Scandalmongering Book by President’s Niece Outs Uncle Donald as “World’s Most Dangerous Man”

Peter Conrad — The Guardian Book Review 21 July 2020

Abridged by Lasha Darkmoon, with an extended endnote ‘On the death of democracy’.

This blistering memoir by the president’s niece reveals the twisted dynamic of America’s ‘malignantly dysfunctional’ first family. [The book sold 950,000 copies on the first day, setting a record for the publisher. – LD]
Like America, Trump claims to be unique, exceptional, a shining self-creation. This book by his estranged niece demolishes that myth. Mary Trump’s ruthless memoir blames their family for creating him: she sees it as her patriotic mission to “take Donald down”, and she does so by showing how derivative and dependent the ultimate self-made man has always been.
Trump was bankrolled at first by an indulgent father, who paid him to be an idle show-off and proudly collected grubby tabloid reports on his antics; nowadays he is propped up by tougher, cannier men such as Vladimir Putin and Senator Mitch McConnell, for whom he is an easily manipulated stooge.
Sleaze and graft, we here discover, are Trump’s genetic heritage.
His grandfather slunk out of Germany to avoid military service and made a fortune from brothels in Canada.
His father was a landlord who passed himself off as a property developer to rake in government subsidies for properties that were never built.
(Here is a photo of Donald Trump in 1975, age 29, with his father in Brooklyn.)
Donald’s mother, born to penury in Scotland, remained so meanly thrifty that every week she dressed up in her fur stole and drove her pink Cadillac around the New York suburbs to collect small change from the coin-operated laundry rooms in buildings the family owned; her piggy banks were empty tin cans that once contained lard. She remained emotionally absent, preoccupied by her ailments, while her husband viewed their male offspring as mere off-prints of himself, begotten to ensure that the family kept a grip on its spoils.
Raised in such an environment, how could Donald Trump not emerge as “a petty, pathetic little man”? Never having received affection, he bestows it on himself in orgies of preening and boasting; the life partners he serially selects seem to have been chosen from a mail-order catalogue.
His first wife, Ivana, is summed up by Mary as “all flash, arrogance and spite”, with a telling “penchant for regifting”. Ivana’s ritualised gift-giving is portrayed as an exercise in contempt: one Christmas she presents Mary’s mother with a luxurious handbag containing a used Kleenex. (Ivana pictured)
Melania is a trophy, destined to occupy a glazed niche in a display case. Presiding over a Father’s Day meal at Trump Tower, Melania utters just one word all evening. That word, expressing at best a theoretical curiosity about the world, is: “Really?”  (Melania pictured in 1996, when she was doing nude photoshoots for Max Magazine, a French mag for sex-starved men.)
Throughout the book, Mary’s uncle is not President Trump but simply Donald. With casual disrespect, she even deprives him of the definite article deployed by Ivana who always referred to him as “the Donald”. Mary’s professional credentials as a psychologist [she has a Ph.D] entitle her to briskly check off what she calls Donald’s “pathologies”, which include narcissism, sociopathy and learning disabilities that may be due to the dozen Diet Cokes he daily siphons into himself. In a startling final condemnation, she charges that his “craven need for ‘revenge’” on opponents makes him, in his nonchalance about coronavirus in New York, responsible for what she calls “mass murder”.
Erotomania can be added to the list of his vices.
Once at the Mar-a-Lago pool, Donald disgusted Mary by sizing up her breasts: “Holy shit,” he remarked, “you’re stacked.” This wicked uncle is all slavering id, with no superego to restrain the fingers that itch to tweet, to toy with a big red nuclear button, or to “grab ’em by the pussy”.

“Holy shit, you’re stacked!”

Whenever Donald attempted to manage an actual business – an airline, casino or dodgy university – the result was bankruptcy.
The lies he compulsively tells are for Mary another “mode of self-aggrandisement”, a cover for his quaking inadequacy. Sadly dimwitted, he even had to hire a surrogate to take the entrance exams for college on his behalf.
All his life he has “failed upwards”; he relies on being “rewarded for bad behaviour”, which happened again when the Senate blocked his impeachment.
As viewed by Mary, he is an undeveloped human being, who instantly passed from whiny infancy to doddery old age, missing out the intermediate age of reason and responsibility where the rest of us spend time.


On  the  Death  of  Democracy

by Lasha Darkmoon

Americans will get the president they deserve in four months’ time, either Biden with his many faults or Trump with his numerous shortcomings. Bernard Shaw once observed: “Democracy is a device that insures we shall be governed no better than we deserve.” Maybe that’s why we have Trump, because Trump is what America deserves.
Why the “world’s greatest democracy” is unable to find any other candidates to choose from except these two charmers now on offer, the incorrigible Trump and the abominable Biden,  is a conundrum none have been able to solve. In a country such as America,  one no longer gets to vote for the “better” candidate. One is forced to choose the lesser of two evils.
Plato says it best for me. He has obviously given this matter much thought. And what he said over 350 years before Christ still makes a lot of sense today. “For a state in which the law is respected, democracy is the worst form of government, but if the law is not respected, it is the best.”
Plato believed that the best form of government was a benign aristocracy: “the Guardians”. In short, a dictatorship of enlightened oligarchs, a small group of wise old men who had no wish to feather their own nests or promote their own interests. Their sole concern was to rule with fairness and justice in the interests of the majority. Women and fools were expected to do what they were told and not meddle in state affairs. A wise decision, in my humble opinion, all things considered.
Never once in history, for reasons too complex to explain here, has it been possible to achieve this Platonic Utopia. The greatest happiness of the greatest number, the political aim of Benthamite utilitarianism, has proved to be unachievable. We live in a Darwinian dog-eat-dog world in which only the fittest survive. The deep state, by which we are ruled today, embodies this ruthless principle. The deep state is not interested in making life easy for the masses. It is concerned solely with successful predation.
Our rulers can be described as the People Farmers; and we, the people, are their livestock.
To get down to brass tacks: who will win the November elections, Trump or Bidden? Against all the odds, I predict a victory for Trump. The opinion polls give Biden a huge lead: 50 per cent to Trump’s 38 percent. This is meaningless. Because Trump, with the deep state behind him, will cheat. Remember that this is the man who conned his way into college by hiring someone else to sit his entrance exams for him.
Trump will sweep to victory, I believe,  according to the principle propounded so cynically by Stalin: “Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.”
The video below reveals to Americans what their president is really like. I make no apologies for uploading it. After all, these are Trump’s own words.
Trump is the best on offer, it seems. We need to be grateful we have Trump at the helm, however appalling he may appear to be at first glance. Just think how much worse it would have been if, instead of Trump, we had Stalin—or Nero, Caligula, Ivan the Terrible, or Genghiz Khan.
Americans will get Trump because he is what they deserve. That’s meant as a compliment, not as an insult. Trump is a product of the American Zeitgeist. He thinks like America, speaks like America, eats like America, struts like America, and in every way holds the mirror up to America. He is America personified.



Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

12 responses to “Scandalmongering Book by President’s Niece Outs Uncle Donald as “World’s Most Dangerous Man””

  1. “Why the “world’s greatest democracy” is unable to find any other candidates to choose from except these two charmers now on offer, the incorrigible Trump and the abominable Biden, is a conundrum none have been able to solve.”

    Au contraire, it’s easily explained. The 2 candidates are selected by bankster jews based on their suitability as political puppets, how much dirt banksters have on them for use in blackmail, their past performance as bankster puppets, and so on.

    Banksters want candidates who are repulsive so they make citizens hate their leaders and governments. This is to make the goyim eager to exchange their governments for Jew World Order government.

    The Protocols of Zion explain this in more detail –

    Mary Trump’s book seems like a fake hit piece. It claims to expose Trump’s evils, but doesn’t mention Trump’s fag mentor Roy Cohn, links to orgranised crime, Trump’s ties to Jeff Epstein, Maxwell, etc. Instead, the book focuses on Trump’s trivial infractions.

  2. I am not a fan of Trump, although Trump was by far my choice against Killary Klinton. The difference between these two was slim but massively significant. We need to understand that Killary wanted wars, maybe WW3. Trump has not started a new war, that must be seen as a massive positive when Trump has been surrounded by the warmongering swamp… very difficult to appoint an administrative team when you have no choice but to appoint from the swamp.

    Trump cheated on his education. Most GCSE, A-Level & undergraduates cheat. Most people lie outrageously on their CVs and most people lie in job interviews. The best cheats and liars get the best jobs, that is just a fact.

    I am sure MI6 knew all about Trump’s past, but they chose to fake the Russiagate Dossier, because Killary was MI6s choice for a Brexit president & MI6 failed, failed big time like they so often do.

    I don’t put anyone on a pedestal, I don’t idolise anyone and, even I am undecided on Putin. On face value, Putin has been a tremendous force for good in the world. For all Trump’s faults, he has given the fake news hell. Even if you consider Trump as part of the system, he has done enormous justified damage to the fake news elites.

  3. poor Mary!

  4. Thanks Crowstein for the reality check….as usual Darkloon is way off beam…
    The book IS a fake hit piece and as usual BOTH candidates are crypto Jews….so the fiends have got both sides covered… the French and British elections….
    In the unlikely event the utter prick Biden wins…the global zio-banksters will STILL be in charge.
    On the other hand should a decent candidate actually, through unforeseen circumstances,make it through to the election….well,they have their fall back position…..assassination.
    Just to be sure that the Kennedys never caused a problem again….they wiped them out….that is,all the able Kennedys.
    Will it ever dawn on people that these fiends are UTTERLY RUTHLESS…..and they are going to ruin the USA…..
    The thought of electing the pathetic Biden is so unlikely that Americans will vote for the Zio-banksters preferred candidate….idiot Trump.Surely Trump wishing Ghislaine Maxwell…WELL!…sealed the pricks fate….well she IS the daughter of a MOSSAD agent,so it makes sense.
    The Jews have America so locked down that it can no longer operate as a democracy….no free and fair elections because the Jewish fiends PRESELECT WHO Americans can vote for!.
    And in the REAL WORLD Americans standard of living has dropped while American taxpayers are FORCED to pay annual tributes to Israel a country with a higher per capita standard of living (expect the Jewish owned media to start running stories about Israelis living in poverty…to throw the goyim off track)

  5. Phyllis Schlafly explained it all in her 1964 pamphlet/paperback “A Choice Not An Echo” in a chapter called The Kingmakers.

    In it, Schlafly notes that a tiny number of oligarchs and power players decide on a short list of who will best serve the interest of the international moneyed class. They pick these few and offer them up as “presidential candidates”. One of these is picked by the delegates and that’s that. Schlafly also noted the Bilderbergers and others who are in on the choosing. Not bad for 1964, ages before the term Deep State which “A Choice Not An Echo” describes pretty well.

    This explains a recent TV drama depicting Phyllis Schlafly as a loon; easy to do now that she’s dead and can’t defend herself.

    “Here the people rule” was a hubris-filled fiction left over from the 19th century. It’s from a brief period history called Jacksonian Democracy after the popular Andy Jackson. But from the start of the 20th century at least, as Schlafly and others have noted, Americans have had about as much influence over their leadership as if they were peons under a military dictatorship.

    “They thought they were free” and still do. But they probably never were.

  6. Well Plato was obviously wrong, seems to me he was a proto red; going off his “committees” to run a government suggestion. To anyone with at least half a brain the leadership principle of National Socialism, and Fascism come to that, is the blatantly
    obvious way to go, if one considers government necessary of course.

  7. Same as the UK that nice Mr Rothschild only allows “tainted ” people he can blackmail we had the teenage rent boy Tony Blair Michael Howard with links to organised crime
    rememeber people voted for trump to keep out Hilary
    until theUK and USA kick out the jews and we can choose our own politicians this will continue

  8. Elite Jewish extremists control the USA, not the supposed deep state. Elite Jewish extremists control the Government and the media.

    From the former Vice President Joe Biden:

    “Jewish heritage has shaped who we are – all of us – as much or more than any other factor in the last 223 years. And that’s a fact,” Joe Biden told a gathering of Jewish leaders on May 21, 2013, in Washington, DC. “The truth is that Jewish heritage, Jewish culture, Jewish values are such an essential part of who we are that it’s fair to say that Jewish heritage is American heritage,” he added.

    “Think – behind of all that, I bet you 85 percent of those [social-political] changes, whether it’s in Hollywood or social media, are a consequence of Jewish leaders in the industry. The influence is immense, the influence is immense.

    Jewish people are only about 2.2 percent of the United States population.

    An extremely small percentage of Americans know the power of elite Jewish extremists in their country.

    Elite Jewish extremists for decades have flooded the USA with non-Whites to lower the White percentage of the population and thus White power. They are also using this procedure in Europe, Australia and Canada.

  9. The Democrats forced out the only attractive alternative Bernie Sanders. But he gave up too easily, twice, so I don’t think he’d have been that driven for change anyway. To give up that easily he couldn’t have been going in that hard in the first place.

  10. Well, the Trumpster certainly is not a good man……but, even so, he is much preferable to
    HildeBEAST, or Dementia Joe, or ANY Demonrat. If the Demonrats take the White House and both houses of the US Congress, true Christian and patriotic Americans must start looking for a new country in which to live. In particular, Christians will suffer the most at the
    hands of the Satanic Demonrats. Just ask Schumer, or Nadler or Hoyer…………….

  11. WoW! The best thing about this article “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” I find in the video at the end when Trump says “The Oranges Something”… I’m voting for him to become President again and if and when he wins I’m expecting him to tell me something about Apples. Go the Trumpsters and “Make the World Great Again” (USA)✍️🍏

  12. “We live in a Darwinian dog-eat-dog world in which only the fittest survive. The deep state, by which we are ruled today, embodies this ruthless principle. The deep state is not interested in making life easy for the masses. It is concerned solely with successful predation.” So true, so true.

    Everyone on this site and many other truther sites bemoan the evils and injustices in and committed by our own nations. Most are generally disgusted with the endless stream of abuses of the wealthy and powerful, their mass deceptions, constant lies, and the brainwashing of sociopath power brokers and their despicable media, as well as with the myriad of heinous crimes which go unchecked and unpunished by our corrupt authorities. The choices we are given to vote for are seldom of our own making or that of any majority. They always come from some powerful elite who are mostly interested in securing their own security and advancing it, while making the world over in their own corrupt images. If they could (and we know this from their own statements) they would get rid of at least a half of the population of the world, and the people who exposing their dirt to the people are constantly being eliminated as their priority.

    The people behind all the major candidates and election fixings are in fact of the dog-eat-dog mold. We know they are above all laws or we would not have anything really to complain about. What makes the difference between us and them is not just money and power, because you can have that stuff but at the same time not let it own or corrupt you, as difficult as that may be.

    It is simply the neighbor principle extended beyond one’s own person, family, group, tribe, religion, nation, and ideology which is the true principle to govern our affairs in place of the dog principle. We know that refraining from deceiving and harming others, that in being unjust to anyone, is wrong and most of us believe that is exactly the way all people in authority ought to behave. But they most certainly do not. Rather, the more power and wealth people tend to have the more they tend to lord it over others and abuse it, setting themselves above all moral restraints and laws. There are the dogs who rule and the decent people who unfortunately are ruled by dogs of money and power. In order to remain in power the dogs have to pretend to the masses that they are just, honest and true, and hide the facts that either they are, or those they serve, are nothing but thieves and murderers. The world is run by those who reflect the law of the jungle and not the supernatural order of God from whence the neighbor principle of universal justice springs, or gets its power.

    It is because they have to lie and deceive us with things like 9/11, WMD’s, fake man-made climate warming, fake history, fake science, fake news, and the mother of all fakeries – the Covid scamdemic – that WE KNOW they must believe that the world – commerce and human relations – does not and cannot function of the dog principle of dog-eat-dog, or the law of the jungle where might makes right. In fact, if not for the decency in the masses who for the most part, abide by a universal sense of justice, there would be no real trust among ourselves and nothing would function. It is the people who are on top, who for the most part have abused and exploited that trust and who are responsible for bringing our civilization to ruin, both morally and economically.

    The dog rulers know, and we all must know, that if there was any veracity or merit to their “dog principle”, they would not have to deceive us pretending they ruled otherwise. They are all liars at heart and they know that if they did not control the lying machines of the mainstream media their days would be very short.

    Plato had no faith in democracy because he rightly saw the tendency for injustice deeply rooted in all human and animal nature. The problem was that human soul was not sufficiently liberated from its temporal body, for the more divine forms or virtues of truth, goodness, and justice to shine through. He, therefore, thought that rulers should be a class of adept philosopher kings (lovers of wisdom) who would be more detached from personal gains and ephemeral ends to rule with truth, goodness and justice. Plato, the arch classical realist, becomes the arch classical idealist.

    The only reason why democracy fails, or even the rule by philosopher kings, is not because we lack the correct intellectual tinkering, or that we need a greatest happiness principle of a Mill to become better, it is because we generally the lack of power (or the grace) to make the universal neighbor principle (the silver rule) stronger and more prominent in our affairs. If the evils of the despots who run things were to be exposed to everyone, it is an absolute certainty they would be denuded of their power and their wealth. They know that and that is why they have to control the media to continue to rule by stealth and fear. They also know that as long as we are fragmented we have no power to change anything. More so they know that any power to make the decency principle work in us for change cannot just reside in a few enlightened intellectual philosophers like Plato, and that it would need some power to overcome the similar dog principle in ourselves, and that is precisely the reason why the present evil establishment, dynasty running things has done its most to subvert and eradicate Christianity and any other faith which empowers ordinary people with the neighbor principle or universal justice.

    The problem with democracy is that it has never really had a chance to rule, and never will have a chance without the truth being disclosed, meaning full honest disclosure about everything that matters, and for this to happen people also must have the power to overcome the deceit in their own hearts in order to behave decently with all others.