. Yes the public can be hoaxed big time, so there is no reason to believe any part of the narrative, in fact you should never ever turn on the Jew tube because all that will happen is that you will be programmed to harm yourself.

  4. This is a follow up to my previous comment. Here is David Attenborough fakery:

    Falling Walrus: Attenborough Tacitly Admits Netflix Deception

    What is not mentioned in the expose is that some of the film crew members went around and up the cliff and caused the walrus to jump. The film crew is on a time and cost budget, if you want to sell wildlife footage you have to use lots of fakery to the action you need in a days filming. They may have even used blood on the cliffs to lure the polar bears in.

    It is standard practice to use all kinds of fakery to get wildlife footage BTW

    Lemming suicides staged (note the lemmings were IMPORTED to Alberta to stage the hoax)
    Do lemmings really commit suicide?


    1.Covid-19 hoax – NBC stages staff member death

    Longtime NBC News Employee Dies After Testing Positive For Coronavirus | MSNBC

    2. More Coronavirus Fakery: Virginia Officials Pad Their COVID Numbers – Admit to Counting Same Person Three Times if They Received 3 Different Tests

    3. FOX 35 INVESTIGATES: Florida Department of Health says some labs have not reported negative COVID-19 results

    4. Tanzania’s President John Magufuli tests bat, motor oil, paw paw fruit, goat all come up positive
    Tanzania’s president is blaming the sharp rise of coronavirus cases on faulty testing kits

    President Magufuli says tests were found to be faulty after goat, sheep and pawpaw samples test positive for COVID-19.

    5. What is the difference between Influenza (Flu) and COVID-19?

    Influenza (Flu) and COVID-19 are both contagious respiratory illnesses, but they are caused by different viruses. COVID-19 is caused by infection with a new coronavirus (called SARS-CoV-2) and flu is caused by infection with influenza viruses. Because some of the symptoms of flu and COVID-19 are similar, it may be hard to tell the difference between them based on symptoms alone, and testing may be needed to help confirm a diagnosis. Flu and COVID-19 share many characteristics, but there are some key differences between the two.

    Uh yeah they two virus are similar, because they are the same thing, that is because this is a media hoax, the seasonal flu is being labeled Covid-19 for this pre-planned military psyop

    6. CBS News Caught Staging Testing Line with Fake Patients (Video)

    7. WATCH: Suspicious pop-up coronavirus test site abruptly closes after being questioned | USA TODAY

    8. State removes homicides, suicides from COVID-19 deaths

    SEATTLE — Washington health officials have removed seven deaths from the state’s official COVID-19 mortality count, including three homicides.

    The Department of Health said Wednesday it had been counting as coronavirus deaths all people who died and tested positive for the disease. Authorities say they have now removed deaths from the count that weren’t caused specifically by COVID-19.

    8. CAESAR’S MESSIAH: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus – OFFICIAL VERSION

    look at how long christianity has lasted, and it was a hoax by the roman state

  5. “second wave” = increase the radiation / GHz and irradiated the people so that they exhibit the symptoms of Radiation Pneumonitis, the symptoms of which are identical to fake covid. This will panic the people and justify “mandatory” vaccinations. You need to give a political party 51% of the vote to give them a “mandate”. Think about that. The word “mandatory” is flung by governments that haven’t a f*ckin clue what their on about (or do obvious probably as they’re trying to con the sheeple)