Anti-Gentilism Causes Antisemitism – July 25, 2020

Some three thousand years ago, Jewish Pharisees amassed and collated the Babylonian Talmud declaring eternal war on all Gentiles
(Disclaimer – This is the agenda of Organized Jewry. Although many Jews (and non-Jews) have been duped into supporting nation-destroying globalist policies, and the COVID hoax, most Jews don’t hate Gentiles and actually want to assimilate.]

Anti-Gentilism Causes Antisemitism  (Aug. 2018)

 by Taxi — (Abridged by

The first bullet of hate was fired by the Jews in the Talmud.
This genocidal, tribal [screed] is the first recorded case of Jewish Anti-Gentilism.  It took place a good several millennia before even the concept of Antisemitism was invented.  Ancient Jews had actually put this historic and dark Anti-Gentile declaration down in writing some two thousand years before pogroms and the religious persecution of Jews were ever recorded.

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We actually presently know of the genocidal inclinations of the Jews from their own ancient Talmudic writings: fairly well hidden from the eyes of Gentiles for thousands of years till the advent of the internet clearly revealed the Jewish ill-intention towards all Gentiles.


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  1. Makow is a Jew, one of only a few who are decent humans. He knows the truth. Jews are the enemy of all the rest of mankind.

  2. Today another BBC presenter is charged with what is now known as ” boynobbing” and having child porn
    The BBC is the front page of MI5 before you get on BBC you are checked out by intell
    So why do they have these pervs ?
    just last week it came out the mouthy little jewbou Philp Schofiend had been texting boys of 11 and 13, he paid a young black boy to piss on him
    i would have done it for nothing
    and the BBC says hes staying in his job move along nothing to see here
    same as when Jimmy saville was unmasked the BBC said he only abused girls, nothing wrong move along, when saville was listed in his late tens a shaving treatment for homosexuality
    what is wrong with thes epople ? sacking is too good for them

  3. Ok…..we’ve had about thirty odd years of internet…the explosion of information availability.
    Despite the Jews best efforts word has got around about these people and their enormous power.The fact they categorically DO control the wests media is now common knowledge.The fact that the majority of people question the holocau$t…..
    Etc etc.
    Obviously there is a delay between cause and effect….that is the information available on the net and the reaction to it.
    Most likely the Jews reaction is to attempt to shut down the net on the subject of Jews…..they do this by telling people they are helping society to stop racism….yeah sure they are.The internet provides information on the daily racism heaped on the Palestinians by Jews!!.
    Luckily Anericans have the right to bear arms….let’s hope they are not tricked into fighting each other and that they focus their attention on the elites in banking and the media.
    Americans have yet to figure out that most of their public leaders are actually Jews….ditto the politicos in the media,like the ancient Egyptian mummy Barbara Walter’s.
    60 Minutes??…..yes 60 minutes of complete trash.

  4. I listened to the sunday conspiracy hour, Dr David Cohen said the young girl on epsteins island was Maddie Mc cann.
    He said girls as young as 11 but most 13 or 14 were taken by Gisland maxwell to the island
    how can this go on so long ?

  5. Words like anti-gentile, anti-gentilic, and anti-gentilism are almost never used even though there is thousands of times more anti-gentilism than anti-semitism.

    Jews falsely accuse their enemies of doing what Jews themselves actually do, as the Jew Saul Alinski taught in ‘Rules for Radicals.’ Falsely accusing gentiles of anti-semitism is one application of this Alinski rule.

    As Henry Makow points out here, any actual anti-semitism is simply the result of anti-gentilism. But nearly all so-called anti-semitism is committed by Jews such as Michael Kadar who committed hundreds of anti-semitic acs.

    One of the many ‘anti-semitic’ scams that Zionists run is to portray their front groups as ‘anti-semitic’ so people won’t think Jews are running the front groups. Black Lives Matter, BLM, is one such zionist front group. BLM is funded by the Jew George Soros.

    Recent BLM propaganda pushes for “driving the Jews into the sea.” The Jews Media runs stories about BLM “driving the Jews into the sea” to portray BLM activists as hating Jews. This is just a way hide the Jewish control of BLM.

    Anti-semitism by bankster front groups like BLM are useful for Jews to distance themselves from their front group evil, or to portray Jews as victims, or to manipulate low level Jews. Saying BLM wants to “drive Jews into the sea” portrays BLM as an enemy of Jews instead of the Jewish controlled front group which BLM really is.

    One outcome bankster Jews wanted from their WW2 was to get lots of Jews to leave Russia, Germany, Poland, etc, for Palestine to create the Jewish State of Israel. For motivation, the Jews Media created holocaust lies and banksters used Stalin and Hitler like cattle prods to round up Jews and herd them from Europe to Palestine.

    Bankster Jews documented their plans to use anti-semitism for devilish purposes in their Protocols of the Elders of Zion –

    Anti-gentilism needs to become a household word that gets used more often than anti-semitism, as Henry Makow suggests.

  6. The ‘Net has been the means of spreading the facts about the holohoax, God’s co-pilots, the racism swindle, and so much more that up until the mid-90’s or so was only covered by obscure newsletters and publications that most people would never hear about. A much older friend told me how he once contacted a patriot group called “The Minutemen” by mail. The response was a stamped envelope, containing a letter that was wrapped in folded aluminum foil, torn from a store bought roll. That sort of tech wouldn’t really do to spread the word widely enough to reach critical mass, so we have much to be thankful for and must continue to root out the (((rot))).

  7. After the Jewish takeover of Russia in 1917…the jews instituted a whole load of name changes to cities.Thankfully St Petersburg has now reverted to it’s real name.
    The very same process is occurring in NZ today…. is NZs version of those appalling breakfast shows in Britain….Schofield actually once worked in NZ TV!.

    TVNZ which is totally dominated by Jews has now decided to change NZs name to Aotearoa….and to assist the process they’re using half Maori and half Jews to sell it….(theres a half Maori/Jewish Hollywood producer (jojo rabbit) who uses his mothers surname,Cohen when he is in Hollywood)
    Of course the NZ public does not know the presenters are Jews!.
    John Campbell is one of the worst offenders…an absolutely horrid “preacher” of PC…..

  8. The big question for jews is “WHY” … Why, did so many of the worlds countries (109) not want them in their country ?
    That’s the 1 question jews never ask, talk about or try to resolve, they avoid this question like the plague and criticism of their nature is never accepted because its only considered anti semitic hate and they’ll always just jump straight to how “they’ve always been persecuted” for being jewish without providing any true reason or explanation
    Why have 109 countries disliked jews what are the reason given in history ?
    Why have so many countries thrown jews out, what was it about those jews they disliked ?
    Why have jews been so disliked in so many places throughout history, more than others ?
    Why does a jewish personality stand out for persecution, more than others ?
    – There’s 1 common answer
    The jews have always lived by feeding off others just like a parasite, and copy the Cuckoos natural actions of take control through deciept in a nest or country they settle in

  9. Nathan Andrew is a self-confessed Zionizt.

  10. Most people including Jews are decent and do not want to hurt or exploit anyone. Hitler, Stalin, and Netanyahu, however, prove how easy it is to dupe entire nations, classes, and ethnic groups into hating and dehumanizing outsiders in order to exploit them.

    In China we see the huge Han majority in their ethnic and racial exclusivity persecuting the Tibetan and Uighur minorities. This sort of thing instead of being discouraged by the communist authorities appears to be promoted by them.

    The Jews being a minority in the midst of huge host nations are not ever for that reason accused of persecuting the majority. That seems like an oxymoron. However, there is little difference between the chronic abuse of power and wealth to exploit an unsuspecting and trusting host and a huge majority persecuting a minority. Both forms of exploitation involve injustice and harm. Rules to ensure people act decently to one another do not have to recommend BS PC things like “assimilation” and “equality”, they simply have to incorporate in the very least the silver rule of not doing to others, and not allowing others to do to others, that which we know is harmful and which we do not want done to ourselves. If the Talmud teaches Jews, young and old, that their rules of fair play only extend to their tribe, and that it is right to do anything to bring down gentiles in order to advance their interests, and that is what has been going on for the last 2000 years, then it should be brought out in the open ASAP, because if it is true, then there has to be the imposition of moral limits in order to stop the destruction. Any society, or people, or nation should have a basic right to protect and determine their own destinies, but not through deceit, manipulation, threats, wars and exploitation.

  11. A quote from the Babylonian Talmud

    This remarkable document, the Will of Canaan, is to be found in only one place in all the world’s theological literature, the Babylonian Talmud, where it is presented thusly, “Five things did Canaan charge his sons: love one another, love robbery, love lewdness, hate your masters, and do not speak the truth.”

    The Will of Canaan has been the Canaanites prescription for all of their operations during the ensuing three thousand years. Meanwhile, the people of Shem, knowing nothing of this document, vainly tried to “convert” the Canaanites, and turn them from their evil ways. If the descendants of Shem had been warned of the precepts imparted by this document, the history ofthe last three thousand years could have been very different. The Will of Canaan today remains the operating instructions of the Canaanite heirs, who presently control the World Order. At the same time, it remains unknown to the peoples whom the Canaanites continue to rob, enslave,and massacre. The Will of Canaan contains the instructions necessary to resist the results of the Curse of Canaan, which condemn them to slavery. The instructions to “hate your masters,” that is, Shem and Japheth and their descendants, is a command to commit genocide against the people of Shem. For this reason, all subsequent Canaanite rites are based upon these exhortations to struggle and commit acts of violence against the people of Shem. It is not only the basis for all of the revolutions and “liberation movements” since that time, it is also a basic incitement to commit genocide and to carry on racial wars. Because of the three-thousand-year historical blackout, the people of Shem have never understood their peril, and they have frequently been subject to massacre because their essential goodness made it impossible for them to believe the vileness of the Canaanites. The Will of Canaan has always been concealed from them because it is the basic program of conspiracy and secret rites which enable the Canaanites to wreak their hatred upon the descendants of Shem.

    Eustace Mullins : The Curse of Canaan

  12. Duetoromic corpus done dirt cheap. Just had to Fred didn’t you, I mean do the Zionists work for them. You have no evidence that the forced move of populations into China by the west has now created tensions within the country to the point you call persecution.
    Rubbish bloke and you know it. While you are stuck in empire’s conditioning you will never be free of Mr ju`s immortality. Something you forget you don’t possess.