Satanists Have Corrupted Western Justice System — June 24, 2020

All social institutions in the West have been subverted by Cabalist Jews, Freemasons and their dupes.
We see this with the collaboration of organized medicine in the COVID hoax. We see it in the media, business, education, church and government. The West has folded like a cheap tent.
Here, Brabantian looks at the corrupt justice system in historical perspective.

by Brabantian — (

Mediaeval London Chamberlain Andrew Horne (c.1270-1328) wrote a legal guidebook, the ‘Mirror of Justices’, saying that late 800s Anglo-Saxon King Alfred the Great truly deserved his title, because he reviewed the conduct of judges, and hanged dozens of those judges who had betrayed the people.
Yet today, people think of judges as ‘the last word’, almost beyond review or question, despite also feeling that justice is not being done.
People see courts who are destroying families, going easy on some groups or on ‘connected’ major criminals, whilst coming down unfairly hard on certain classes of victims, and denying basic human rights.
What went wrong?
Corruption of courts and judges happens in three ways:
(1) Bent rulings favouring a rich or connected party, as when the judge is bribed or threatened or pleasing his friends
(2) The judge deviously twisting and extending existing law, ‘interpreting’ to fabricate and invent via court order, ‘legislating from the bench’ to advance an agenda
(3) The judge biased to favour a particular group over other groups, for example, women over men, one ethnicity over another, one tribe or clan over another.
Unfortunately, we now see all of the above. As the sense of a ‘higher law’ from heaven has faded from society, black-robed ‘priests’ of the judiciary have grabbed more power.



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