Member of black-only NFAC militia reportedly SHOOTS HIMSELF by mistake at Louisville rally

RT – July 25, 2020

At a rally by the black-only ‘Not F**king Around Coalition’ (NFAC) in Louisville, Kentucky, gunshots rang out and two people were wheeled off by medics. Early reports suggest one of the militia members shot himself by accident.

An all-black militia whose leader says he believes in violence to further the black cause, the NFAC gathered in Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday in full battle dress. Numbering more than a hundred, according to local reports, they demanded that the killers of Breonna Taylor – three police officers – be criminally charged. 

There to meet them were the ‘Three Percenters’, a right-wing militia whose membership is mostly white. Police formed a line between the two groups.

When gunshots rang out over Baxter Park, however, they weren’t the first shots in a racial confrontation. Instead, they were accidental, and medics arrived moments later to wheel away two victims, reportedly NFAC members.

According to witnesses who described the scene on Twitter, an NFAC member accidentally fired his weapon, possibly injuring himself in the process. Police later said that three people were hit when the gun went off. In one live stream from the event, a woman could be heard off camera muttering: “This is f**king embarrassing.”

By early afternoon, local media reported that at least two people had been arrested during the day. Despite the earlier mishap, the NFAC formed columns and marched through the streets of Louisville as planned.

The armed showdown came one day after police in Louisville arrested 76 protesters who blocked off a downtown street to hold a spontaneous block party. The arrests were made after the cops declared the demonstration an unlawful gathering.

‘Black Lives Matter’ protesters have demonstrated in downtown Louisville for nearly two months straight, calling on the police officers who shot Taylor to be fired and face criminal trial. The protests have already claimed two lives, most recently when a photographer was shot during a gathering at Jefferson Square Park in late June, and earlier when police returned fire after being shot at by a protester.


14 responses to “Member of black-only NFAC militia reportedly SHOOTS HIMSELF by mistake at Louisville rally”

  1. The USA looks like it is degenerating to the point of becoming a total madhouse.

  2. “The USA looks like it is degenerating to the point of becoming a total madhouse”
    I think we will not be far behind.

  3. If he shot himself he’s not well-trained in weapons handling. Looking at some of the faces there I do wonder how many are US-born and how many were picked from among illegal immigrants to add to the numbers? A freshly-printed wad of $100 bills would look very appealing. And they could even be ISIS. I still don’t see how in modern America with its near-total surveillance any all-black group can form and train under the radar, though it is possible the guy shot himself because they wouldn’t risk assembling too often to train.

  4. Let this rag tag group with its loser leader hold a rally daily and within a month they will kill each other and be depleted, and the opposition will not have fired a shot.

  5. Guns are dangerous they should not be in the hands of children nutjobs or blacks

  6. This has just appeared at 16.10, wonder why?

    As stated in a previous comment to another article, these BLM militias don’t have the many years, decades even of weekends down at the compound getting more live training than a regular US soldier. As stated before, these BLM gunmen are being setup for slaughter.

  7. Banksters Jews have instigated race wars on the world since the sixties or before. Race wars are Divide and Conquer operations.

    Banksters want demoralization, destruction, and ruin of goy governments so goyim will want to put their governments under the Jew World Order which the Jews Media will portray as great.

    Bankster Jews created the United Nations, previously known as the League of Nations, as their government by which they plan to rule the world. The UN is the front government which bankster Jews are trying to empower over the world’s nations.

    The World Health Organization (WHO) is running the Covid Scam. WHO is a department of the UN. Expect the UN to gain more authority over the governments of the world as banksters increase their cadre of puppet politicians such as Trump, BJ, Merkel, et al.

  8. Agree with you.Too many blacks are just basically overgrown children. Plus, they are at least 3 times more likely to resort to guns than other ethnic groups. Time and time again, there are stories on the web about blacks shooting each other over shoes, who makes the best kool aid, drugs, *disrespect”, etc. Bringing them here was the biggest mistake this country ever made.

  9. Play stupid Games Win stupid prizes. In this clowns case he shot himself in the foot.
    Obviously has poor firearms control. Thats right weapons in the hands of Ray cists what possibly could go wrong?
    Why dont these Negros go to Chriaq? …where Black on black shootings are out of control.
    They wont it doesn’t fit the narrative for these SCUM
    When Donald Trump is re elected in 2020 what are these people going to do?

    You cant reason with this Mob. These people should be ushered onto trains and shipped straight to ISIS.
    Make No mistake these Parasites have to be eliminated at all costs.
    The country will not survive with these people still in society festering on Hate.
    Its democrats that Push Hate.
    I just stand for Honesty and Common sense.

  10. Hmm.. Looking at the picture above, & seeing all those “freedom fighters” fully armed with automatic weapons, I just have one question ?? Who paid for all those weapons ??
    & don’t say that each of those “freedom fighters” paid for it, themselves ??
    A bunch of never worked scums,(la,racaille) on benefits all their life, had the thousands $ to pay for it ??

  11. Another BLM BM protester shot himself in the foot about a month ago, with an AR which I guess the above is a redux of.
    If anyone is familiar with an AR, it is thoroughly illogical to ever take the safety off, or even carry one in the chamber, because after that, you simply have the gun’s safety. (We’re obviously here dealing with those who are incapable of using a firearm’s primary safety, the one between your ears.)
    The good news here is that the idiot shot himself.

  12. If anyone is familiar with an AR, it is thoroughly illogical to ever take the safety off, or even carry one in the chamber – except of course in the seconds before you shoot – duh.

  13. Well, we’ll, well. Every1,s got an opinion… who wasn’t there. Shit happen’s. Guy PASSED OUT. 2 of the “victims” got back in formation. Can saltines say and DO the same? Next time bring a couple of Water buffalos. Make drinking a quart of water MANDATORY, while in that kind of heat.

  14. At Harvard, Oxford, Warsaw etc .. Books at the universities about African history, one should read them, then your mouth will go quiet forever.