“Pentagon Has ‘Off-World Vehicles Not Made on This Earth’” PM

turcopolier.typepad.com – July 25, 2020

“Now, a new report in the New York Times confirms those accounts. The government’s UFO unit currently resides in the Office of Naval Intelligence, where it “deals with classified matters,” per the report, even though the unit itself isn’t classified. The Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force is meant to “standardize collection and reporting” on sightings of UAVs and publicly divulge “at least some of its findings” twice a year, according to the Times.”  PM

“Harry Reid, the former Nevada senator who was instrumental in funding the original UFO program, told the Times he believes that “crashes from other worlds had occurred, and that retrieved materials had been studied secretly for decades, often by aerospace companies under government contracts.” From the article.”  PM

“The astrophysicist Eric Davis, who consulted with the Pentagon’s original UFO program, told the Times that after he examined certain materials, he came to the conclusion that “we couldn’t make [them] ourselves.” In fact, Davis briefed a Department of Defense (DOD) agency as recently as March about retrieving materials from “off-world vehicles not made on this earth.””  PM


So, ONI is now running this.  Interesting.

I find the statement by Eric Davis to be intriguing.  “retrieving materials from “off-world vehicles not made on this earth.”  He works for a technical research center in Austin, Texas where the focus is on black holes, their generation and what use might be made of them.  A nutter?  Maybe, but Harry Reid is not a nutter and neither is Senator Rubio.

I have suspected for a long time that the US has been “back engineering” UFO crash wreckage and deriving great advantage from that process.  Lt Col Philip Corso claimed before his death in 1998, that as head of the US Army General Staff’s Foreign Technology Division he had been involved in the process of transferring the technical fruits of reverse engineering to various US companies for their use in developing new products.  pl




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  1. The aspect I find perplexing about the UFO/alien thing is that 99% of this shit happens in the US? If aliens or alien probes came to Earth, they would study the entire planet, they would also study our history & going on historical accounts, the ‘aliens’ have been visiting or lodging on Earth for a very long time.

    Any alien race worth their salt would see the folly of taking an interest in a dysfunction bankrupt state like the US and their Zionist controllers. Surely the aliens would see more potential for human advancement in other parts of our planet.

    The perceived US advantage with tech has been derived from the Germans, a few British scientists & the holy grail of modern society, the works of Nikola Tesla.

    There is nothing exceptional about Amerika. So maybe these aliens are just as active in Russia, India, and China… did I forget the EU? The fact that all this crap is US-centric, makes me suspicious of the narrative.

  2. Lt Col Philip Corso opened a can of worms with his book ” the day After Roswell ” . Che Colonel revealed that there were army teams ready to fly anywhere to lock down an area where debris of fallen UFO were located , all the components were collected and sent to the White House where was tho office of Corso . The alien components were then distributed to US multinational companies for ” reverse engineering ” together with an open check to cover expense for research.
    In the book by William Tompkins “Selected by extraterrestrial ”
    he revealed that already before WW2 the USNavy was engaged in space research and that major multinationals were working as contractors to build space vehicle even longer than one mile . We mastered antigravity decades ago . Bill revealed that there is a US base on the Moon called ” Luna ” , we have been on Mars and there are humans that have been kidnapped and are forced to work as slaves on Mars . The colonies on Mars are runs by the NAZI . What the NWO does not want you to know is that and we have the technology to take ET home and cure all diseases . But the criminals in charge do not permit the disclosure of those technologies because are fearful of losing their control on the population .

  3. How trustworthy is the Pentagon and the American Military really?

    We should not forget that Werner Von Braun, Paperclip-nazi and instrumental rocket-scientist, allegedly told Carol Rosin on his death-bed that “fake aliens” would be “the final lie” used to control humanity. (see e.g. https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/exopolitica/esp_exopolitics_zcb.htm)

    I’m thinking the idea may be to present humanity with some “bad aliens” and some “good aliens”, and tell us to “listen to the good aliens, because they only want the best for us” – meanwhile, all of the aliens will be actors using hidden technology, such as anti-gravity and other secret science. A massive, worldwide divide-and-conquer psy-op, then.

    I think this man makes a plausible case: http://redefininggod.com/the-et-con/

  4. The USA sends 7 times on its annual defence budget and the next 5 countries put together, this mens they have world jurisdiction on any UFO finds
    this is why israel has been working so hard to take down the USA and take its place
    Gene Rodenderry was a NASA insider he said that there are over 50 aliens species that have visited the pentagon, in his TV series he showed aliens in the closest way he could without gting into trouble.
    The Forengi which in hindi means ” foreigner ” was an ugly little creature obsessed my money called latinum, they looked to the other as household head and many other clues to them being Jews
    he was cheated out of royalty payments as Jewish TV producers made several spin off series and never paid him any royalities
    We have a saying in the UK
    ” a jew wil pay every bill except the last one ”
    BTW the very latest USA stealth aircraft comes from wartime german scientists

  5. No such beings as aliens, all _______ . Mass psychology at play. Been that way for awhile now. Soap opera narrative. American intelligence agencies need some help.

  6. Carl Jones makes some very good points. Also, anything which comes out of “officialdom” these days, except for a place like Belarus, is most likely total BS. If there were such craft, it would be totally part of the American psyche that the uniformed, star-specked, authorities in their hallowed chain of command would instantly make it “top secret” and hide the facts from the people, for “strategic reasons”.

    Americans are a very strange people, stranger than extraterrestrial in the movies. On one hand they say they are the land of the free and a light of liberty to the world. On the other hand, they have no qualms with their government classifying anything novel which comes their way as secret and “on a need to know basis”, from the temperature fluctuations of the seas and the planet to improvements even in the gasoline engine.

    Speaking of engines, before the Covid virus made its way back from Wuhan to the land of its secret creators at Fort Detrick and Chapel Hill, it was predicted that when it returned it would become totally politicized and all sense of truth would in uncovering the psyop would be confused and lost. The reason for this is that the US has constructed the biggest most powerful bullshit engine the world has ever seen, with tens of thousands of trained BS butt faces broadcasting their lies non-stop every second.

  7. Rev 13:13 – This second beast performed great miracles; it made fire come down out of heaven to earth in the sight of everyone.

    In prophecy beast symbolizes a government, kingdom, nation, per Daniel 7. The 2 beasts of Revelation seem to be the United Nations and Israel.

  8. Told you so. All those Bible dupes are in for a big wakeup call.

    Earth is not just being “visited” by Grey Alien cyborgs. They own us like cattle, and the Jews work for them. That is why the greatest haters of mankind are the ones in charge.

    It is their property, earth is owned by advanced civilization, and those little shit Greys are only the cybernetic slaves.

    David Icke says the real owners are Reptilians.

    And get this, humans are genetic engineered slave specie, we transformed the planet’s surface for them, and now that we have done such a fantastic job, it is time for most of us to be eliminated.

    And no, Jesus is not coming back to save you, that is myth that kept you duped and pacified. Unity consciousness was more deception as is most of the New Age.

    BTW I am with you, trying to get you to see the truth that we are completely damned.


  9. I think if America had this technology it would have used it, but there have been no reports of America attacking whoever it wanted to from flying saucers.

    I’m sure there’s a lot of intelligent life out there, but once I got a real feel for the distances involved I think they may be too far to overcome however advanced the species. I read that if the sun was a beach ball and the earth a pea eighty-three feet from it, the nearest star Proxima Centauri would be 2,000 miles beyond that. Just mind-blowing!

    I think they’ll wonder the same as us. “Is there anybody out there? Has anybody else been here?”

  10. Explain how these UFO get past The Firmament? I beleive UFO’s are a controlled entity by the US Government. In conjunction with the UK.

  11. If they (who ever they is) have anti gravity, think of the political situation needed before it could be released into the population. Any one could go anywhere. You would need a one world currency, a one world government and a surveillance system that could monitor and track every one in the world.

  12. The Germans made contact with “aliens” prior to WwII and got many advanced technology from them.The thull society and theosophical society where involved as did Aleister Crowley , Tesla and others advance the study and back engineerd the tech later handed over to the CIA under the control of Professor Werner von Brown.The tech includes anti gravity and invisibility,light bending technology,mind control,weather control etc..This remains hidden while the tech is used to empower the elite and control us.These aliens could be ancient inhabitants of our own world living in underground bases since time emmorial.It seems they are perhaps the driving force behind the NWO and possible they put the Jews in charge a long time ago to carry out their plan.Would seem they both share the same satanic mindset.I bet there is a strong possibility that these technologicly advanced beings is what the Bible refers to as demons.Aliens don’t exist.Strong case for biblical demons and we are seeing their emdtime subjugation of the entire human race under satan the prince of the power of the air, electromagnitism.

  13. Credibility of New York Times is similar to credibility of the Holy Bible. For the same reason.

    UFO meme again? Darwinian evolution, later holocaust, later David Icke with lizard people, few years ago Hunger Games. Most of people accept such baloney.

    Culture created by Judeoanglosaxon elites is very irrational.

  14. The relative distances between planetary systems throughout space is immaterial. As the king of Jotumheim told Thor, after his trials there, “there is nothing faster than the speed of thought”.

    telekenisis ( the transport of matter by thought) is a fact even for the relatively untrained minds of this planet. Therefore to a species with minds immeasurably superior to ours such a thing as sending a craft halfway across the universe, in no time at all, would be an everyday occurance.

    Whether they be little green men, greys, twelve foot lizards or nine foot whites, good or bad (good or bad for whome? all is relative) makes no difference if they are here then they are here.

    Having said that I wouldn’t have thought that a superior species would be that useless at engineering that they would let their machines fall from the skies as often as they are supposed to be doing or that they would allow them to fall into the hands of the “enemy” (us).

  15. Although Germany was defeated by the allied forces as was the plan to destroy German nationalism hence the Rothchilds Hitler did his job very well working under the city of London’s control the entire time the Nazi elite was saved and moved to America under the guise of operation paperclip and have since ruled America especially in fields of medicine ,millitary navy,politics and medicine. The Nazi connection to the black nobility ,Vatican and Buckingham palace is still very strong and healthy not to mention their banking side dominated by Rothchild Nazis.Their opsession with the occult and ritual sacrifice is based on maintaining the bond they have for centuries with higher unseen powers that guide them and have been supplying them with the advanced technology we now see and that which is hidden for them to maintain control of the world till today.These unseen entities Icke refers to as lizards is incorrect.They are evil highly intelligent beings although some do resemble lizards are actually demonic entities from a lower realm.They are the main driving force behind the NWO and mass enslavement of humanity soon to take place under the guise of forced vaccinations to halt the spread of a totally fabricated nonexistent pandemic.The Nazi Jews are but puppets of a higher demonic force at play, they know this is true, their religion found in kabala is pure magic,sorcery,ritual and satanic throughout, proving the point that this world is under complete satanic control.This cannot be refuted in any way whatsoever.Just connect all the dots.

  16. If their craft falls down there is also a recovery team to deal with it they don’t just crash for no reason as they are trying their best to enslave us all they are also at war with higher powers that sometimes down their craft.These higher powers are fighting for us day and night and we give them no credit at all.If demons are real then angels are also real. I have personally met both in my lifetime but as this was a personal experience I cannot prove it but know this the world is more incredible than what meets the eye.

  17. Jews and their useful idiots are brainwashed to attack Christianity. Jewcon Jack must be a Jew or one of their useful idiots.

    Jewcon Jack’s reptilian lunacy suggests he is a useful idiot moreso than a Jew.

  18. There is inner space but no “outer space”. We live under a dome. That book “world beyond the poles” proves it. NASA are heavily involved in MKultra and I am convinced that the “astronauts” either lie and!/or are programmed to think they have been in “space”. At this anyone above an IQ of 60 should know that there was NO moon landing, because there is moon to land on.

  19. The whole alien thing was a psyop. I’m nearly sure of it. Anyone notice that there have been no sightings or any ufo related stories for years? The centrally controlled media can turn it on and off like a switch, remember “climate change” and Greta for starters. Hardly a word about them now.